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  1. Cheers lads..soaked them now so let you know how I get on..if it fails I will just use the method
  2. Someone told me to soak the pellets in some water and goo and dry them out..apparently worked for him??
  3. I'm wanting to soak some pellets for my pva bags..but I'm not sure how to dry the pellets so they won't damage the pva..any tips..newbie!!
  4. Has anybody fished the specimen pond on oasis lakes north somercoates?? Going for a day session on sunday any advice would be great
  5. Chrz lads..thank for the advice..gonna stick with it..I've got the buzz lol
  6. Cheers mate So used to match fishing been busy all the time..totally different type of fishing I guess..is the spawning thing true then?
  7. I went carping for the first time at a local pond for 2 days/nights.i have read magazines and watched carp shows to try and learn as much as I could..I only caught one fish 12lb mirror and struggled to get a bite..another angler said they was spawning so wouldn't touch anything..is this true or am I just rubbish?? I normally fish a pole but want to get into carping..those two days disheartened me a little..
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