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  1. Don't know yet how true this is but it looks like the pool may be in good hands, http://www.fennelspriory.com/blog/traditional-angling/redmire-pool-is-up-for-sale I'm glad I took the opportunity to go a few times while I had the chance.
  2. I was sad to see this news, phone wars (when you can book to fish the pool) was last weekend, this year I didn't get a suitable booking so I probably won't get another chance to fish it again. I hope the new owner does the work that's desperately needed on the dam, keeps on top of the silt problem, removes the fallen oak and especially the ghosts and there progeny, going fallow for a while may just be what the place needs to get a new lease of life later on.
  3. The Wye a lovely river to be sure and well worth the journey, last time I was down that way was 4 or 5 years ago but it was in full spate and heaving though, The Seven I've never fished best of luck to you both.
  4. No need to travel that far unless you really want to, there are some big barbel rivers much closer to Brighton.
  5. One to look at, http://www.korum.co.uk/products/line-and-braid/xpert-reel-line Used mostly atm by barbel guys but suits carp too, thin, good knot strength, strong abrasion resistance, sinking, kink resistant, cheapish bulk spools.
  6. What type of job do you want the gear to do, margin to medium range, medium to long, or compromise a bit of speciality with all rounders, it may also be worth looking at separates rather than two of the same and cover more bases. What size of fish do you want it to cope with, better to suit starting gear to your preferred style and expectation. Lots of questions I know but better to think about these things before buying than after.
  7. No real targets, apart from enjoying the ride, i've got a couple of socials already booked in for the summer and the rest of the year will be spent on a syndicate and a single water club near me.
  8. now and again when the mood takes me yes, On lakes and ponds it needs to be in the right place with very little other bank side disturbance for float fishing or free lining, River trotting with a stick float and a pin certainly.
  9. Agreed I have a set that I've been using over the last few months, good value, lots of options for use and can either grip the line or be free running.
  10. True I wouldn't call it a boilie water but I'm sure since then boilies and pellets have caught many fish there. Me I took an old rod and reel some floats, sweetcorn meat, paste and maggots into the shallows, climbed some trees, gudgeon fished off the dam and had a great time.
  11. I do remember reading something about that on another site some years ago, I'm still amazed how many big fish the place gave up for such a small pool, I've been on a couple of occasions over the years (and it is small but special) and hope to go again some day. If anyone has a copy of Rod Hutchinson carp along the way volume 1 can they take a quick look in there for me, my copy is awol for some reason.
  12. A quick look through hasn't shown up much there is a bit in Redmire Pool by Kevin Clifford, Len Arbery where they interview rod in 1983 the common capture comes up he states when it was first caught it was over 44lb but was shedding a lot mucus and liquid while they sorted out the weighing properly. page 84 Not quite the bit I remember so might be somewhere else I'll keep looking.
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