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  1. Hello From Plymouth

    Welcome Buddy. Once you get back into it, you'll never stop!
  2. April catch reports.............

    My mate has a 18lb common out of one of our new club waters yesterday on his first session at the lake. I've blanked the last 3 sessions...git!! I did have a few roach and perch out of the canal last night though after work.

    I just love being out on the bank, regardless of the season. I'll still fish for carp all through winter, especially if we get some warmer days but these are only day sessions, i don't really tend to do nights past October time if i'm honest. I'll also target other species right through the winter too, such as Pike, Roach ect.
  4. Help with chum

    Welcome to the forum mate. My sister lives in Virgina mate and i know how hard it is to get decent carp tackle/bait in the states from experience! What i tend to do when im over there is make my own groundbait/Chum. It's really simple and cheap too! get some breadcrumb to use as a base. You can add food coloring to make different colours. Add in some powdered additives such as Garlic and Chilli powder. Sweetcorn! and make sure you throw in the juices from the tin too! It's really simple and works too! Alternatively you can use just sweetcorn on its own to great effect, Plus they can be dyed/flavoured pretty easily too!
  5. Groundbait vs spod mix? Which matters more?

    Spodding isn't anything new, i remember watching Jan Porter on a episode of Total Fishing with Matt Hayes once, he was using a very primitive version of the modern day spod, i believe he made it himself out of a old shampoo bottle and some expandable foam if i remember rightly... I still love using a method feeder on some days! it's such a forgotten method and i find that the fish aren't generally used to seeing them anymore on most carp waters. In fact, me and my partners brother in law have a little challenge coming up soon, I'll be using the method, He'll be using a lead clip style set up, We'll see who wins
  6. April catch reports.............

    Still beats a blank
  7. April catch reports.............

    Hopefully will be posting a picture either tomorrow or Saturday, off out for my 33hr session tomorrow morning on my main lake this year, lets hope something bites.
  8. Hey Guys, So i recently joined Luton angling club and was just wondering if anyone has fished North House Lake or the river section at Wyboston. I'm likely going to be mainly targeting North House and with the river being literally next to it, ill likely do a good few hours on there too. Anyone got any info or tips about the waters?
  9. Back on the Forum.

    Thanks guys! I've managed to sort one out, Ain't the greatest work as i did it fairly quickly but it'll do!
  10. Buzz Bars vs Pods

    I have and will use both where needed but i much prefer bank sticks for the versatility of them. I also find them much more stable and secure, especially fishing close in. With a pod, i find that you are limited on control as all your rod tips will face the same way, regardless of where your're fishing. I have had a pod tip over on me when fishing right close to the margins and when i had a particularly violent take, it pulled the rod and the whole pod went. Also with bank sticks, i keep my alarms, bobbins ect on them all the time so its always ready to go.
  11. Back on the Forum.

    Thanks for the welcome lads, looking forward to reading through some of the threads on here. I've been out probably about a dozen times so far, both carping and other species. Got my first 33 hour session of the year coming up this friday/saturday, weather is looking decent and the carp have started to feed.
  12. Back on the Forum.

    Hey Guys, Just thought i'd throw a quick post to say hi and that i should be back on the forum a lot more! I doubt many of you remember but i joined about 2 years back under the name "AlphaAngler" but as i rarely ever use the computer at home or work, i didn't spend much time on here and i don't really like browsing forums much on my mobile but I got a new job some months back that means i'm on a computer 5 days a week so i thought it's time i jump back in again. I didn't do much fishing at all last year due to various family problems/moving house ect but this year i've been hitting it hard, started a blog on my Instagram under the same user name as on here and have joined a new club ticket which holds some lovely waters and fish! and have already been more times this year since jan than the whole of last year. Oh and does anyone have any tips on uploading a profile photo? every one i've tried to upload, it has told me it exceeds the max size limit but i can't seem to get one that small. Tight Lines! James