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  1. Probably the first time i went with my dad, fell in love with it before we had even left the house. The old man was surprised as he always said that i never had any patience and didn't expect me to stick with it...i'm still fishing 14yrs later.
  2. I'm up for this and would be happy to contribute. Some ideas to kick it off. Stalking. Watercraft. Floater fishing.
  3. Just seen this. Might be useful to have. https://www.carpology.net/articles/reviews/rod-hutchinson-netsafe
  4. I like the concept but i feel it'll be too difficult to manage in terms of getting people to donate regular ect.
  5. ALways sad to see this. It is very important to dry out all your net and mat between sessions. I also use super strong alcohol wipes from work on my matt between sessions as well as the wipes will kill anything. Sadly not many people will do the same and i have seen people fish completely ignore dipping stations on fisheries in the past, i know many of them will have probably have fished there on the last trip so not much need, however i can't imagine all the people i see ignoring the nets have only fished the same fishery.
  6. Had this lil guy while out on friday night after work just before sunset, fell to a 12mm fruity squid dumbell fishing over some manilla pellets
  7. That is ridiculous mate, He must of meant there is a small amount of lake compared to weed.
  8. It also depend what your lake is like mate, is all of it weedy or is it large patches of weed with clear spots. Also it largely depends on the type of weed it is, as that'll dictate your approach to some degree. That is some insane weed mate, that your regular lake?
  9. I have been trying to cut back on the amount of stuff i take in a session, however it'll be sods law that the one time i leave something, i'll need it I just try and utilize the space in my luggage that i take, my barrow has 4 bags that attach to it for example. Something else i tend to do is bring the extra bits and leave in the motor till if/when i need them.
  10. Found it. http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/lifemarque-exped-plus-100-spray-100ml-insect-repellent-p115067
  11. I forget what it's called mate but i have just started using this extra strong stuff from Go outdoors, about a tenner for a bottle but works very well. Also i always use those scented candles that keep flying pests away around my bedchair/stove and they work wonders.
  12. Personally mate, i would go and fish a different venue. Treat it as a mini break as such, travel a bit further a field and if there is a place you've always wanted to fish, then go there. I have a few places on my hit list such as monument, bluebell complex, ect. so i would target one of my hit list venues if i have a 3/day session planned. Plus with the weather and summer in full swing, you could likely target one of the mirrors floater fishing/stalking.
  13. Yeah i think it was the lads first time on the lake and everyone had told him the margins produce a lot both day and night. Swans i find to be the worst for that sort of thing, This is a 9acre lake and only 2 swans on it and they'll only swim near the anglers.
  14. Speaking off annoying birds, How do you guys deal with swans and geese diving on your bait in very shallow water?. I was fishing the other day with a mate and saw a swan dive over this lads patch of bait in the margins, only about 3 foot deep, As i stood up to shout over to him as he was sorting something out in his bivvy, it was too late, the swan had managed to wrap the hooklink and lead around his neck like a necklace. Luckily, we after a few minutes with the bail arm open, the swan started rolling in the water and dropped everything but it would of been a pain in the backside to try and free it. Also How would you go about unhooking one? I've never hooked one luckily and don't really want to as i have a bit of a fear of them when their angry, they can be viscous beasts!
  15. Some bulk packs of Hook beads and bait screws from a popular auction site. Some Distance sticks to hopefully fish a bit more accurately in open water. Fox Bolt bubble Phone selfie tripod to try and start taking decent photos when i'm fishing alone.
  16. I don't agree with that fella, the basic test i always do is feel the quality, if it marks easily ect. It doesn't tell you much but it can tell you enough to say its a maybe or a no at least, having used super cheap line in the past and other lines considered top brand, you can tell a difference by having them side by side. I do agree that recommendation is hugely important. If i gave the impression that i wasn't taking the recommendations on board then that certainly isn't the case. I am interested to see what everyone else uses. i went in to the tackle shop yesterday to buy the new line and funnily enough i went with a completely different option, ESP Syncro Loaded EX in 15lb in the end. As he didn't have the GTHD stuff in stock but the owner recommended the ESP stuff and as i know the owner is a die hard Gardner fan and he has made the switch, i took his advice that he finds it has much better sinking properties. As Smufter said, i'll find out for myself once i've used it a few times.
  17. I'll definitely check this out mate before i make an final decision. But looks like the gardner HD is getting the most votes. The main decision maker will be when i see them in the shops and can see the actual line.
  18. In my rod bag, i have 3 carp rods, a spod and a marker rod. I also bring a custom 1.75 carp rod for floater/stalking work in a single rod sleeve. So i can happily fish with 3 rods if the venue allows. I usually only fish with 2 however that's due to the venue more than not needing too.
  19. Do you think i'll need a shock leader if i was to use say 80lb mono? Yeah that was exactly my thoughts, i have a couple old bait runners lying about so i'll start using one of them, do you use braid on the marker rod for finding the features or do you still use mono on that too mate?
  20. Thanks mate. think i'll go with the mono option then, i didn't think there be an issue but it's always nice to hear someone does it too
  21. Hey Guys, A two part question. I'm just getting into spodding and need to put line on my spod reel, i know casting braid can be tricky with wind knots and such and had an idea of using a sea mono line at around 60-80lb breaking strain straight through without a shock leader, has anyone used mono for spodding? I know it probably wont be any good for marker work due to the strecth in it... or maybe it would be, i have never done much marker work either! My thought process is that sea line is designed to cast leads going up to 8/9oz which is more than a large spomb is when its full i'd imagine so should easily take casting a spod/spomb. i have a big pit for my spod rod so the larger diameter line isn't an issue. And i'm thinking of using a standard carp reel for my marker work, as most of my fishing is done at no more than 60-80 yards at max and majority of time it's more like 50 yard and i can easily cast a standard reel that far. Anyone see any potential issues i may have with this?
  22. Hi Guys, So i'm changing the main line on my reels and just wondering everyone's thoughts on the two above. I have been using Korda ~Subline but looking for a change.
  23. I'm generally quite gutted over this, i was a huge fan of his books and have used his tackle for quite a while now.
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