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  1. at that price im wondering about build quality,i was using neville carbon sticks until some scumbag emptied my shed out, these were more than double the cost of the bison gear,3 of the 4 banksicks fell apart at the extension end and 2 of the 3 bottom spikes fell out, who says you get what you pay for.
  2. found this on ebay,looks ok on screen,very resonably priced,wondered what the catch was, anyone used it or know anyone that has, cheers.
  3. knotless knot and outturned eyes for me too,i use this setup for all bottom bait presentations,i cant remember the last time i lost a fish on this setup,stiff riggers or continentals are perfect for this imo. ive never liked the look of some of these rigs with the reduced gape, they obviously catch fish but is it in spite of or because of.
  4. recently purchased a hook sharpening vice off the bay,before i was using my fingers to hold the hook for sharpening,i thought i was getting the hooks sharp enough using this method but since using the vice realised id been missing a trick, it makes a massive difference to the sharpness.
  5. problem with the laser pens is there no good in daylight and night time theres minimal bird life anyway, mines been sat in the shed since.
  6. forgot theyd just brought out the newer xt. i was looking at the older model. theyd be for allround use with occasional distance work, i much prefer a stiffer rod for general use, ive also found im a lot more accurate with heavier rods.
  7. has anyone got any feedback on these rods, ive heard storys about the standard horizons not being fit for purpose but not heard anything about the xt model, cheers in advance.
  8. does it get fished enough through the winter to actually produce fish, is there enough bait going in to supplement the dwindling natural food sources. 1000 fish in seven acres is a heavily stocked water so with that many mouths to feed in a small lake its likely they shut down for long periods due to lack of food. id be more inclined to fish the shallow areas during the warmest part of the day ie 1pm -3pm. then target the layers for the rest of the time. heavy prebaiting works just as well in winter especially with that number of small carp, obviously avoid baits with high amounts of fishmeal
  9. never bothered with mags until simon scott started doing articles for advanced carp,you can learn a hell of a lot from all his articles, very rarely goes on about the next wonder rig/bait either, how about a book scotty coz the rest of the mags a waste of time. if you compare a years subscription to the next years its exactly the same drivel just reworded.
  10. krimps all the way for me theres no knot that comes close to this. any knot on flouro drops the breaking strain instantly. its what they use for big game fishing so is more than up to the job for carping uk and abroad, so much easier than tying knots aswell.
  11. hi mate syndicates are pretty thin on the ground round this way, cotswold water park or oxford are your best bet. dont ignore the club tickets though some truly stunning fish to be had, not easy waters by any means but the rewards are there. if your looking for lakes on your doorstep theres some real nice waters locally on club tickets,not massive fish but if your after peace n quiet theyll certainly tick the right boxes. as said above the rivers are allways worth a shot,after the 2007 floods the local rivers got a good stocking from the lakes. if you need any more info drop me a pm.
  12. evening all, new member just saying a quick hello, been around the carp scene awhile, by no means an expert though. here to hopefully learn abit more and help out if i can, cheers.
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