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  1. Catterick Racecourse syndicate is well worth a look. Stocked with VS fish & coming on leaps & bounds.
  2. I have had 2 sets of rods built by Kev Clayton & his work & communications are superb. He is a top bloke, works to agreed timescales & I found competitive on price. The work I have seen from Tony was 1st class but as I wanted Harrisons it was logical to use the guy who was the firms top builder.
  3. The lake which was once part of Wergs Hall is well worth investigation. I haven't fished it myself but have had some decent reports from members on my syndicate. It can be seen from the A41 & certainly holds fish over 20lb. There was a pretty detailed thread about it on one of the local Facebook Forums - think it was last year but not 100% sure.
  4. The Quarry held a decent head of carp up to 28lb prior to it being acquired by the present owners. Before it officially opened a small number of anglers were allowed to fish for the original stock @ pictures were posted on the Facebook page. Decent looking fish as well.
  5. Cyborx - I prefer fishing to sitting on the M6 -only joking but as a dog breeder my fishing time is restricted so need a venue close to home - more than content to spend my time on the Church Pool at Patshull.
  6. Broadwater near Meriden is producing some stunning fish. Not fished it myself but know a couple of lads who did well on there.
  7. If your on Esne's I am bit surprised that you have not considered Ed's own water at Market Drayton. Too far for me at present but one which is on my radar for the future.
  8. Many thanks Carpmachine - I appreciate your quick response.
  9. I would be interested to know why Lyons Treacle is a better bet than Molasses which is described as Black Treacle. I am not trying to be smart - I have never used either but intend to in the future.The former if far more expensive & I just wonder why it is better.
  10. The low pressure last weekend caused a oxygen crash which impacted on a number of well known carp suppliers. I only know because I have been following there websites with a view to buying some fish. Sorry I cannot give the science but this could be the reason & the solution has been covered.
  11. I use 20lb dark with a D Rig - never had a problem with it. A couple of lads I fish with have used it in the past & couldn't tell me why they had stopped -used it again & think its is great. Cheap but more importantly reliable.
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