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  1. the scaley ones not been seen in uckinghall since the floods or its been kept very hush hush,still a few to go at though mid to upper 20s depending on whos scales there weighed on. i caught a common last year at 24.12 it then came out at 29lb 3 days later up until sat hadnt fished mythe for a couple of years,back then had carp upto 22lb,there was a 27 came out that year. both stunning lakes shame their ran by the baa.
  2. thought thats where you were on about,wouldnt of surprised me if there was another incident that i hadnt heard about though. i keep saying every year im not gonna renew membership but always get drawn back to uckinghall and mythe for short day sessions.
  3. where was that chillfactor and what happened if you dont mind me asking?
  4. ive seen plenty of mink on there and uckinghall since the 07 floods but first time ive seen an otter,ive not seen any fish remains either.
  5. my girls first,fishing second,without a healthy mix of both i wouldnt enjoy either.
  6. its more match orientated so they probably wont be bothered when dead carp turn up, the balliff i spoke to was more bothered about eastern europeans as in his words they take everything.
  7. they wouldnt spend money on fencing,even if they could fence it which i dont think they can as theres a footpath that seperates it from the river which is the direction it headed. clueless/muppet youve summed up the balliffs on there perfectly.
  8. i thought the same thing myself,just passing on what ive been told.
  9. any baa members keep your eyes peeled, i spotted an otter this morning down the garden centre end of mythe pool, ive reported it to a balliff and he said it would take a couple of people reporting it for them to do anything about it, not sure what theyll do about it anyway but if you see it report it. and no it wasnt a mink.
  10. keep a rig in your pocket and say you were retrieving it.
  11. ive spent many hours watching carp from above and one thing ive learnt is no matter how well youve sunk your line and camoed your rigs they know there being fished for. take away your rigs and they hoover up bait, put your rigs in and there totally different animals. early on in the season i knew i was on fish but couldnt buy a bite,i recasted with no hooklength and went round the other side(i was fishing tight to marginal reeds)and watched from a tree, when they came back into the area they just hovered around like they wanted the bait but knew somthing was wrong, the smaller fish was braver
  12. crimps make life so much easier when using chods/hsr im surprised more people dont use them,much quicker and less putty needed. young carper once youve crimped give it another squeeze on the next gauge down on your crimping pliers and blob the tag end,ive had one slip using the recomended setting,not had a problem with this method,thats if you dont already.
  13. i was packing up and waiting it out, rod went off while i was having a slash so ran and caught my shin on the end pole.
  14. thought id give them a quick mention as it seems companys only get mentioned when theyve done wrong. i rung them up last night after slapping one of my tips against a tree and lossened one of the tip rings. took them in this morning for repair, they got on it straight away and flared and rewrapped both handles in less than an hour for a price thas was more than reasonable, top service that i wouldnt hesitate to use again.
  15. was it windy when it happend? never had it happen with braid,had it when floater fishing on a long hooklink.
  16. out of stock at both j.ross and angling direct, checked ebay nothing there either. the pies look good especially as fray bentos do pie fillings in a tin now.
  17. i know its not syndicate but farnham angling club ticket might be worth a look.
  18. looks a proper bit of kit,was gonna get a diablo but ill wait for this to be restocked.
  19. weights irrellevent when there as pretty as that, far to much emphasis on weight nowadays.
  20. ive cut the kicker down so it dosnt sit as high, it works well as a bottom bait rig aswell, if the palm test is anything to go by it flips instantly. i think myles gasgoine used a variation with stiff rig material almost the same as the hsr but with a bent hooklink section.
  21. very good newmarket,should of expected it really. i take it its not a trout fishery anymore then, used to be a couple of good carp in there, rob used to let me fly fish it but was never allowed to fish for the carp. try farriers on the cwp, long wating list id of thought.
  22. just out of interest whats happend to rooksbury mill in andover, used to work there as a nipper?
  23. the shrink tube version needs steaming and reshaping after each fish also the crays seem to enjoy chewing it, the kickers seem more hardwearing and are already in the shape i want. its much less complicated than the hsr(less components). tbh been off work today after running full pelt into my bedchair and knackering my leg, so been tying rigs that ill probably never use.
  24. use the ruler app on google earth to work out sizes
  25. ive been playing around with a different pop up presentation, hsr seems to be gettin used more n more so fancied a change, i needed the eye to go through the ace sit up and beg kicker but the opposite way round. managed to get the gardner size 4 chod to fit by bending the eye straight and adding a bit of shrink tubing.
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