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  1. This tactic really is a head messer I just look at it and think how? But clearly it is very effective way of fishing sometimes,I have had a few dabbles with the zig but never really had any luck but after reading this thread I will definitely be giving it a proper go this year. A great read everyone well done.
  2. That's great Mikey, thanks for the info sounds like it's worth a bash then, just one question are the crayfish a big problem on the venue?
  3. Yea that's why I only fish in the week! Lol
  4. Hi all not been on for a while but anyway I have joined CAPS this year and I am after any upto date info on one of the lakes called Prestons and some people call it Pebmarsh I have had a look on the CAPS website but no real good info and I have taken a look on here but there is nothing really upto date so any info would be a great help as I'm hoping to do a 48hr in a couple of weeks. Cheers
  5. Not long back from 48hr session at cutons lakes (A12 lakes) on the specimen 2 lake had 5 fish and one lost but nothing big at all 12lb 8oz being the biggest but considering I had a stinking cold, so really was struggling to even fish I'm not to disappointed was just nice to have a few runs but must admit I don't think I will ever go with a cold again it was hard work and I don't do hard work lol
  6. Yes mate I had a look but could not find upto date info,but found some bits and pieces elsewhere anyway I fished the lake as planned but unfortunately blanked,I managed to chat to the bailiffs on the the lake and one of the members who managed to angle a very nice 20lb fully scaled mirror out and the one thing that came across is that it is a far from easy lake and in fact went as far as to say that it is a hard lake to crack,the one thing I would say about the fishery is how well looked after it is and how great the facility's are like proper toilets and even showers on site also the lake has a bailiff on site 24hrs a day and I was told if I caught a large fished and needed a hand just to give them a call no matter what the time is,the fishery also has a buggy service on site to take your gear to the swims so long as it it's not too muddy which I thought was a great idea also there are a number of takeaways that deliver to the lake car park which is handy. I will return for sure.
  7. Hi all I'm off to this fishery for a 48hr session this week and have never fished the venue,I have read some bits and pieces on the lake but was just wondering if anyone has fished there lately and has some up to date information. Cheers
  8. Have to agree it is great value for money and saves a fortune on day tickets!
  9. Well I done my session on the lake (cutons speci 1) and yet again I blanked, a couple of my friends had a carp each but that was it I'm starting to think it's the way I'm fishing as I guy opposite my swim who was fishing into a bay who had done the previous 36 hrs and Had 14 fish and the biggest being 30lb 1oz which he caught while I was there and the other thing I found out was that there have been some large catches in the last few months (when I say large catches I mean people catching more than 15 fish in a session) however they blow hot and cold one week lots of fish and the next they go off the feed so can be a bit hit and miss,incredibly I always usually use frozen cell but this time I decided to give Urban baits Nutcracker a go as I had read some good catch reports about it and can you believe it I found out that a lot of the multiple catches have come on frozen cell that's just my luck but there you go,I'm going to give the lake another go at some point as I'm determined to catch the little [censored]s lol.
  10. I fished this lake some years ago in the winter and then it was owned by Billericay angling club,I remember it being very weedy even though it was January and apparently in the summer it is full of weed however having said that from what I remember it has a good head of carp just need to get through the weed hop that helps.
  11. Off to the speci1 lake next week so will post results,but has anyone got any up to date info please?
  12. Hi everyone,I found this place online as its close to where I have a static caravan and was looking for places to fish nearby,anyway it comprises of three lakes.the top lake which from what I have read has carp to 30lb a match lake and a catfish lake,I was just wondering if anybody has actually fished here or has anymore info,many thanks in advance.
  13. I'm not now but I was some years ago,they have a lot of waters for what I think is a very reasonable joining fee and no extra charges for a night ticket like Chelmsford which are sold out so quick it's hard to get one.
  14. Yea I agree with you to a degree with what your saying ie the cats won't be feeding however to let the lake rest be it cats or carp is a fantastic idea and I just wish other venues would do the same but like you hint at not much chance of that its all money money, like all all carp fishing,so sad fishing has be become a money making venture.its all money money money!!
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