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  1. Etang de Vivale advice

    Booked up to go next year, Just wondering if anyone has been here or have any good tips or tricks? i.e bait, rigs the normal sort of thing! Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Nath
  2. chilli and garlic hemp preperations

    Got my chilly from the local Chinese takeaway as they get it in 1kg bags cost me £5
  3. Main line advice

    Right well off its all coming. Can't afford to risk it with a knot. Thanks for the help all.
  4. Main line advice

    Rigmarole, got it with the carpology deal they do.
  5. Main line advice

    Hi, so I've just put new line onto my reels and I don't have enough to fill the third one, got about half full which would be about 100-120mtrs. Now do I take it all off and get a new spool to put on or can I join another line (same breaking strain and dia) from a different company? Help/advice please
  6. What bait to choose and why?

    Thanks for all the replies/advice, still lots to think about once I decide I'll let you all know
  7. What bait to choose and why?

    Thanks, the main lake I fish is absolutely filled to the brim with bream, which are a real mare when fishing particles, big baits are a must and we can't spod or prebait,so it's very trickling a way.well I haven't yet!
  8. What bait to choose and why?

    None that I know of. The lake I fish doesn't allow any floating baits, spodding or prebaiting
  9. Looking to buy into a new bait but with so many new and old to choose from how do you decide? this will be my choice of bait for the rest of the year and also to take to France, any ideas guys?!
  10. do's and don't with pets fishing

    Hi all, I would like to take my dog fishing, but worried he'll be to distracting or he'll get lost or loads of other things, he's a black & white cocker span mixed with a Yorkshire terrier!!! lovely temperament but got the energy of an Afghan wolfhound!!! he should of been a gun dog really but never had that much time to train him. How many of you take your dogs fishing with you and what are they like when you catch a fish or you have to move suddenly and unexpectedly?????
  11. Bankside Rage

    Not had anything happen to me recently, but when I was 15 (nearly 40 now) I was beaten up on the bank of my local club water by an angler who wanted my swim, it put me of fishing for about 4 years, even thought the guy was reported to the club and I think the police got involved nothing happened to him and he was allowed to fish the lake and other club waters. lucky I had the chance to start carp fishing in France for a couple of years which got me back into it, but how many anglers get put off and don't come back to fishing due to the behaviour of a small niche of idiots!