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  1. snoozer

    Particle time

    Guy on the Tube mixes a Tin of Custard in with his spod concoction, Not sure i could resist having a taste before lobbing it into the water
  2. Looking to purchase a shiny new Solar P1 Worldwide pod and extra's and would prefer to give a local trader the dosh instead of some armchair TFT shopping and apparently my local Solar stockist is Carping Capers Northampton. Q. Has anyone had any dealings with them as i don't wanna rock up Sunday to the reception you now tend to get in Rushden Angling from the kids running the show ! (Not on my Tackle Shop list anymore).
  3. snoozer

    Tackle Tarts Guidance !

    I do like Jag products meself lol Korda lost it there with the price.....Ouch
  4. snoozer

    Tackle Tarts Guidance !

    Yep looking at the 3 rod adjustable's and some additional sticks for diff situations. Thanks for the push No Titanium for me Yonni ! I'm old fashioned
  5. Ok looking to purchase some Stainless to the point i can taste it 🤗 Has anyone got the Solar P1 Worldwide Pod and can give me a nudge in that direction... Did consider the Summit but this looks soooo like i should own one
  6. snoozer


  7. snoozer

    What is your newest purchase

    Remember your governed by the axle diameter. Whichever you get to fit will need to be big enough diameter wise for ground clearance for the under barra bag.
  8. snoozer

    What is your newest purchase

    My first Barra that one and it had it's issues Loaded like that and i found it very unstable especially on rough ground so ended up with Bivvy and rod holdall laid across the 2 handles to keep some weight down and that worked well until a gateway loomed, Quick decant and reload after gateway and your away. Straps or Bungees are a must. Ended up selling it to my neighbor and getting a Triporter Big Boy See if they do a puncture proof tyre..
  9. snoozer

    2 for 1

    I think you missed the Date this was posted The picture was stunning but due to the huge size of the Fish it had to be removed to save our embarrassment
  10. snoozer

    Help needed to sink braid

    Phil was this Braid a well known brand or some dodgy gear from our far eastern department ? If you get a solution to make the Braid sink i bet the water will wash it off leaving you back where you started Surely advertised as Sinking demands the item be returned for a full refund ? I fear the lid of your dustbin will get levered open and a small deposit left for the trashman
  11. snoozer

    Delkim sensetivity

    Ummm might be 6 months late me thinks
  12. There's a few Bivvies that will fit right over it....Job done
  13. snoozer

    Who fishes with 2 rods ?

    I would love to Fish 1 rod but it wouldn't be the 1 i'd catch on so 3's a charm
  14. snoozer

    Two man bivvy

    Not much use in the Summer Smufter
  15. snoozer

    Two man bivvy

    £50 to spend on other Tackle then lol