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    In carp fishing and making my own boilies and trying to help others in making there own baits to as cheap as possible and as easy as possible.

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  1. To carpmachine like u say most people pay for the name. Don't get me wrong I think he is great I first learnt how to use the bagging waggler and method from watching him. But u look at frank Warwick his wafters was 7.99 a tub yet now on dragon carp direct for only 1 pound because he ant in the lime light so to speak.. The wafters are very good tho lol
  2. The recipe was put up before but as I said at the time it's up to who ever to only use as a guide put your own stamp on it change what ever ingredients to suit you.. I'm doing a week end in April for my 40th so I can test it more then I do have to say it worked for me so I happy with that and that's all I care bout I just try to make my time on the bank a happy one as I have a family life that takes up My time and I don't go as much now days fishing. So that's why I seen you tube video of Rob from angling mail and it looked easy so I thought I have to give this a try so I did but I then did some more and that's bout it really.
  3. Newmarket click your own name it tells your your post click it if you forget what you wrote it's your post on someone page u said I'm to lazy to make my own. But never mind if you had read my other posts it tells you what I caught on marmite boilies to answer any questions I caught 6 carp on them and single bait in winter no free offering at all and they was not round in different shapes and sizes
  4. Sorry for got to say marmite was two pound from asda 2.50g and coffee mate is 1.80g if this helps
  5. As per price for a kilo I've not made a kilo myself as this was a tester the price depends on were u go, I go to a deli like the premier shop the semolina flour was 2.85p :1.5kg the soya flour was 2,69p:1kg and shredies wheat was nothing I had in cupboard and coffee mate for one pound and 80p for ten eggs.. So I will let you do the maths on how much a kilo would cost.
  6. And the water I fish was not catching well at all never been any good on sweetcorn at all, particles was very slow and many others was using so I wanted to try somethink no one else was so as I'm nearly 40,getting old lol I decided to try and make my own bait so done some research on making my own boilies and the marmite was my partners idea she loves marmite and hate this smelly stuff. I all so tested some other recipes on the day ticket water which is over fished alot so they new every tick but my marmite on my left rod was going very well and yet they bait I wanted to work did not my right hand rod did not go once I even tried swapping rods around but this did not work as with in 15 mins off it went so they defo wanted the marmite. But I now can not live this down as she now keeps saying can I make u some marmite boilies at least u will catch something lol and so on.. But like I say my aim is to help if I can and every one as there opinion and that's good it's up to you what you do.. I have a family life that is very dear in itself let alone my fishing tackle and always needing bits and bobs etc so that's why I aim to do it as cheap as I can and if I can..
  7. Hi,to you why does it feel like I'm being lined up for the firing squad. Newmarket, your quote on a page says your own words you are to lazy to make your own boilies you would sooner buy them.. So if you have no interest in making your own bait this page then this page is not for you as the name boilies for beginners says so if this doesn't interest you there are lots more pages try one of them.. As I'm polite I will answer your questions if you are interested...?
  8. Like I say I've used my boilies and they work very good if fact no one else on the lake was catching that day when I had 6 carp and my bro who catched one carp on a BOILIES out a bag shop bought as he did not think my marmite boilies would work lol but he soon change his mind at the end of that day he now wants me to show him how to make his own ones ..like I told him my recipes are a starting point and that you put what ever u like in them put your own stamp on the recipe as everyone as there own opinions on what is best for them and what is not .so if I can help people make easyier than most BOILIES while I'm still making boilies along the way then this all helps as everyone as to learn somewhere so at the basic recipes are cheap and easy but still catch you fish .but I tell them to make the bait there own and use your own ingredients to suit your own budget and to suit you and your imagination is key .
  9. Hutch I never meant your recipe this is not a big shopping list like the ones I seen the ones I mean are like 20 ingredients or more and don't get me wrong if that's what you want to use then that's up to ever uses it ,, I stick to easy and simple one and this can scare most off and then they don't even try any and buy them instead..I think your recipe seem a good one to me hutch
  10. I got a very basic recipe for a beginner that is .its 50/50 base mix which is soya flour and semolina flour two eggs and a strawberry and banana fruit smoothie this is out of angling mail if it works for them it's a good starting point for beginners.. This is one of mine own recipe marmite BOILIES,two heaped tsp of marmite,3oz of semolina flour ,3oz of soya flour,1oz of coffee mate now blend up 1oz of shredie wheat and had this to two eggs ..this marmite is very good in cold weather and this is all stuff u can get from a supermarket it's east and cheap and still catches the marmite BOILIES I had 6 carp on .
  11. I seen on one page that someone's boilies kept floating and in his recipe they all gave there comments bout it like leave your yeast out etc I then seen that he only put them in for 90 sec and no one could spot the error so that's what bought me to this site..all tho I Carnot find that page now lol but the answer was yes cut down on the yeast this may help but boil them for 2/3 mins 3 being the most these was 18 mil baits so 2.30 would have done these better..
  12. Maybe it's just me but why have Facebook link and Twitter up in the top right and all of these plus Google at the bottom left which u can use if u don't want people to post them to there page .or delete off pages if u don't want this why support this it makes no sense to me ..I'm sorry but it don't.and after all I used google to find this site in the first place .very strange
  13. Well I'm new to this and I maybe wrong if it's not your page you do give a lot of advice on the page ..I'm still trying to find how all this works lol..kind regards
  14. All I put in a post was that I'm on Facebook ,twiter,Google ... There was no links but if can't put this then that's fine as long as I no ..kind regards
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