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  1. Im hoping so mate, as you say they breed like rats, i dread to think just how many smaller ones are in there, issue is i think there are so many that they are out in force every night meaning they never truly move on. We shall see. Im defo moving on after a couple more trips, i really want to see one of the 2 bigguns out before i do though, been fishing there for a long time and doesnt seem right to move on without seeing em. Not even in my net, if one of the guys im fishing with have one of em thats good enough, put a lot of time, blood sweat and tears itno this lake but its just not the plac
  2. The lake im fishing has been overtaken by cats. 5 years ago it wasnt the case. These days catch rate is 50/50 at best. I like cats but when they do move in you can be plagued by the smaller ones. On a week trip this can mean little sleep and a lot of tackle being used. I want to move on as im after carp but i have to break the magic 30lb barrier before i do, came painfully close last year. Ive tried every bait on the planet to avoid them but as big common says i think they will eat anything. The hemp is as mentioned purely to have something there in the morning if the cats have ind
  3. Thanks mate. The mix im working on is nearly there, the hemp is more just to keep something in the swim if the cats clear me out during the night till i next bait up. As ill be heavily spodding it just makes sense to add the hemp at the same time.Its a week trip so that mix will be getting a thorough testing and if it works as well as i hope ill get a full right up on the other thread.
  4. Thanks guys, Yes Big Common it its pre prepped, zero liquid, looks to have a nice coating of oil. I wish to add more oil to it (capoil) and aqua amino bith from sticky, its not going to be used on its own, i mentioned a soupy mix i was working on a while back in another topic. The soupy mix has zero food items, its more an attractant ive been tweaking. The swim im stuck in for a week is quite silty, the most productive spot ive found is indeed silty, so the hemp is just to keep something in the swim, keep em busy, as there are big cats and a lot of them in the lake, im sure they ar
  5. Thank you mate, probably shoulda said its a premaid bucket of hemp from crafty catcher so no actual liquid. Ill do as you say and knock it up firday, not many small fish in here at all these days.
  6. Hey guys, Im going on a week trip this sunday. Ive got 3 kilo of chiili hemp, i was planning to add some chopped shelf life boilie to it so it can soak up oils ect, also was going to add some fish oils as well. Is it to early to do so, im going in 6 days?
  7. I have to agree with you. All of the money and time that goes into my fishing i need to have what i think is the best quality bait out there and enough of it. I take a lot with me on sessions, doesnt mean it all has to go in, but why spend all it costs, take all the time to fish with something you know/think is not the best bait you can have with you. Doesn't need to be £15 a kilo either. Its the same with guys who have £400 rods and reels sitting on the bank but moan about the price of a hook sharpener or the price of bait. For me its confidence and taking a bait im certain its not as go
  8. Beat me to it, PVA is a must on them rigs, nightmare for a tangle. I use foam on everything i chuck out these days tbh, better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Thanks for all the input guys, ive pulled the trigger, after speaking to my step dad, he said to go with what i truly want or ill only regret it in the long run, so went with the longbow spod and marker and also the dedicated spod. Gotta say i feel better now, better than i would have going for ones that didnt match my rods. Ill let you all know how i get on with them, hopefully they be here before my trip this weekend.
  10. Daiwa longbow spod and marker rod (4.25tc) Daiwa longbow dedicated spod rod (4.5tc) 2 x Daiwa emblem spod reels Braid for all the above. Anyone got a comfy sofa or old van i can throw a mattress in??? Got a feeling im gonna need it when the missus gets home....
  11. I still haven't tried this rig, from what ive seen on youtube/dvd you are able to tell if you have been done by a carp because the loop slides tight up the shank of hook to indicate this, but surely it wouldnt be fishing right after this has happened, if it was then surely there would be no need for the d/loop section going down the shank. While i get its nice to know the fish have visited your spot, id rather have a rig that resets after i have been done? Now ive seen the use of hook bead i may give it a try though. The above is more a question...
  12. Have a look to see if you have a pets at home anywhere near you, or something similar. I just typed in "pedigree chum" on ebay and lots of the chum mixers come up, not sure on the price as i havent purchased them before.
  13. Got the fox one mate, had the korda finger one in my box for ages, but preferred the look of the ones that wrap around your hands.
  14. Another question on this topic. Do you lot reckon a 4.25lb spod and marker will cope with large spod/spomb up to 100 yards? Getting closer to the actaul purchase and think my heart set on the diawa whisker spod/marker but its 4.25lb.
  15. As i mentioned in an earlier post i prefer to use bank sticks or the buzz bars on just bank sticks not a pod. Ive had to lay a rod down while playing a fish, but cant see how that would be any different using bank sticks. Ive never had any of the issues mentioned and i used to a pod all the time. The reason for my change to stick/buzz bars on sticks is that there are cats up to 100lb ion the lake, while ive never had any issues with a pod moving on a take i just feel better having my kit pushed into the ground.
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