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  1. Well I am 100 percent new to carp fishing.I pulled the trigger went to big carp tackel bought a bunch of stuff then hit the feed store made me a particle bait.Leant about boiling and soaking and everything.Then i went to fish my river which is suppose to have carp which is the Ohio river.I cant get a single bite on the maize i prepared.The river temperature is 43 degrees farenheight.Maybe thats the problem since im new I dont know. the couple lakes that are around me I guess they got rid of all there carp using some kind of electric shocking thing to make all the carp float so they could get rid of them. I have no idea what to to do. Im hoping that it is just river temperature problem. Im hoping maybe some of you guys from north America or even the uk guys can give me a bit of advice.Im totally lost here I spent a few hundred dollars i n tackle to make sure I do it right so I dont hurt the fish etc.Now im just stuck like what to do what to do
  2. all right thanks guys for all the help I will try all the suggestions
  3. i sent you a pm as well but yea the corn did not do anything.I put it straight on to a size 6 hook.I did not loose feed or use pack bait or anything.But it sit there for 8 hours no takers all in the while these giant carp were just swimming around having a blast.I did this for about 4 days 8 hrs a day.Some reason they dont like the corn or maybe its how im using it? Also i can get real small ones to bite worms but the nothing over 3 lbs.Never have had a giant run either in months i been trying for them since I noticed them a few years ago.They are always there every year.
  4. Ok here is my problem.I fish the Ohio river.My problem is I have caught crap on worms and small hooks but they are always small.I see huge carp swimming and jumping but they never eat a worm.So i tried for several months with corn instead.Still no takes.So i thought this time I will get help this lead me to here. I have been reading and everything.I need to know what boille I should buy for a river.I think I plan on using the hair rig and the method feeder thing.My question are whats a budget rod pod that wont break the bank.Also what boille do you guys recommend I try I have heard that carp tec plum boille are nice.But another thing how big of a common carp would it take to take a 15mm boille? Also I need some budget bite alarms as well. I was wanting to know if you guys could supply me with a list I could buy off a site like tackle box that would get my foot in the door carp fishing.Because what I been doing worm and corn wise just aint working.If it helps where I see all these carp it usually is gravel/ rock bottom.The dnr says that we have mostly common carp as well.
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