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  1. I also flick back manually,
  2. What's on your Christmas list?

    I always full of humbug ⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️
  3. Self Takes

    I cheat and use phone to video the whole fiasco and then take stills from the video* 👌🏻 *not that I get to do it very often 😂😂
  4. What's on your Christmas list?

    Urghhh you dirty boys 😱🤢🤢 it's NOVEMBER 😂😂 just in case though.....a couple of fish would be nice 👍🏻
  5. Bivvy help?!?

    No mate been way to busy with work and the dark nights getting earlier and earlier ain't making it any easier but I'll be back out this weekend hopefully for an overnighter
  6. Bivvy help?!?

    Have you considered the nash rds? Can't vouch for it as never used one but maybe an option. the nash scope ops brolly is a decent bit of kit I use one all the time for days and nights, nights in the summer with a mozzi mesh and have the winter overwrap for it stick it in the quiver and jobs a good'un
  7. What is your newest purchase

    No mate, I've still got some overnighters in me 😉 Baiting pole = general use when I feel it's the better option sawnoff for keeping in the car for those sneaky little sessions that swmbo doesn't need to know about (you know the "sorry babe the traffic on the a12 was horrendous" scenarios 😂)
  8. What is your newest purchase

    Just got a nash scope 6ft sawnoff cork 😍
  9. British Record

    So spanner in the works, let's use horseshoe as an example, it's gonna be filled in so the stock is sold to your lakes.....I'll assume plenty of fish bigger than 30lb in horseshoe.....are you still going to fish your lakes or are you going to be disgusted and never fish the lakes again? After all they are stockies now.
  10. Unknown Venues, do they still exist?

    😂😂 on one that may work....on the other (I know who the owner is) it would likely get me a resounding no and a punch in the face!
  11. Unknown Venues, do they still exist?

    I know of some lovely hidden gems but all on private property and don't have a clue on where to start with approaching the owners, any advice?
  12. What is your newest purchase

    Well that looks like you robbed ya mate blind 😂😂 just kidding mate. Looks like you got a bargain 👍🏻
  13. Delkim TXI Plus

    I have four mk1 delk txi's and rx2004 receiver plus either 1 0r 2 original Delks (greedy I know) but they work and do what I require although remain mostly silent whilst I lake watch 😂😂 can't call it fishing anymore as I've not caught in so long....either way I love them and I'll keep them as long as they continue to work 😁
  14. Delkim TXI Plus

    As I said check eBay......and the "hazard a guess" that I put was after viewing prices on eBay and other selling sites and seeing what they where selling for. The old mk1 txi's still sell for £70 a pop so even on that basis that's £280 without mentioning the receiver! And I said £375 to £425 (high end of guess)
  15. Delkim TXI Plus

    Go on eBay mate and look at the prices that they are selling for......at a guess I'd say around the £375to £425 mark but obviously would depend on condition age etc