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  1. Guys I wanna try getting on the particle a cooking/soaking it myself but a little unsure as I've never done it before. So I thought ill go for the cheaper easier option and got myself some maize pigeon conditioner and vitalin but am I right in thinking that the maize gets soaked for 24hours and boilies for 30mins and the pigeon conditioner just needs to be soaked 24hours is this right? Also any recommendations on choice of flavours/oils to add I was thinking off adding some hemp oil and some of the liquid that is the same flavour as my boilies as I don't want to get carried away with putting to many different flavours in
  2. Na not french carp 120yards minimum 😂 I didn’t mean like that just I don’t really fish big waters and the biggest lake I’ve fished is 12 acres Which isn’t that big compare to some. And I’m not going to lie I always thought with a big lake u have to be able to cast far away weather or not your fishing at that range but need it in your arsenal in case the fish are in front of you but At range but that’s probably because of YouTube.
  3. Afternoon carp freaks!! I wanna go back to France but I don’t drive and none of my friends want to go this year. So I was thinking of trying a all inclusive package or one of them ones where u travel by coach n bring your gear. only thing I’m having trouble to find them like I’ve found a few of the obvious ones like Crete lakes and dreamlakes but keep hearing mixed reviews on both which is putting me off a little and to be totally honest I don’t like the swim layouts on their lakes it’s a bit like fishing a commercial lake over here too many swims as I would prefer a bit more space in between. Can anyone help I’m not to bothered about the size of the lake as long as you can you boats/bait boats as I can’t cast 120yards!! I mean it doesn’t have to be in France just somewhere abroad that have big carp. Ps I think I need some more friends lool
  4. How did you get on mate?? I came across this place the other day whilst looking online and was thinking of booking up
  5. Hi Guys just got back from France and have a question for ya! Well I found a nice big spot, big enough for three rods easy so I started with one rod on the spot until I caught and then added another rod and caught again off the new rod so I ended up putting all three rods on it which isn’t something I normally do I like to have three rods scattered about fishing different spots at different depths but none of the other spots were producing which is why I ended up putting the three on the same spot. But now all my bites came at night which made getting the rod back out that bit harder always uncertain if it’s on the spot or not, so after every fish I put the rod straight back out as it seemed to be only the left rod popping off even though the middle rod was only 6ft away I didn’t want to take any chances! But on the last night I caught at 2am and didn’t bother putting the rod back out as we were leaving that morning and with having two other rods on the spot I still had every chance of bagging another and to my surprise I did! Which left me thinking did I mess up by putting the rod back out after the other fish earlier in the week!?! What’s your opinions on this???
  6. Chilli the only problem with doing what you said is a lot of the others I'm going with do this already they get themselves set up and sit back with a few beers and no rods in the water but can't remember if they got the marker rod out and found their spot before sitting back. But say they do this again and get all set up without finding spots or any rods out would you still sit back? as I get what your getting at by letting them make the disturbance and push all the fish out of their swims into yours as there is no angling pressure but would it still work the same if everyone else is doing the same? As last time I used my deeper pro and found a few spots and put a rod on them without leading around and caught on the first night while everyone else was sitting back. But properly more down to luck as I didn't get anything else off them spots apart from that one fish so I found others and did much better catching off the two new spots. You see I would just go and attack it like I did last time but I was sharing a double swim so I used 2 rods as suggested by a member on here (i think it was yonny!)and managed to do really well. But I was getting a bite here and there when I felt I could of caught more not in a over confident way but from what I saw across the lake as everyone else was fishing 3rods on 1 or 2 spots, when the fish moved in they were getting more consistent runs where mine were more spaced apart which is why I'm thinking if I was using 3 rods I could of had 2rods on one spot without having to rest my other spot as the bite times moving the third rod from spot to spot because one spot was quite unpredictable times but more in the day, where the other would go off at the same time every morning/afternoon. But yeah I think I've worked out what I'm going to do now after reading your replies its got the brain going and help me come up with a plan so thanks guys
  7. Hi guys that time of year again and the french trip is in a few days time and after all your help last year thought I’ll ask again! As this time around it’s going to be different as the lake is going to be full this time around and no sharing a double swim so was wondering how you guys would approach a french venue that is fully booked(I say fully booked but there will be two swims left) I mean it’s the same lake so I’ll stick with the same bait and rigs but wasn’t sure if there were somethings I could do different to keep to bites coming as it’s going to be a bit like man vs angler more than man vs fish if you get my drift and after how well I did last year most people are going with the same bait as me which is a bit of a worry! dont get me wrong I could be worrying about nothing but is how my brain works I question everything I do so apologies if I sound like a broken record
  8. Hello everyone I’ve been after a grass carp for years now ever since my mate first caught one which I have to say was pure luck as he somehow managed to hook a trailing rig in the swivel which was attached to a grass carp how he managed this I don’t no! But yeah so I’ve been fishing a few lake with hold the grass carp but never managed to get one now I know they love weed and have a weird mouth but that’s about it. So any tips would be great! Plus I’m going France in 12days and the lake I’m going to the grass carp have been coming out a lot more regularly so this could be my chance!!
  9. Anyone know any rusty websites that do spare Daiwa spools preferably the crosscast 5000/5500?
  10. I get what you guys are saying with going into the shop but I don’t drive and the tackle shop near me is a joke the owner won’t budge on prices either and can get them at better price online. Luckily my mate has the Daiwa Crosscast reels but the 5500 so I’ve been able to have a good look and feel and anyway thanks for all your help guys
  11. Right I’ve found some I’m happy with but there’s just one thing I’m a little confused about, you see most reels are 5000,10000 and so on but what does this mean as my friend has some that are 14000 which hold 400metres of 15lb line and the 5000s I’m looking at hold 300 metres of 15lb line. Can anyone help??
  12. Still haven't made up my mind lol and a as looking again today and saw some Shimon aerlex 10000 tbs for £53 instead of £80 any good??
  13. Alright mate was wondering if you could help me out a little bit as I'm planning on revisiting the ebro targeting them monsters! And with there being so many different companies offering guided cat fishing I don't know who to choose and am a bit cautious of who to go with after speaking to someone who claimed they had a few bad trips with some companies who had around like 20 people sharing 6 rods all taking it in turns Which isn't really what I'm looking for I want a more private/exclusive trip for two anglers for 7 nights with a guide and tackle and the option to fish for carp.

    If you could help would be much appreciated 

  14. Any recommendations on power packs the only ones I've found that seem any good are the ridge monkeys power packs. So I thought ill ask the pros before getting one. Cheers
  15. Is anyone a member of the wadaa and know how to get a night ticket? As I was thinking of joining but don't drive so was after somewhere that do night tickets as well I read on their website that you can get a night ticket but wasn't sure how and weather or not you have to be fishing there for awhile first??
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