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  1. Baiting Pole

    That’s that idea down the drain then 😝 I think the plastic conduit may be worth a shot.....I may borrow some from work and give it a try and report back if I get chance
  2. Unhooking mat/cradle for mobility

    I think this answers your own question mate, staying mobile would be mat only for me
  3. On the hard stuff!

    Maybe you could try on the spot with a bigger hook-bait? Having had a carp off the spot I would persevere with it.
  4. Baiting Pole

    😂🤣 and I’m an ac fitter and use it for it’s designed purpose.....condense drains from the ac unit to the pump (so its 100% safe for water as it has water running through it all day everyday) we glue it together using couplers......not sure if the couplers would stay together for the use you’re intending without glue but could be worth a shot.
  5. Baiting Pole

    We use 21.5mm black plastic conduit at work and I believe it’s about £3 per 3m length mate if that helps
  6. Thought for the day. Shelf lifes

    Yes. There is a video online somewhere of Gary bayes talking about the nash bait and saying “expose it to water/moisture and leave it and see what happens
  7. April catch reports.............

    Crackers nice! And the pic with your sone is great, I’ll hopefully be able to upload one later on with my two
  8. Thought for the day.

    Would be nice! But they are 3 and 4(nearly 5) so it will be a once every so often thing if they do... also not sure as I can afford another to sets of gear 🤣 although if it means I hand them down my stuff and treat myself......👌🏻
  9. Thought for the day.

    So tomorrow I’m taking my two kids fishing, second time for both of them and going to a proper old English estate lake that apparently holds some absolutely stunning fish 😁 can’t wait 😊
  10. April catch reports.............

    Some crackers there mate! Well done 👍🏻
  11. What is your newest purchase

    I e got one of them too! Imported directly from China for a few quid.....not yet used it though...
  12. What is your newest purchase

    At least you won’t leak out mate 🤣😂
  13. N Trap Semi Stiff

    Cheers 😉
  14. N Trap Semi Stiff

    Don’t suppose you have a link mate? I juat typed nash skinlink & nash skin link into ebay and doesn’t seem to bring anything up apart from armorlink as a close result
  15. Tufty Torch.......

    I don’t need to worry about scaring the carp mate......I never catch them anyway 🤣😂