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  1. the bulk of my fishing is day sessions but each year, im doing more and more longer sessions, which i much prefer. At the moment, my preferred length is 24-36 hour sessions, usually arrive the morning off and fishing till the following evening. I have done a couple 48hrs but i just dont get enough time to do them but this year, its looking like that'll change so should get a couple more in. I've also got a social coming up this year, that a friend is ornasing between about 6 of us, i think it'll be 3 nights, 4 days. Will be my longest session but i cant wait!
  2. My goals are pretty simple, go more, enjoy it and do more 24hr sessions. Oh and to catch my first 20 would be nice too 😂
  3. yeah i agree with you. i'm thinking about upgrading my H Gun 2.75lb rods to the Vader X's in 3lb this year, they look great for the money
  4. just for the day. i have no interest in doing nights in the winter if im honest, not whole nights anyway. I will go fish till 10/11 on the river this time of year but i much prefer going back to a warm bed lol
  5. So we have had a last trip of the year post and i thought we could have a first trip of the year one. My first trip is next saturday, over on a club water, about 5 mins from my partners house. About 9 acres in size and is usually pretty good for a run in the winter, as im told anyway. Can't wait, haven't been out carping since end of september. hoping to get a run but if im honest, just being out there will be nice.
  6. personally think it looks cheap and ugly
  7. Probably not going to get out carping for a while but doing plenty of spinning with a mate, we're not good at it but it's good fun anyway lol
  8. Solid bags, zigs, chods, i've even used a hinge stiff rig to good success in silk weed. plenty of options for ya mate.
  9. with the money i got from santa, i got the following. Fox large deluxe double sided tacklebox A third Fox micron MR+ alarm. A Sonik cool bag (fell in love with the design when i saw it had a toastie maker pouch lol) 3 gardner mini bugs, a bargain at 7 quid each. i also got a £30 quid Go outdoors voucher to use so will be popping into one in the new year
  10. i have had a couple double takes in the past, mainly on easy runs waters but have had a couple on harder lakes. i remember once, having 27 runs in a 24 hour session, i had a triple take that time aha, had two carp rods out and had a single rod out for cats with 2 24mm pellets on the hair, landed two carp and a 15lb cat that time 😂
  11. From my experience, anywhere on a river or canal that has regulur boat moorings will usually hold fish. Many boat owners throw left over food directly into the water and the fish learn this. I would prebait the area over a couple weeks if feasible and then fish it. Don't over do it with the bait though as remember they'll likely have left over food from the boats too.
  12. i use all sorts like most who have posted but i do use the snowman set up a lot.
  13. unpopular opinion but it wouldnt cause me any moral dilemma. if someone told me they were prebaiting a spot and the swim was empty when i turned up, providing i couldn't find any other obvious signs of fish elsewhere, i'd be straight in that swim. If you don't want people using your hard work to their advantage, keep it quiet, don't shout about it.
  14. This has happened to me quite a few times, it really gets on my nerves.
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