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  1. When you are fishing for Barbell do you fish with pellets or on good old luncheon meat and corn. The biggest barbell i've caught was on luncheon meat and was around 5lb, l would love to get one at 20lb though!
  2. l fish the Vienne just below St Leonard de Noblet and the barbel are the same around 5lb. Is your local lake the one in Ladignac, never fished there, how big are the carp in there. The biggest ive had in my local lake was 11.6 kg.
  3. Hi, not fished up that end of the vienne, l normally fish the vienne around St Leonard de Noblat, or on the Maulde that feeds the vienne, lots of barrages on the Maulde with a good lake at Bujaleuf. I live south about 20 mins south of Limoges and also fish a local lake about 3 hectres with some good carp in , biggest I've had 11.4kg about 25lb, brugge
  4. l have used most well known boilies over the years and have caught fish on all of them, l just don't understand the pricing policies when one year you buy a certain make boilie for one price and then the following year the same boilie is five pound cheaper per bag! are they leaving something out to cheapen them.
  5. but how do you know whether a 20 pound bag of boilies is any better than a 4 pound bag, when you car'nt believe everything that's wrote on the tin! l know certain lake owners that wont allow certain well known boilies on their lake.
  6. The market is full of boilies from 5 pound a kilo to 20 pound a kilo , top brands to no brands, is there really any difference what l pay for them, other than what go's on the hair rig?
  7. many thanks for the reply, maybe l need to move up the river a bit to the other side of the dam. when your in France which rivers do you fish, brugge
  8. thanks for the replies, l was wondering the best way of presenting my bait in the river, the river at this time of year is fast flowing so l don't know whether anything l place near my hook bait is staying there, l have caught carp there before but not having a lot of luck at the moment also taking into account its winter, any tips, brugge
  9. thanks for the reply, but what does it mean?
  10. Hi, has anybody ever been river fishing in France rather than just lake fishing, does anybody fish for carp on rivers in England, brugge
  11. Hi, at what temperature will carp stop feeding, will they still eat when it drops below freezing, what should l use to entice them to eat at really low temperatures or should l stay at home, brugge