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  1. The_Viking_Angler

    Strange happenings on the bank.

    Hi guys, So i popped out for a real last minute session on one of the local rivers to me after work last night, literally decided on the drive home that it was a good evening for it and was on the bank by 6.30. Now it is only a little stream the bit i was fishing, about 8ft wide at its widest but averaging 5ft and with depths averaging 2-3ft with some deeper pockets, running through a little village just outside harpenden, It doesn't look like much but it used to hold loads of barbel up to 14/15lb, chub to 5lb and has even thrown up a 23lb carp in its time. Nowadays, the average barbel is around 5/6lb but the bigger chub are still present. So i was 2 hours in, i had moved onto my second spot after losing a decent size chub and creating a lot of disturbance in the first. I'm sitting there, just missed a cracking bite, thinking that it's going to be a good session, i had lost one already and was getting plenty of bites so it seemed only a matter of time before i had my first river fish of the year. I had reeled in to out a fresh bit of meat on when i heard what sounded like wading accompanied by voices coming from up stream and then about 30 army cadets walked through my swim single file...I was a little bit gobsmacked if im honest, it was the last thing i expected to see After speaking to the officer in charge, i found out they had decided to do some river training and right at the start of the fishable stretch and walked right the way down. knowing the river like i do, i know that will kill the fishing for at least 3-4 hours so i ended up packing up and heading home, even though i was a bit peed off about it, i couldn't help but laugh at it as it is nothing i ever expected to see while on the bank... Does anyone else have any story's about things that they thought they'd never see while out?
  2. The_Viking_Angler

    The naked chod rig.

    Yes mate, I always use a blop of putty on the bottom of the rig mate.
  3. The_Viking_Angler

    well the van is packed

    Enjoy mate, a little be jealous right now if i'm honest.
  4. The_Viking_Angler

    Lake water....... Would you or wouldn't you?

    It's probably wise to have the filters and tablets in the car/kit for the emergency situations if you are fishing in the sticks with no easy access to shops but i think ill stick with fresh water myself
  5. The_Viking_Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    I wouldn't worry about too much about the whole fresh/frozen debate mate, nowadays shelf life's are so much better that there isn't much between the two anymore. Due to having a lack of available freezer space, i only ever use shelf life's apart from very rare occasions where i'll get freezer bait the night before i go.
  6. The_Viking_Angler

    The naked chod rig.

    It's absolutely fine using it straight on mono mate, i used it like that for years before moving onto a water that allows leaders and even now i seldom use them. Just make sure you use a buffer sleeve like in the post above and you're grand.
  7. The_Viking_Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    I must admit, i have never actually used the free pop ups that come with the bags but my mate has and he likes them. I have used the air pop ups they sell and have caught on them and i have caught on them, really buoyant i can't seem to tell much difference between the free ones and ones you buy separately but i will admit i mainly fish more bottom/slow sinking type of baits so haven't got too much experience with pop ups in general.
  8. The_Viking_Angler

    Back Leads?

    I tend to use them quite a bit in my fishing, whether it's margin or longer range. You should be careful if you are using them on a lake bed you're not familar with as if its uneven with some big drop offs, then you can have your line suspended in mid water over the deeper parts or if its heavy weed, then you dont want your line being pulled to the bottom of it. But from what you've said, they shouldn't be a issue in your lake, unless, its heavily weedy.
  9. The_Viking_Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    Nash Instant action bollies in Coconut Cream, Tangerine Dream and Crab and Krill. I love the buy 2 get 1 free deal, Great bollies and super affordable. Pro Logic Crusade rig wallet Ridge Monkey's utensil set for XL toastie maker, took a punt to see if it would fit the XL maker i have from TFG and it does perfectly. Ocean Chest Waders Some fox back leads Fox large rapide PVA system. some super strength bug repellent.
  10. The_Viking_Angler

    Reporting Fish theft

    This is really handy, saved it as a contact to my phone. Fortunately i don't encounter much round my way but always handy to have.
  11. The_Viking_Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    Some Nash Putty, Kodex long Chod Rigs, Rod Hutchinson Strawberry pop ups, ProLogic Shrink Tube.
  12. The_Viking_Angler

    May catch reports................

    I'm off out tonight after work, mates already at the lake. Been fidgety all day at work waiting to clock off
  13. The_Viking_Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    Brought myself the TFG supersize toastie maker the other day, Go Outdoors had them for £10 down from £24.99. Plus my extra 15% discount on top and it was a steal.
  14. The_Viking_Angler

    Ice cream sauce

    Has anyone ever used the really sweet ice cream sauces you can get as a glug/liquid attraction? I'm going on a quick 24hr session friday night after work and was thinking about a cheaper liquid attactor for my strawberry bollies. I thought the strawberry sauce would be ideal as a bait soak/glug. Any opinions?
  15. The_Viking_Angler

    Any recommendations?

    I've recently fallen in love with firetrap boots, I have used them in all conditions whether i'm fishing or at a music festival in the great British weather! Super comfortable and very reasonably priced, you can get a pair for around 40 quid.