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  1. New bait same lake

    Guys there's a lake I've been fishing for awhile now and they just allowed the use of boilies but now being boilies haven't really been used before only by those who cheat. Now with boilies being a new food source would the carp shy away from it at first or would they be straight on the new food source? As the last time I went I managed Nick one of a bright pop up now with it still being cold I don't know if it was more luck or weather it was the bait. And being that you can only have one rod I'm not sure weather to stick with the pop up when I go or use the bait I was using last year and slowly introduce my boilie at the end of each session. What do u reckon?
  2. Guy one of my rods has turned cloudy from a really wet fishing trip now I've never had this before so what does it mean is my rod now no good or can I still use it? And is there anyway to get rid of the white stuff?
  3. Bait colour in winter

    Does the colour of your hook bait really make any difference in winter. Like does it have to be a bright hookbait altogether or will topping it with corn be enough?
  4. Frozen lakes

    You see when a lakes been frozen for awhile once it's defrosted do the carp then go on the feed? Just wondering how the carp react to a frozen lake weather it causes them to completely shut down of if there were a chance of nicking one or two if I got the timing right?
  5. Finding a syndicate

    Merry Christmas all As usual I need a bit of help I'm looking to join a syndicate this year as I'm beginning to get Fed up with commercial waters as there always way to busy and full of idiots casting into other people's swims and a lot of places are becoming all about the money and less about the carp! So I'm thinking its time to move on now I know syndicates aren't the easiest place to fish but I dont mind that as it make each fish that bit more special as long as you don't have to go a year in between each bite. But I don't know how to go about finding them so any tips on how to find syndicates or if anyone knows of any around Gatwick or Heathrow area as I'm based pretty much bang in the middle of both I've found a few but are well known so chances of getting a ticket on there will take some time although wraysbury(rk leisure) isn't to far from me. Anyone fished there before
  6. Looking to invest in a spod/marker rod only looking for a cheap one.I Was on one website and they had a spod rod on there for £55 which was 5lb test and then there was a spod/marker rod for £75 4.5 test both. Are there certain thing to look for when choosing a spod/marker rod
  7. I'm looking at getting a new bivvy mines finally on its last legs. I'm looking for a 1 man bivvy that has a fair amount of room and preferably one that is quite tall. Looking to spend 200/300 on a brand new one
  8. Gabriel's fishery

    Anyone fished Gabriel's fishery in edenbridge?
  9. Leadcore leaders not something I use a lot as is banned on many venues. So I don't really no to much about it and how to use it safely. All I know is that it can help keep everything pinned down and that you don't really want to have tight lines when using it as it can effect the way it lays lifting it off the bottom.
  10. Pellet wagler

    Any tips and tricks anyone can share as I don't really no much about wagler fishing let alone the pellet wagler. But the other day I tried fishing the surface but couldn't due to the swans so I decided to fish two foot under with a 12mm pellet flicking 8mm over the top. And within 5-10mins I was in to a nice 16lb mirror, then straight softer recasting out I was getting bites but kept missing them and shortly after had to leave so didn't manage to catch anymore but is a tactic I want to learn and improve as I don't tend to get much luck on zigs when fishing the upper layers I'm going to try this instead. But does it work through winter?
  11. Air pressure

    You say keep an eye on the birds and stuff but what should I be looking for as I've herd this time and time again but don't know what to look for. And what about a low pressure during heavy rain as Friday night through to Sunday morning there's a drop in pressure but early doors Saturday morning through until late afternoon is heavy rain. Could this counteract the los pressure being the water is cold as it is the rain will only make it colder?
  12. How to work out the patterns

    Guys I've herd this a few times on YouTube and stuff from those who seem to know a thing or two about fishing but something I'm yet to lern. How or what can I do to find the patrol routes and feeding patterns as I don't have the slightest clue and I imagine its not something you learn in one session. And would it matter that I fish cloudy waters with poor visibility??
  13. Air pressure

    I've never took the weather conditions into consideration with the air pressure I always thought that higher the pressure the higher up in the layers so I forget about fishing in it what so ever unless conditions allow surface fishing. How would you approach the conditions I've got as I have a sw wind blowing temps of 15 and pressure of 1019 with some drizzle throughout and the wind does have a little chill to it average speed 15mph.
  14. Air pressure

    And with the high pressure how does it effect the shallower water? (Shallow margins)
  15. Air pressure

    What would be classed as average air pressure and what what be classed as high air pressure as I think that with low air pressure its anything under 1010mb