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  1. Yeah, I figured I'd ask the question though, if we all wait it will never get tested I was fishing with a mate 2 weeks ago who was using an "expensive line from Korda" (he wouldn't say which one) but he let a fish go over my line at 2am and I got a couple of beeps (half asleep), I ran out and just picked up the rod, his line pinged, he lost everything and he went mad asking what line i was using, Daiwa Sensor brown in 15lb I just can't fill 3 reels from a single spool, not that it's expensive.. As far as the Tackle Box tests go, they should be impartial (maybe) and do say they only test with a 5-turn Grinner although other knots do/may give better results. I have watched half blood knots slowly come undone in my hands when using hooklinks with hard outer coatings (I guess as there is no give in the outer coating to allow it to bed in?).
  2. Anybody tried/used the new Ridgemonkey NEW RM-Tec Mono Mainline I like that it comes in 1200m but have not seen any unbiased reviews on it? According to the latest Tackle Box line test it's looks very very thick: http://www.tacklebox.co.uk/pdfs/line_tests_issue9.pdf
  3. CM, Draw it on a piece of paper, you cast a marker out and retrieve it until you find a spot, release the float this depth is the "opposite", pull it back down and mark it up. At this point you have marked the "hypotenuse"? How does pythagoras help now? it can tell you how far out you are from the bank "adjacent" but that doesn't help you cast to it. If you feel the lead down on a tight line (as most do) it follows the circumference of a circle. You need to now draw a circle with a radius of the hypotenuse back to the surface? You can't argue with pythagoras but you need to understand it to apply it?
  4. Those Lineaeffe boots in size 10 are less than 25 pounds on amazon....
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