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  1. Lumeymorris

    Surface fishing for big carp

    When surface fishing on waters that hold big carp I'm talking 20lb min. Would you fish for them the same as you would if you were surface fishing a runs water with smaller carp or do you need to do it differently? As I'm fishing a lake that doesn't allow zigs and the way the weather is I just know their going to be up in the layers and surface fishing is the only way I can think to fish for them when they are like this with out breaking the rules
  2. Lumeymorris

    France warm up

    Right guys I'm going away with the family and am going to be fishing one of the lakes I've fished once before and blanked but hoping to change that this time around! So I've been doing my research but to find that there are three main pegs on the lake that usually produce but as you can imagine they are booked up so I thought I go for the next best thing and book my self a swim that shares the same water as the other 3 hot swims the only downside is the swim is pretty featureless with it being open water and pretty hard flat bottom So not just a case of finding a firm spot to present a bait. So any tips on how to say make my own feature with bait with out overfeeding them. Or any tips on fishing hard bottom lakes as this lake is quite similar to the lake in france that ill be fishing later In the year so could be good practise.
  3. Lumeymorris

    Weight size for long rigs

    Silly question but I normally fish small 5-6inch rigs so gives never really given it much thought before. When using long hooklinks or long booms do they require heavy leads to work properly or will they work the same? Take the Ronnie rig for example I was fishing it with say a 8inch boom with a 1.5 lead I did mange to catch on it but also received a few minor drop backs that didn't produce nothing which got me thinking was every drop back a carp spitting out the rig?
  4. Lumeymorris

    Bait deals

    Guys I'm thinking of using cell when I go France and was thinking of using Kent particles as they do some good deals only to realise they have gone bust so any tips on how to get loads of cell boilies at a good price
  5. Lumeymorris

    Lake memberships

    Sounds like a bit of me as where I normally fish everyone takes the mickey no respect for the venue or fish let alone other anglers. I don't think one of the lakes I'm looking at is club owned but they have a membership card and that and you have to book in advance so not to many people on at the same time.
  6. Lumeymorris

    Lake memberships

    Do anyone fish lakes where you have to pay a yearly fee of say £50 and then pay each time you fish aswell? As I was wondering if it kept the angling numbers down as a lot of the lakes near me are commercials and get flooded with people over the weekends so I was wondering if these places which are members only would be a better option as I don't want to pay and sign up to something when its no different to the other commercials
  7. Lumeymorris

    Line keeps looping up

    I might have to purchase the line doctor as just believe its a twist. And.I don't mean to sound like an amateur but as were on the subject of main lines when you first install your line to the reel do you have to let the line soak first and do you have to load it on clockwise.
  8. Lumeymorris

    Line keeps looping up

    Been happening for a while before the break so I'm thinking its more down to when I'm playing the fish and have the clutch to loose and causes s twist be case its not my whole line just in places and to be fair I've been looking at getting some new line just not sure what to get as I've been looking at the pro logic mimicry cameo line that they do as its ment to take on any colour lake bed and the lakes I'm going to be mainly fishing this year all have different lake beds and water clarity. Or do you guys have any recommendations on allround mainline as one of the lakes is merry and the other is pretty clear come summer.
  9. Lumeymorris

    Line keeps looping up

    I'm using the Fox exocet I think its called. I haven't had any problems with the line strength as I got suck in a bush the other day and pull for a break but I didn't think it was going to break at one point its more one the presentation side of things as I can't imagine it looks to neat on the bottom. I can't remember if it has always been like this as or happened over time as I normally fish a tight line to the snags a lot of the time. I only notice it when I fish a slack line.
  10. Lumeymorris

    Line keeps looping up

    Guys I've been having a problem with my main line it keeps looping up when have any slack line. Can this be fixed or do I need new line? Also what causes this so I can try and avoid it happening again.
  11. Lumeymorris

    Does hemp go off??

    In the bin it goes. And are there things I can do in future to make sure they don't go off on me again other than to use it quicker? As I like to get the Pva friendly stuff for my Pva bags as I don't do a lot of spoding and tend to fish just beyond a catapults reach so each put lasts me quite some time
  12. Lumeymorris

    Does hemp go off??

    I've got some pre made Pva friendly hemp left over from last year but the stuff stinks so wasn't sure if it was still of use or no good what do you guys reckon bin it or use it?
  13. Lumeymorris

    Tips on pre baiting

    Have you got any tips on what to look out for when searching the lake bed when its all pretty much the same in General as this lake bed is just soft silty sand stuff and even softer on the slopes and the only features that I have found is this deep channel area the only thing is is that it covers 3 or 4 swims and is all the same apart from this slightly deeper patch and wasn't sure if this would be classed as a feature or just a deeper area in the lake but with it being around the size of a large unlocking mat could it be a feature?
  14. Lumeymorris

    Gabriel's fishery

    Nope never heard of it mate any good? They have changed that rule at Gabriel's with catching a 18lb you just need a cradle or one of the tripod weighing stands.
  15. Lumeymorris

    Tips on pre baiting

    Silly question but when pre baiting does it matter how much you put it as after each time I put bait in i always have this doubt in my head that I haven't put enough in. But at the same time I don't want to waste to much bait on a spot that might not produce. Another thing you see when the swans are feeding off the bottom does that spook the carp or do they get use to it as there is also another lake close by that I might start fishing while I prebait and is only a small pond with a real shallow area in the middle and I've noticed that when people throw out bait the swans come in and invade their swim. So in was thinking maybe this is what makes it so hard as the swans keep spooking off the carp so if this is the case maybe be keeping the swans distracted and away from my swim maybe I'll have a better chance.