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  1. The_Viking_Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    some sherbert goo and 6 x1kg bags of nash instant action bollies. fishing republic are discontinuing them and currently have them 50% off, with the buy 2 and get 1 free offer. Worked out under 16kg for 6kg of bait...bargain!
  2. The_Viking_Angler

    sign of the times

    i like nash 😂
  3. The_Viking_Angler

    Winter flavours

    i'll use the same bait as i use in summer, which is a mixture of different bollies, of various flavours. Only thing i really change is i use maggots a lot more and i like to spod corn a lot more.
  4. The_Viking_Angler

    Bank Tackle.

    Thanks for the tip mate.
  5. The_Viking_Angler

    Bank Tackle.

    looks like i'll be using them to stock up for next season then!
  6. The_Viking_Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    korda krimp and some boom section, should help with trying chods and ronnies
  7. The_Viking_Angler

    Bank Tackle.

    Anyone used Bank tackle for terminal bits?
  8. The_Viking_Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    a pair of nash H gun carp rods along with the H gun FR5 reels, second hand but in immaculate condition, only ever been used twice and never had a fish on them. 75 quid for the pair and i'll likely sell the reels on.
  9. The_Viking_Angler

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    I use bollies for probably 90% of my fishing and the other 10% i use a standard particale mix of hemp, maize/corn(red and yellow) and some micro pellets thrown in to help soak up the moisture. My bag mixes vary so much that it changes almost session from session but it usually consists of blended up bollies, hemp, corn and a few various liquids. The bollies i use are usually Nash instant action any flavour, Crafty Catcher king prawn/peanut pro and sticky manilla.
  10. The_Viking_Angler

    Lifting the fish in the net.

    see i do this with every fish i catch, always break down the net and roll it up with the fins tucked away. I'll always unhook it in the water too if possible. I guess it just rubbed me up the wrong way when i read his FB post this morning
  11. The_Viking_Angler

    Lifting the fish in the net.

    Morning Guys, I saw a post from Ali Hamidi this morning and in that post he was saying that it was unfortunate that whoever caught the fish before him had lifted the fish in the net and then proceeds to say "Shame on all you who do that"and that we always should transfer the fish from the net to the sling in the water. Now i always was under the impression that 9/10 that lifting a fish in the net is perfectly acceptable, and i always then transfer the fish from the net into the sling that is already waiting on the cradle. Granted he was holding a 46lb common and i am sure that it is probably easier and a bit safer to transfer larger fish in a sling from the water if this is feasible but i know on some of the lakes i fish that you can't safely do this as how high some of the are swims from the water or would be too dangerous to attempt on your own. I personally like Ali but i think he was a bit of a numpty for saying shame on those people who don't transfer in the water. What are your'e guys thoughts on this?
  12. The_Viking_Angler

    September catch results..........................

    And as I mentioned previously, I lost on today's session so I also had to take a photo with Kevin the carp and look after him until the next time we get out together 😂
  13. The_Viking_Angler

    September catch results..........................

    Mid double common
  14. The_Viking_Angler

    September catch results..........................

    17lb 7 oz
  15. The_Viking_Angler

    September catch results..........................

    Its more like what does the loser has to do! aha Basically we have a carp pillow that the loser of that session has to take a photo with and take home. It's judged on the total amount you've caught by weight. Whoever has the pillow by the end of the year, the first session together in 2019 will have to do the whole session kack handed, so left handed for both of us. just a bit of fun added to our sessions and helps with the banter Unfortunately i didn't come out on top this session as he had 45lb in the "net" and i only had 32lb but i did finally catch a september carp! So that curse is finally broken! I'll post the photos now from my phone.