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  1. spr1985

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Oh trust me mate.....long term members don’t get first dibs....it’s first come first served, so get in quick .you should have seen it kick off last renewal time for exactly that reason....they wasn’t quick enough and they lost out.....I felt for them.....but I was also highly amused spectating/lurking on the forum watching the fireworks
  2. spr1985

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Really sorry to read all of this mate 😞 but on the “still searching” bit......have you been to boreham mere yet? (On the club ticket) it’s an absolutely stunning lake and holds some lovely carp nice and close for you, and come next season when you can get a night ticket could be just what you’re looking for
  3. spr1985

    Bayswater Essex

    And the winner is you sir! Now to let you into a little secret. I entered a raffle and won 2nd prize........ 48hrs for me and a guest on the day ticket lake 😁 so it won’t cost you a penny mate (well apart from bait/food/ drink etc) we can have a chat at some point and get a date set for it I’m not in any rush to use it so autum/winter would be fine with me. Although if you was looking at membership i believe its £25 for lifetime membership of the dayticket (you get an I’d and a key)
  4. spr1985

    Rod Shots

    Odd isn’t it, maybe at some point in the past it’s been dug out like that.
  5. spr1985

    Rod Shots

    The farmer has been watering his spuds! The water normaly Laps against the log in the very bottom of this shot
  6. spr1985

    Bayswater Essex

    Does anyone fancy a 48hr session on bayeswater dayticket lake? Obviously to be arranged at a mutually agreeable time/date. Preferably Thursday evening to Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon/evening to Tuesday afternoon/evening purely because weekends can get busy and these days will enable better swim choice. Anyway if you may be interested leave a comment
  7. spr1985


    Well humans make mistakes mate, I used them again recently via eBay (bought a nash bp6 reel) said it would be a week and turned up two days later, it funny how one company can give such varying levels of service
  8. spr1985

    Kingsbury water park

    I like how the true order of service where monster munch are concerned was published perfectly by three diferent people.... 1. Flaming hot (all arguments to this are irrelevant 🤣😂) 2. Beef 3. Pickled onion
  9. spr1985

    August catch reports.....

    Couldn’t agree more! I’ve done three seasons (not exclusively) on braxted back for one tench and one 29lb’er but I agree with your sentiment when the time is rite and you’ve done the leg work things will come good. absolute banger of a fish too 😉 👍🏻
  10. spr1985

    Stuck on scales

    I also had two sets of the old Avon scales with the window that changes colour but they became unreliable very hard to zero/ not able to zero so bit the bullet and bought whychwood digital t bar scales a couple of months back......in true spr fashion I’ve not had a fish to test them yet 🤣😂
  11. spr1985

    Rotary (Lead systems)

    @yonny you just stepped into the frame my friend 😉 I’ve always read your writings and enjoyed them so over to you mate
  12. spr1985

    Rotary (Lead systems)

    My thoughts will be about as much use to people as a chocolate tea pot in front of a roaring fire 🤣😂 my thoughts at this point consist of.....I’ve regularly been getting done due to my lack of knowledge surrounding lead arrangements and shall be trying running rigs at the earliest opportunity to see if it improves a) my catch rate and b) my bite indication. @greekskii ‘s post has given me some food for thought and hopefully a boost to my catch rate.....but we shall see
  13. spr1985

    Rotary (Lead systems)

    @greekski you sir have just flicked the switch for the light bulb 💡 in my head! Great write up and I’m going to be looking into running rigs straight away.....as you may be aware I have posted quite often about always getting single beeps but nothing else and not catching very often and your post really made me think about how I use my leads....90% of my set ups are leads clips....10 % chods (with drop off system) all 3 of my recent fish have fallen to the chods. And I’d never even considered that it could be the way I’m using leads so thank you for the insight
  14. spr1985

    Night fishing in between work

    I wish I could do this.... also work within the construction industry and up at 03:45 every week day morning and sometimes not home until 8/9pm as much as I love my fishing I also need my sleep
  15. I have a chub super cyfish 2 man - doesn’t get used anymore due to being way to big and buying a scope ops brolly system which suited me perfectly until I got the Titan tc pro at an unbeatable price scope ops brolly - goes in the car when I go fishing no matter what.....just in case I’m in a confined swim,or head to the river and it will also be used in winter for day sessions otherwise it’s the.... Titan tc pro goes everywhere with me and is super quick to put up and pack down has loads of room inside for all my gear so does me perfectly. And the vents in the back where a god send on Friday night I think if I hadn’t had that little bit of air movement I would have headed home