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  1. Hi Turnip, thanks for commenting in here. I tend to use small solid pva bags, inline lead, short braid hook link, with a bright pop up (Baitworks Scent from Heaven/Scent from Hell) popped up an inch. I've no idea what the bottom was like, If I'm only doing short sessions, I rarely get the maker out. I tend to cast to showing fish, then recast if I've not had a take within an hour. Yes, the stockies are doing well, if you can find them, you're usually in for a few takes - they move around so frequently though, so you usually have to chase after them and stay mobile!! Sure!!
  2. Latest blog now live! A few carp caught http://www.underthebrolly.com/blog
  3. Managed a blank now Wednesday Night at Horseshoe! http://www.underthebrolly.com/blog A friend is currently on, just had his first 20 from Summer Bay, now he's moved to The Lagoon.
  4. Thanks a lot Stevo - It was an enjoyable session.
  5. Pahahaha!! I'm sure you'll manage just fine Nige! Find the fish - launch pva bags at them! I'd pop down as I'm only 20 mins away, but I'm away that weekend. Good luck - I'll keep an eye on here to see how you're getting on.
  6. Thanks - keep tuned as there'll be plenty more Thanks Nige!
  7. Hello everyone - I've just finished my first blog post on a session from Horseshoe Lake in Lechlade. I managed a few takes - please feel free to have a look at http://www.underthebrolly.com/blog Thank you.
  8. Thanks, just had a look at this. Looks very good.
  9. Thanks guys! All being noted down to add to the research.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone - yes I know it'll be hard work to get it right. I agree there's obviously more to angling than the weather, it's just a case of trying to stack the percentages in your favour. Having a reliable weather app should help. Thank you,I'll be sure to check that site out. Very helpful indeed.
  11. Hello Everyone. I've noticed that there are no reliable weather apps out there that show the previous 5 days weather information. I think we, as carp anglers could benefit from an app that could not only predict the weather for the next week/5days, but also show us the previous 5 days weather. This could help to gauge how 'old' the wind is, and what the air pressure has been previously doing for the last few days. So we could know if we're experiencing a decent drop in air pressure or an increase. If there's enough interest, I'm looking into creating a weather app tailored to carp anglers,
  12. I was in 37, mate was in 38, he had his first fish from Horseshoe, so he was made up - I blanked this time! I'll start a thread of mine own at some point, to avoid spamming yours! Is your first shot a HDR?
  13. Well done Nige, I think I may have been angling the same night as you on the Shoe! What new camera have you got? I've just purchased a Canon 7D MKII - still getting to know it, but really love it. Dom
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