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  1. The_Viking_Angler

    River fishing

    From my experience, anywhere on a river or canal that has regulur boat moorings will usually hold fish. Many boat owners throw left over food directly into the water and the fish learn this. I would prebait the area over a couple weeks if feasible and then fish it. Don't over do it with the bait though as remember they'll likely have left over food from the boats too.
  2. The_Viking_Angler

    What baits do you guys favour and why?

    i use all sorts like most who have posted but i do use the snowman set up a lot.
  3. The_Viking_Angler

    Silly Rules

    unpopular opinion but it wouldnt cause me any moral dilemma. if someone told me they were prebaiting a spot and the swim was empty when i turned up, providing i couldn't find any other obvious signs of fish elsewhere, i'd be straight in that swim. If you don't want people using your hard work to their advantage, keep it quiet, don't shout about it.
  4. The_Viking_Angler

    Silly Rules

    This has happened to me quite a few times, it really gets on my nerves.
  5. The_Viking_Angler

    River Thames.

    I really don't have time for people who get annoyed by people publishing a decent catch, yes it attracts plenty of national attention in the angling world but so what? Its all part and parcel of fishing. Yes there'll be a good chance of more people on that bit of river now but that's just one challenge that makes us decent anglers. If i catch a 50lb carp from the river lea tomorrow, i'll have a simple choice, keep it quiet and only tell a select few or i could let the magazines know and have my "15 minutes of fame" so to speak, i shouldn't be bashed for whatever choice i make because i can guarantee that it'll upset someone whichever choice i make.
  6. The_Viking_Angler

    Silly Rules

    i must admit, the dipping of the nets, slings and mats can annoy me when the dips aren't at the lake itself. take a few weeks ago as an example, turned up at a lake, recently imposed a dip rule(which i was not aware off), where you buy ticket is where the dip is located...a 5min drive to the lake...which meant i had to fully unload the car to grab my net out of the holdall, then place a soaking net and sling back in the car for the drive to the lake. Its just more of an annoyance, i agree with the reasons behind it but least have it at the actual lake!
  7. The_Viking_Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    some sherbert goo and 6 x1kg bags of nash instant action bollies. fishing republic are discontinuing them and currently have them 50% off, with the buy 2 and get 1 free offer. Worked out under 16kg for 6kg of bait...bargain!
  8. The_Viking_Angler

    sign of the times

    i like nash 😂
  9. The_Viking_Angler

    Winter flavours

    i'll use the same bait as i use in summer, which is a mixture of different bollies, of various flavours. Only thing i really change is i use maggots a lot more and i like to spod corn a lot more.
  10. The_Viking_Angler

    Bank Tackle.

    Thanks for the tip mate.
  11. The_Viking_Angler

    Bank Tackle.

    looks like i'll be using them to stock up for next season then!
  12. The_Viking_Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    korda krimp and some boom section, should help with trying chods and ronnies
  13. The_Viking_Angler

    Bank Tackle.

    Anyone used Bank tackle for terminal bits?
  14. The_Viking_Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    a pair of nash H gun carp rods along with the H gun FR5 reels, second hand but in immaculate condition, only ever been used twice and never had a fish on them. 75 quid for the pair and i'll likely sell the reels on.
  15. The_Viking_Angler

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    I use bollies for probably 90% of my fishing and the other 10% i use a standard particale mix of hemp, maize/corn(red and yellow) and some micro pellets thrown in to help soak up the moisture. My bag mixes vary so much that it changes almost session from session but it usually consists of blended up bollies, hemp, corn and a few various liquids. The bollies i use are usually Nash instant action any flavour, Crafty Catcher king prawn/peanut pro and sticky manilla.