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  1. You Mis understand I was trying to get across its not a cheap option doung it on a small scale gets expensive as you progress and read more around the subject I use a mix costing approx £9 per kilo mostly cc moore gear so good bulk discounts but none the less it is an option to take for the love of it rather than for saving money but il add it is a most amazing feeling catching a fish and catching consistantly on a boiled designed and rolled by your own hand. Don't be put off but don't expect to save an awful lot either but it is very rewarding. I buy my ingredients 6 monthly now which gets co
  2. Why do we use them ? I'm sitting here watching Korda soaking baits with flavours oils why bother I understand enhancing with a bit of hemp oil or marking a pop up or Hookbait more potent but what is the point spending £10-£15 a kilo on a cell boilie for arguments sake and then soaking it in pineapple or squid .......... Is this stuff simply to build angler confidence or is it genuinely an edge to have a coconutty or fishy smelling bait then soaked in pineapple or caramel goo or similar? I would add I'm guilty of this too I love solars oily flavours to add to my boilies but I'm really thin
  3. I love my trout fishing and have experimented with buoyant flies yes they do work but for me only with some kind of sight indicator almost a buoyant lure in the end and in the water they are to the carp no different to a conventional carp bait, although I am awair of people fishing for carp on the fly with fly rods it's supposed to be an amazing fight but I'm not going to risk my 7# Bruce and walker snapping in half [emoji12]
  4. Boilie making is no more than a labour of love be under no illusions flavours additives ingredients tables etc all cost and in reality you can't get close to £7 a kilo unless you are producing a fairly basic bait which if you are like any boilie makers I know inc myself you will not end up doing mine cost around £9 per kilo not including time I researched all this in depth last year as several on my syndicate wanted to buy off me but I had to be at £16 per kilo to make anything , do it because you love it not to save money if it's just money buy mainline or Nash and don't throw so many in the
  5. Excellent bait additive even as a Glug warmed and mixed with a bit of hemp oil to loosen it up abit. Over vital in is the basis of my stick mix an old but excellent product never fish without it someware in my setup
  6. I consider myself a pretty mean rig tierI love the kd rig and hardly ever unless I've forced it has it passed the palm test the main issue I have with it is simple "fish don't up have hands therefor palms they pick up the bait with their mouths". A bait with a sharp hook attached taken into a space such as a carps mouth will 8 times out of 10 stick when the resistance is felt it will drive in against the lead that's the mechanics of a rig. I see so many anglers using a hinged rig or a multi or a kd etc because they have just seen the new DVDs from the tackle shop rig tying and rig selecti
  7. Although so far my best river catch a few years ago now was a 6 lb approx branch from danes meadow on a halibut pellet fished on a hair with size 10 took me ages to get in
  8. Thank you anyway mate there are a few rivers local to the area but research over the winter I think the Severn is a good bet and a good challenge maybe il break the barbel record on the way lol
  9. Wow amazing replies thanks I will be going for barbel but my main aim is to catch a river carp pre baiting and time is on my side so not worried there I've been told the stretch above Tewksbury is a good bet as there was a carp pool now Upton marina which emptied into the river when they created the marina opening. I will pm the two others be nice to chat and I'm not adverse to a companion I like abit of company. On the tidal front I was under the impression carp thrive in brakish water as per the Belgium canals some massive catches their I believe carp are caught it's just these river guys
  10. Not sure I think so you may be right I've herd of large fish in the lower Severn Worcester way
  11. I'm looking to try the lower Severn for carp but am really lost as to any areas and indeed styles so any hints and tips much appreciated I'm not a river fisherman I just fancy a new challenge
  12. No just outside Aldridge going to be fishing fisherwick this year I think have been in a small private syndicate past 5 years board of it now though
  13. Just a quick hello to everyone been fishing a good few years now 30 + been an obsessed carper for most of them now.
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