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  1. Guys heard about this lake called Mercer's lake a few years ago but was closed down at the time but has recently been reopened and taken over by a water sports company called aquasports but can't find any information on there website but have heard on the grape vine that they have opened back up as a syndicate so was wondering if you guys had any information. Cheers
  2. Guys hoping to get some fishing in over the Xmas break but was thinking about doing a little prebaiting but I've not been to the lake in a good month or two so not don't really know where the fish have been showing/coming out all I've got to go on is where a fish came out two weeks ago but of course I know you need to find the fish to be on the fish but with them hardly showing now winters here the chances of me seeing them in the little time I will be on the bank prebaiting it's going to be a bit of a guessing game so I was wondering what winds you don't want to be at the end off and what winds to be at the back off as my lake is really effected by the wind and i always thought that when a sw comes in get on the end of it but I've tried it the last few times I've been and failed so any tips would be appreciated Merry Christmas you filthy animals
  3. So with baiting a little a day or two before I fish what would I bait up with my chosen boilie? Or would you go for say hemp n corn or what ever I put in when I fish do the same but on a smaller scale?? Not that I'm putting a lot in and am feeding hemp, corn, boilie n some bloodworm pellet. Also would you just bait one swim of a few in case people are in then when I come to fish? And one more thing with winter spots do I want to be fishing on the gravel or the silt or does it not matter the fish will feed where the fish feed??
  4. Yes yonny back again with the advice I needed to hear as the last few sessions I have noticed that the fish tend to show them selves in the same two swims but I just thought it was coincidence but now I'm starting to think that this could be where they are going to hold up being they have been showing there for the past month or so but no one's managed to catch any and my friend was in the swim where they where showing over the weekend but didn't get a beep so could defo be worth trying the zigs!! And with the water temp ive been thinking about it wrong I always thought that because the bottom layer doesn't go below 4c so that the lake doesn't completly freeze so always thought the deeper the better but this could of been where I've been going wrong! But thinking about it now the lake has slowed down so I thought they were pre occupied on the naturals before they die out but now I'm pretty sure that they've been up in the levels and from what I've heard on the bank no one's using zigs all fishing on the bottom which is probably why no one's been catching!! And you guys aren't wrong about it being hard to stay focused and accept the blanks as this is what normally makes me give in but I'm more hungry than ever and with the help from you guys I'm sure I'll get one! Also my lake has a lot of coots can I use them to my advantage in anyway or ignore them?? Cheers guys 👍
  5. Guys I'm thinking of giving my syndicate a real good go this winter but I'm going to be honest I don't really know what I'm doing and have heard that in winter the carp show less making it harder to locate them so was wondering what you guys do when during winter and haven't seen any signs to go on?? As I get I'm going to have to be a lot more mobile acting on any sign/show but what do you do before isit a case of what the weather's doing and getting in swims that have recently been fished??
  6. Has anyone got any experience on the ccmoore bloodworm that they do and not the pellets or liquids but the real bloodworm that they do. Just I've been thinking about using it for awhile but didn't like the price but with my lake being quite weedy and silty it's full of naturals and seems as though the carp have gone off the boilies been thinking of going down more of a natural route and you can't get more natural than bloodworm!! Thinking about using the bloodworm with hemp n red maggots n some boilies crumb and may add a bit of corn for visual Even though hemp and maggots aren't natural to carp but they look like the other naturals in there instead of a blatant round boilie/pop up!!
  7. Thanks again so it's just the oils I need to worry about I thought as much but wasn't 100% But seen as how you brought up signs of fish when should you move on showing fish? I only ask this because I recently spent a few days in a row on the bank and caught on the first night so thought I got it right and was on the money so I upped to bait but the next day was really quiet no signs of fish and none on the bank even from the other anglers but after catching a upper 30 on the first night right on bite time I told myself to stay put they will come back then after putting in a little more bait each day just in case I was getting cleaned out I see fish topping in the swim opposite me that's when I went into panic mode after already catching and it raining I couldn't bring myself to move just prayed they would come over to me later in the evening. Which they didn't they continued to show in the same areas in the opposite swim and they did so for the next two days! Now if I hadn't of caught I would of moved but carried on camping and luckily caught two more on the same spot I caught from on the first night but I can't help but wonder if I moved could of had more but then saying that my friend came for the last 24 hours and also caught again not where the showing fish were so couldn't of just been luck could it?
  8. Cheers yonny Another thing when do I stop using liquids as I'm a fan of coating the freebies to draw the fish in but read some where that they can be bad this time of year
  9. Guys do any of your have any tips on getting the most out of autumn as I joined a syndicate earlier in the year and was struggling for ages and have finally started to catch some but winter's nearly here so want to make the most of now before they slow down. also I've been reading bits online and all I keep seeing is that the naturals are started to die out and now's the time they get on the boilies but how true is this and how do you know when it is as my lake still has lots of weed in it still up to the surface in some areas so I can only imagine they are still on the naturalist as the lake was has been fishing pretty slow the last few weeks. Now I know that the so called autumn harvest be delayed due to what kind of summer we have and so on so its not a case of it being a set date so what signs do u look for that tell you that autumn is here as I gather every lake is different.
  10. So with vitalin am I right in thinking by adding this to the mix will create a cloud?? Or isit just a cheaper version of groundbait?? and that’s a good idea with the particles in tights although I may try the salt trick to make it pva friendly
  11. I’m probably going to just boil them as I’m not making to much but do you need to add flavours and oils? As I’ve watch a few videos and they all add there liquids but for now I want to keep things cheap and use stuff out the super market but what ones do you go for I’ll most likely grab some hemp oil but are there any others out there that work really well preferably some that will complement a fish meal hook bait as that’s what I’ll be fishing with it on one rod at least
  12. Cheers guys but another thing I keep seeing is people using cool boxes and boiling water from the kettle to cook the particle and leaving it to soak over night which seems a lot less hassle but is it as simple as it looks or does it have it limitations??
  13. Guys I wanna try getting on the particle a cooking/soaking it myself but a little unsure as I've never done it before. So I thought ill go for the cheaper easier option and got myself some maize pigeon conditioner and vitalin but am I right in thinking that the maize gets soaked for 24hours and boilies for 30mins and the pigeon conditioner just needs to be soaked 24hours is this right? Also any recommendations on choice of flavours/oils to add I was thinking off adding some hemp oil and some of the liquid that is the same flavour as my boilies as I don't want to get carried away with putting to many different flavours in
  14. Na not french carp 120yards minimum 😂 I didn’t mean like that just I don’t really fish big waters and the biggest lake I’ve fished is 12 acres Which isn’t that big compare to some. And I’m not going to lie I always thought with a big lake u have to be able to cast far away weather or not your fishing at that range but need it in your arsenal in case the fish are in front of you but At range but that’s probably because of YouTube.
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