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  1. I fish with a snowman most of my fishing and I have brought the Nash tool just simple because it will fit in my tackle box and believe it or not I have found it ot be softer so it does not split the boilie open as much. As I use 20mm bottom bait and a 16mm pop up I am boring out a lot of the bottom bait. I hate paying Carp tax but if somethings are better or more suited for Your fishing I will pay the extra money.
  2. I always use 1 rod as a method, with a small 10mm boilie on I have found a very large feeder works best with me casting out every 30-40 mins to work best down the margins or up close to pads, so far this year I have caught more on that rod than my normal bottom bait rod. It is a lot more work but still reaps rewards.
  3. thanks for coming back to me ill be fishing the reserve swim. Should be fun, thanks again.
  4. I have not been here for 15 years has any one fished it more recently if so any help would go a long way
  5. I would find a spot that I liked put out 5-8 spods of method mix and then have a method feeder about 1/2 a wrap short of the rest with a snowman on and a zig right in the middle of the method mix. i would then put out every couple of hours 2-3 spods of method mix only. (you have not got a lot of food out for the carp to eat but a lot of food signals in all the water columns. worth a try.
  6. I did use it in very small ammounts as a solid last year in a method mix when they start to stir it up you get a nice little slick coming up to the surface.
  7. For me it has to be waking up in the dead of night hearing you alarm screaming as you jump out of your warm bed heart pounding with excitement. Never knowing what is on the end of your line, Fighting with the fish for every inch of line till your prey is only meters away then you grab a glimpse of a tail as it dives down again. Only teasing you with its size and colour. then as your prey is tired out and slides into your net all you see is a small slimly Bream. As you heart sinks you unhook the fish recast and put the kettle on. (sorry about my bad English and grammar)
  8. I make 3 targets 1) Don't finish with lowest catches in the syndicate 2) catch 40+ fish in 24 on my local runs water 3) cherish every capture because it might be my last.
  9. I got 3 bite alarms, receiver and 4 swingers rip off of the fox mk2 for £40 delivered have been using them for 5 years no problem till last week when I sat down on the receiver and snapped the aerial. I will be buying a new set for about the same money. Before that I had been using a £350 set I can see no difference between the two.
  10. I when I go fishing at my local lake a night ticket starts at 6pm so I get there at 6 and throw 10/15 boilies under an overhanging tree to the left of the car park swim and place one rod under there for 30 mins max as my mate is looking round the lake to find out where we will set up. last year I caught 10 carp out of about 20-25 trips from just doing this. They are not as cleaver as people think but they do adapt to us very quickly.
  11. Baitworks royal marine. 1st boilie I have had 100% confidence in for years.
  12. I have got the Daiwa Black Widow Spod Rod and I love it got it for £40 and it will cast as far as I will ever need it to all depends on how far you need to cast.
  13. I can remember being on a lake and seeing the environment agency van pull into the car park and seeing these two guys throw there stuff in the car and I mean fully packed up in 2 mins and took off. If only they would of stayed as the owner of the van is a friend of mine and works behind a desk not checking rod licences at all still made his day as he was watching them from the car park
  14. I will normally take two baits and put both in my free offerings one bird food and one fishmeal. I don't know why but I do think it gives me an edge (probably just in my head)
  15. during a social trip one of my mates set up a very basic rat trap buy sticking a boilie to a lunch box and tying some line to a twig that was holding up the lunch box we all sat there for about 10 mins till one rat runs in and starts to eat the boilie he then pulls the line and slam down goes the lunchbox, the look of happiness that he had caught one was amazing. But the look on our faces as we saw the lunch box being dragged to the water and swimming across the lake was even better.
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