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  1. Thought for the day.

    I wonder how many people are giving a consideration to their next vehicle purchase no longer being a Diesel ?
  2. Thought for the day.

    Jeez that's one hell of a cast !
  3. 2 for 1

    I think you missed the Date this was posted The picture was stunning but due to the huge size of the Fish it had to be removed to save our embarrassment
  4. Help needed to sink braid

    Phil was this Braid a well known brand or some dodgy gear from our far eastern department ? If you get a solution to make the Braid sink i bet the water will wash it off leaving you back where you started Surely advertised as Sinking demands the item be returned for a full refund ? I fear the lid of your dustbin will get levered open and a small deposit left for the trashman
  5. Delkim sensetivity

    Ummm might be 6 months late me thinks
  6. There's a few Bivvies that will fit right over it....Job done
  7. Who fishes with 2 rods ?

    I would love to Fish 1 rod but it wouldn't be the 1 i'd catch on so 3's a charm
  8. Two man bivvy

    Not much use in the Summer Smufter
  9. Two man bivvy

    £50 to spend on other Tackle then lol
  10. Two man bivvy

    Bivvy and wrap deal Smufter at £209.99 is spot on
  11. Tyram Syndicate Doncaster

    Give em a 01302 840886
  12. Bad back,chair required.

    Got me a Fox FX Super Delux Recliner, Perfect for them long blanking sessions They come in Camo now which is typical as they didn't when i purchased mine
  13. Best Carp Bait (Catching a Mirror Carp)

    Umm i like Jelly Steve, But not worth the bother then
  14. Thought for the day.

    Linky pooos please with NO added Virarses