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  1. spr1985

    Darrel peck, My misspent youth.

    I’ve been trying to find this too, saw the one on the bay for £60 odd and one on amazon for £2.5k (yes you read that rite) I’ve also messaged me peck himself asking where to get a copy but no response 😐
  2. spr1985

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    That’s disgusting! And sensas are putting their name to it 😡 everyone of them should be ashamed of themselves
  3. spr1985

    Gardner tackle suspender float.

    I bought one recently unfortunately haven’t had chance to give it a go yet so can’t comment on usability, although looking at instructions seems very simple to use and I think will do the job it’s designed to, hopefully getting out tomorrow after a nightshift so may give it a go and report back 😁
  4. spr1985

    Taking bait to france

    How long will your journey be? If it was me I’d probably leave a few kilo to defrost in the way and put the rest in a cool box with bagged ice cubes to keep as frozen as possible and then once I was there any remaining ice cubes would be straight in my cider 🤣😁
  5. spr1985

    2 Piece landing net poles

    Hopefully not the same one I nearly bought for £50
  6. spr1985

    2 Piece landing net poles

    Prologic also do one (I use it and it’s fine) I also recently saw one on eBay from a company called sabre, looks quite nice and around the £50 mark....I was tempted
  7. spr1985

    Popping my French cherry

    That looks epic! Will we have the pleasure of a write up (on the fishing) after your trip?
  8. spr1985

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    I too watched the tt highlights.....those chaps are just something else! Ive always loved bikes but never had one on the road out of respect for my dad. He lost two very good friends in bike accidents and from that point forward it was a case of “my house my rules, you are not having a bike” and I think that just continued when I left home, I lost my dad a couple of years ago so I may in the future bite the bullet and go for it.
  9. spr1985

    Swan syndicate Hatfield peverel

    Oh and the t shirt....his mum sent it along with him when I picked him up Friday 🤣
  10. spr1985

    Swan syndicate Hatfield peverel

    Yes mate me and all of my brothers and sisters where all white blondes as youngsters and I used to be far slender than I am now 🤣😂
  11. spr1985

    Swan syndicate Hatfield peverel

    @crusian I forgot I said i was going to put a pic up of my two so you and the missus could decide on if my kids look like me or the two different mums......so just for fun here we go
  12. spr1985

    Petty theft, a growing issue?

    My father in law had about 3.5k worth of Stihl gardening equipment stolen from his property last year.......behind coded electric gates and tall fences......if they want it nothing will stop them but on the same hand protect your family and assets by what ever means you have to..... to me it’s simple you come into my house and put my family at risk and “ye shall get what cometh your way” 😉 happens to be a 3ft lentgth of scaffold bar coming your way amongst other things
  13. spr1985

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Hate to tell ya mate but I’ve had a few ciders too 🤣😂 one of those that just plays with ya eyes I think
  14. spr1985

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Or you could pop down specsaver (other companies available) get the old eyes tested and read the post again........just pulling ya leg mate 🤣😂 one letter different N M and clouds is M M