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  1. Oex pot/pan set. Comes with 2 pots(1.4L &1.6L), a frying pan and some small plastic bowls and all packs up in itself. Getting a lil bit bored of the same stuff on the toastie maker each session so these will make the longer sessions a little bit more varied in terms of food choice
  2. I've used Dynamite's ready made stuff for ages and can't fault them
  3. The stage stands look and feel decent enough, nice big thread to secure bank sticks. The screw it comes with could be bit bigger that that is easily replaced. I have 4 of the NGT stainless steel bank sticks which i have had and used quite a lot for about 4 years now and i haven't had a problem with them personally. What i do find with their stuff sometimes is that you can get bad batch of items which i think then gives them a bad name.
  4. Got my fishing license in the post today. Also got a order from bank tackle delivered yesterday, hooks, swivels, PVA, ect. First Aid Kit for the tackle bag - Thought it was about time i added one, better safe than sorry. NGT Stage Stands - haven't really used NGT for a while but they're stainless steel so can't be that bad,
  5. Both fixed and adjustable have their different pros and cons mate, just about using the best one for your situation. Again, fox have two recent videos which covers both set ups and the different advantages they offer. 3.5oz will be fine mate, I usually use 3oz.
  6. Hi Mate, In terms of which colour foam to use, it's all down to preference but my rule of thumb is if your fishing in the upper half of the water, then i use black foam and if your fishing in the lower half, then use a brighter colour. My thinking behind this is that when the carp are looking up, black will stand out against the bright sky, when they look down, a bright colour like yellow will stand out against the dark bed of the lake. This isn't a stead fast rule however, as any colour will work in any situation but its just a rough guide to work from. The easiest way to net the fish with a long hooklink is to drop the lead, which will allow you to wind in further, or use a zig float. If i am fishing with a zig float, then i use the lead set up the float packaging suggests but if i am using "fixed zigs" then i always use a lead clip with heavy leads. That way i can make sure if i am fishing super long hook links, then i can put the pin in the lead clip and fish drop off style or take the pin out if i dont need to drop the lead. I would also always use a ball swivel as it gives max movement and prevent line twists. Fox do a great little kit's which comes with everything you need to fish zigs, i will post a link below. Fixed Zigs https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/fox-edges-zig-lead-clip-kit Adjustable Zigs https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fox-Edges-Zig-Float-cac753/dp/B07T5RJB7D Also they have a couple great short videos on their youtube page which demonstrates both types of zig fishing, which i found really useful, if you just search for fox zig fishing, you should find them Sorry for some of the grammar, i wrote this in a rush just before a online work meeting :')
  7. Definitely going to remember that, i suffer quite bad with bites, never used to but recent years have seen me get quite a few bad ones which usually results in antibiotics. Ah that makes sense
  8. I didn't know Avon Skin so soft also worked as a bug repellent, i might give that ago so it might not make me feel too uncomfortable and oily.
  9. Hi guys, I'm stocking up on bug repellent for the summer and just wondering if anyone has used the mosquito spiral candles(link below) and are they any good? I try and avoid using the skin cream/spray stuff because it always makes me feel to oily. https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15893027/lifesystems-mosquito-coils-15893027
  10. I also have the XL easy Mat but in green, kept losing the camo one 😂 Agree that they're great Mats and I probably wouldn't use anything else now. Thanks for the idea for pet points though, hadn't thought about windy nights lol
  11. Cheers Fella, I had the TFG Trukka Barrow but recently sold it. The balancing on it was awful and even though was a great size, was just so heavy and awkward to transport i decided it was time for a change, I saw someone back in Winter with the Fox barrow and i have been thinking about it ever since
  12. I must admit, i have never been the most mobile angler in the world, well in Carp fishing but i plan on making a bit more of an effort with being mobile with the new barrow. Once its been delivered, i will do a test load in the garden and take a photo One of the reasons i went with all the camolite stuff so it would be perfect for the barrow so it would makes things easier to move ect.
  13. That's exactly it mate 😃 Its the law...
  14. First post in a long while but also first time i have purchased anything on the larger end of the scale for a while. Fox Explorer Barrow Deluxe Fox Camolite Storage bag x 2 Fox Camolite Cool bag Fox Camolite low level carryall Fox Camolite Barrow Bag Fox Camolite Buzz Bar Bag I think i went on a bit of a made one with the fox gear 😆
  15. the bulk of my fishing is day sessions but each year, im doing more and more longer sessions, which i much prefer. At the moment, my preferred length is 24-36 hour sessions, usually arrive the morning off and fishing till the following evening. I have done a couple 48hrs but i just dont get enough time to do them but this year, its looking like that'll change so should get a couple more in. I've also got a social coming up this year, that a friend is ornasing between about 6 of us, i think it'll be 3 nights, 4 days. Will be my longest session but i cant wait!
  16. My goals are pretty simple, go more, enjoy it and do more 24hr sessions. Oh and to catch my first 20 would be nice too 😂
  17. yeah i agree with you. i'm thinking about upgrading my H Gun 2.75lb rods to the Vader X's in 3lb this year, they look great for the money
  18. just for the day. i have no interest in doing nights in the winter if im honest, not whole nights anyway. I will go fish till 10/11 on the river this time of year but i much prefer going back to a warm bed lol
  19. So we have had a last trip of the year post and i thought we could have a first trip of the year one. My first trip is next saturday, over on a club water, about 5 mins from my partners house. About 9 acres in size and is usually pretty good for a run in the winter, as im told anyway. Can't wait, haven't been out carping since end of september. hoping to get a run but if im honest, just being out there will be nice.
  20. Probably not going to get out carping for a while but doing plenty of spinning with a mate, we're not good at it but it's good fun anyway lol
  21. Solid bags, zigs, chods, i've even used a hinge stiff rig to good success in silk weed. plenty of options for ya mate.
  22. with the money i got from santa, i got the following. Fox large deluxe double sided tacklebox A third Fox micron MR+ alarm. A Sonik cool bag (fell in love with the design when i saw it had a toastie maker pouch lol) 3 gardner mini bugs, a bargain at 7 quid each. i also got a £30 quid Go outdoors voucher to use so will be popping into one in the new year
  23. i have had a couple double takes in the past, mainly on easy runs waters but have had a couple on harder lakes. i remember once, having 27 runs in a 24 hour session, i had a triple take that time aha, had two carp rods out and had a single rod out for cats with 2 24mm pellets on the hair, landed two carp and a 15lb cat that time 😂
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