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  1. January catch reports

    Dunno why that says chris Ian was meant to say “Crusian” as for “heavy snow” will take more than that to stop me mate 🤣😂 4x4 plus a 24hr pass from the missus = I’m going fishing
  2. January catch reports

    Well as Cris Ian quite rightly pointed out I’m “nutty” enough to find out....if I get to the lake and it has a lid I’ll take the ten minute trip back home 😁 if it doesn’t I’ll pitch up and try my luck
  3. Yes the lining is removable 😉* * on the skee tex ultralights that I have.....not sure about the other options in range
  4. January catch reports

    I spent the day moving and burning willow tree off cuts that Gary had been cutting down. I did gain some valuable info though and some likely areas that the carp seem to come from....confirmed most of what I already knew from speaking to others really. Ill be doing a 24hr soon as I finish work Friday so hopefully I will be able to update at some point Friday night/Saturday morning 😁
  5. Spot on mate, light weight come with a thermal liner (I wear wool socks when fishing too) and they keep my feet nice and warm, as for the hard wearing I can’t really comment as I haven’t had them long enough. But at £30ish I think we’ll worth the money (even better with a discount) and I see a lot of people wearing them on the bank in the winter......so I think that says they are good
  6. Fosters (although now part of the ad group) are also doing the 10% off with FOSTERS10
  7. Wronguns

    Got to agree mate! Lovely looking fish!
  8. January catch reports

    Yes mate still ongoing, not really been up much though (aside from last weekend for a work party with mr bayes himself) as got the braxted back lake bug right in between my teeth again, so I have been concentrating my efforts on that.....but come March 14th the club lakes shut up shop until first of may so I shall be getting back on bayeswater for a few 24hour sessions....as always I will update if anything occurs
  9. What is your newest purchase

    Fair ply to ya mate!
  10. What is your newest purchase

    Now what I want to know is how you got that lot for £40? Wasnt holding a gun gun to someone’s head was you highly?
  11. Throwing stick..

    Yeah I saw this too, any ideas on price? Purely intrigued already got a stick I’m happy with (it does look nice though 🤣)
  12. Fishing for river carp

    It’s always worth a punt mate 😝 got to be in it to win it, you never know unless you try

    @Dannygooner I’ve not fished it mate but when you brought it up the first time it grabbed my interest and I did some googling and I really fancy it for the same reasons as you a mystical lump but just don’t have the time to plan it all...I get sessions as and when they are achievable. As for the nights......go for it mate I was the same as you and a bit dubious about doing them on my own( sounds rite wimpy lol 😂) but crack on mate it’s good fun! If I had the spare cash I’d get a night ticket just to come and camp with ya and give it a bash.....at the moment I’ve spent a bit to much on fishing recently (according to the missus anyway) but if you fancy a few sessions I may get a ticket in the next few months
  14. I can’t even remember what I have and haven’t bought over the last year 😐 looking forward to reading other responses though

    I’d like to see it too 👀 nick is it worth fishing it on a day ticket every now and again or is it a serious put the Work in water only