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  1. ok that pic that was posted.., the 4 turn blood knot is what I have used since I was a kid but I do it more like 6 turns! Will deffo try the palomar though, seems most popular with braid. I wanted to use braid on my spod as I dont have a dedicated marker rod yet, and braid as a marker rod is obviously better. I just clip the line where the marker is, activate spod mode, add 5/0 yards to the clip and start spodding aiming at a tree in the distance etc yes i know i have alot to learn
  2. Yeah im guessing its the knot, What should I be using? Edit: I have always used the clinch knot
  3. Most times I dont smash it into the clip, but I am rookie and sometimes I overcast. Im getting there tho!
  4. Im using the normal size spomb, not the mini Im just going to tie on a 5m shock leader on the biz end. Should fix it
  5. It breaks off at the spod end when the mainline hits the clip
  6. Hi im new here, Iv done some research on the net but im only half way there to what I need to know Last year I broke off 1 spomb and 1 spod when it hits the line clip, I am using 20LB Braid Is it a shock leader I need? Do I just tie this higher LB shock leader to the line at the business end? Edit: Sorry for posting on wrong forum section (good start)
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