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  1. Oh good even better 😁 Make sure you keep us all updated on how you get on......the forum is full of useful info and some really knowledgeable people, so worth sticking around
  2. As above, I'd not seen the original post either, but well done to the both of you! And congrats on completing it! 😉😁
  3. Hi Aaron, welcome to the forum, unfortunately I can't answer your question as I don't fish over that way but I'm sure someone will have the answers you are looking for. im assuming you have tried the obvious places for info like the internet....local tackle shops etc?
  4. I'd hazard a guess at between 24lb and 28 lb on a different not you are a dead ringer for one of my uncles!
  5. You have a link to the vid mate?
  6. I never have any issues with mine like this* * disclaimer......I never get any takes 😂😂😂
  7. One from Monday just gone on bayeswater
  8. I shall look forward to it, I'll be happy with any fish not to worried about breaking records/pb's etc
  9. I couldn't tell you even if you did ask mate I don't have a clue, I've never really kept tabs on pb's it's always been a for pleasure thing with me. I suppose now I'm more into my carp fishing I should really keep tabs on it. So I will go with my last fish that I recall and that's the 15.7lb common I had from braxted (I think)
  10. Oh I see, didn't think of it like that, in which case feel free to pm me if I need to know anything 😁 And I shall refrain from posting about it 👌🏻
  11. Ok cool I'm easy for whatever really as long as I get some notice on dates, would be good to meet some of you 😁 Maybe start a seperate specific topic to gauge the interest/ numbers?
  12. cm.... any updates on that social you mentioned?
  13. Well done all the catchers, the only thing I've caught since October is a blooming cold! Can't wait for the 1st may when my club lakes re open!
  14. I didn't mate, the closest I got to a fish was three beeps in super quick succession which didn't amount to anything, and a big chunk of a common crashing out over one of the close in spots as I was packing the rods away 😔 My time one will come eventually
  15. I've just chucked a zig out for the first time just to see if anything occurs, fingers crossed 🤞