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  1. Hi Guys Looking to head over to Catch 22 in Lyng (Norfolk) next week for three nights. I have done some research but most of the stuff I've found is pre 2010. I wondered if anybody had any recent information about the place? Anything would be appreciated! Cheers.
  2. Been a bit MIA lately lads been a busy few month. Absolutely buzzing for this trip going to be a nice break!
  3. Chill, you fish there regularly I assume, you are going to have to leave some nice pointers on here!
  4. Ive got the 8000 aerlex's and the 7000 spod rod, fantastic reels, I highly recommend them!
  5. CM, a bait boat is slightly more expensive
  6. Personally never used one - so far a spomb has worked perfectly for me - but I always see people raving on about how these are the monkeys nuts. If I was going to buy again id be tempted to go for one. However... A spomb is a pretty safe bet!
  7. Nick, any chance you can link me to those photos? I can't seem to find them and I'm in the market for a brolly!!!
  8. Cheers for the advice gents. The lake I'm joining next year does see a lot of bait - I'm going to take a few trips down there and get to grips with the fish, what works what doesn't, will they eat anything or are they fussy.. and make my decision from there I'm thinking! Cheers for the replies though, and I didn't enjoy the short lived sparring match To be fair i'm guilty of asking hundreds of questions about bait because i'm always scared to back myself, I think I've just gotta go with trial and error. Jem hit the nail on the head though, its what the fish want that counts!
  9. Just wondered what you guys thought of the insanely cheap Baitology Essential boilies? If you buy 10kg it works out about £3.80 a kilo, if you buy 30kg it turns out at about £2.80 a kilo!!! I have heard these guys are well established and have been around for quite some time (I also see them advertised in Carp World a lot)! They are shelf life only, but I was thinking of buying 10kg to pad out my other boilies which are a tenner a kilo (frozen CCmoore live system). I was thinking of using half live system half coconut baitology boilies and only using live system hook baits? Wha
  10. You too Chill mate - if your bringing that much beer I might not bother with my rods! Thanks for the nods in the right directions gents. Gonna check out a few of the vids tonight!
  11. Andy, I'm definitely in. Will get the money over to you soon (you'll have to let me know your details)
  12. Im 75% in, won't be able to tell for sure until closer to the time... Can put me down with a maybe
  13. Fishing is a hobby that people enjoy to unwind from work and relax in their down time. What kind of fish they want to catch is entirely up to them. If somebody wants to catch a big lump then they can go to one of these waters that you 'hate' for example. If they want to catch an old english common, then they can go to a lake that had an old english common. Fishing is fishing and however people want to enjoy it is up to them. If importing some bigger carp in from other countries (providing they are disease free and its done properly and by the law) means people enjoy carp fishing more and
  14. The theory is: fishing a harder water will make me better on easier waters. The practical is: I'll catch no fish on the hard water, and then catch no fish on the easy water!
  15. Chill, I left the marker float out there and was hitting it with my spod each time, so I know i got the spod the right distance, what I mean is, how far further should I cast my fishing rods to account for the arc? Also, its not the same as the marker rod cause thats braid (no stretch) and my fishing rods are mono (40% stretch apparently)! So my mono would be short when it landed? Sorry mate - I know i didnt make myself very clear lol! Thanks Nick. This is what I was on about, how much further I should cast to account for the arc. What do you think about accounting for the st
  16. I forgot to mention the spot I'm fishing is almost exactly 20 ft deep! I also clipped the marker when the float was at the lead. Thanks!
  17. I forgot to mention that the spot I am fishing is almost exactly 20ft deep!
  18. The bit about it not going away makes sense. I also think that too many people dumping their leads for no reason cannot be good for the lake either. I understand when its a weedy lake and the lead needs to be dropped for the fishes safety, but when it is not needed, why fill a lake up with leads?
  19. Good luck mate! Im beginning to fish a low stocked water over the winter, starting this weekend.
  20. Hi guys, So I have just made my first visit to the UEA Broad, a new lake I'm going to be fishing over the next year. I found myself a nice hard spot and marked it out etc. It is 8 wraps out. Ive just finished spodding some bait over it, and my spod rod is clipped up at 5 wraps. My question is, to ensure that I am fishing on the mark, how should I clip my fishing rods? My marker is braided line and therefore there is no stretch, so if I clip my fishing rod to the same as my marker rod, due to the stretch of the mono on my fishing rod I will be slightly too far out.. won't I? How
  21. Ian, I agree I'd like to drive and use my own gear. Ill have a look at Napoleon Lakes too, when are you thinking of going? Chill, do I get the feeling you could be persuaded? PS. got two 2x Shimano Aerlex XTA 8000 and 1x Aerlex XTA 7000 today.. After I think it was you who suggested it!
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    Very nice catches gents!
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