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  1. Lumeymorris

    Night fishing in between work

    Guys how would you go about fishing nights inbetween work as I'm going to be working a month straight so won't have any time for fishing unless I go in between work and fish nights. But I tend to struggle with getting bites through the night so any tips on how you would approach fishing just nights in between work would be great. Also the lakes a commercial with a no good bailiff who just wants your money so can't get away with leaving my stuff there to keep the swim and rest it during the day. So I'm likely to be fishing different swims each time.
  2. Lumeymorris

    Fishing a double peg as a team

    Only gone and smashed it in france we got the double peg as planned and managed to land 16 fish with a few lumps as well I had two 50s biggest being a 57lb and my mate had the lake record fish at 62.14lb. Thanks for all your help especially you yonny as I took your advice on how many rods to put out and ended up only fishing two rods and caught the most fish!😀
  3. Lumeymorris

    Weed in the lake

    Guys any basic tips you can share for fishing weedy lakes? Like do I want to fish a tight line, slack line. Back leads/flying back leads? And how to present a bait in a whole in a bed on weed stuff like that.
  4. Lumeymorris

    Fish finders

    When a fish jumps out the water what does it mean as I notice sometimes they jump head and shoulders out the water and other times they just poke their head out. Is there a difference between the two as I herd that one is a sign to say their there feeding and another means something different I can't remember.
  5. Lumeymorris

    Fish finders

    I personally always struggle with the marker float and second guess everything I find yet I know what the signs are with the tap tap being gravel and and when it plugs in its usually silt but how do you know when your going over a bar or come across a dip in the lake bed without having to bring the float to the surface? Also what things would you look for as everyone says about finding the gravel spots but what if there is no gravel or its a mainly gravel bottom? Or is it just a case of if the lake bed is mainly soft find the harder spots and if its hard/gravel look for the soft spots? Also where would you place your rods on these spots that you've found would you fish somewhere in the middle or stick to the edges of the spot??
  6. Lumeymorris

    Fish finders

    Sorry I should of said not to find fish lol more for mapping out the bottom of the lake and finding the depths. My bad!
  7. Lumeymorris

    Fish finders

    Is there any major difference between a deeper pro plus to a bait boat fish finder?? As a friend is thinking of getting one for his boat when I suggested the deeper as you can attach it to a boat or cast it out. What do you guys think as I've never used the boat ones.
  8. Anyone know of any shops/ companies that sell second hand bait boats?
  9. Lumeymorris

    Fishing a double peg as a team

    Talk to me what do you mean by 6 rods on top of them may push them out? Is it because the angling pressure in one area of the lake or did u just mean 6 rods on one spot? As the swim covers a lot of water and the lake is going to be very busy with 8 out of 10 swims being booked so should keep the carp moving. And say we had a good head of fish holding in a area how would you go about fishing it either side to get that bounce back effect you were saying. Would you just fish the edges of the area of put one or two in the middle? Or if you were to fish on the edges how many rods would you put either side one or two?
  10. Lumeymorris

    Fishing a double peg as a team

    Also there a ban on all particle so just boilie and pellet
  11. Lumeymorris

    Fishing a double peg as a team

    How would you guys fish as a pair in a double swim? As I'm going on my first trip to France soon with a friend and as its our first time we thought it would be a good idea to pair up in a double swim so we can help each other out with netting a taking photos but then I thought we could also work together and share all 6 rods and take it in turns that way hopefully we both get a fish or two each or even say we found a nice spot bang in the middle of the swim big enough for two rods and both place a rod on it each and just share them to rods in case we didn't want to share all 6. Or if we didn't share and just fished with our own three rods what could we do as a team to help each other work out what the fish want and where they want it as were both most likely take different baits and fish differently.
  12. Lumeymorris

    Taking bait to france

    Guys I'm going France soon and have never been before so was wondering if you guys had any tips on getting your bait there with them going off on me. As im taking frozen boilies which I really use a lot of more of a shelf life guy but in france everyone uses frozen so I'm using frozen! Just not sure on if to air dry them before or leave frozen and maybe put in cool boxes for the journey. Or could I just leave them defrosting in the van while I travel and then refreeze them when I get there?
  13. Lumeymorris

    Surface fishing for big carp

    When surface fishing on waters that hold big carp I'm talking 20lb min. Would you fish for them the same as you would if you were surface fishing a runs water with smaller carp or do you need to do it differently? As I'm fishing a lake that doesn't allow zigs and the way the weather is I just know their going to be up in the layers and surface fishing is the only way I can think to fish for them when they are like this with out breaking the rules
  14. Lumeymorris

    France warm up

    Right guys I'm going away with the family and am going to be fishing one of the lakes I've fished once before and blanked but hoping to change that this time around! So I've been doing my research but to find that there are three main pegs on the lake that usually produce but as you can imagine they are booked up so I thought I go for the next best thing and book my self a swim that shares the same water as the other 3 hot swims the only downside is the swim is pretty featureless with it being open water and pretty hard flat bottom So not just a case of finding a firm spot to present a bait. So any tips on how to say make my own feature with bait with out overfeeding them. Or any tips on fishing hard bottom lakes as this lake is quite similar to the lake in france that ill be fishing later In the year so could be good practise.
  15. Lumeymorris

    Weight size for long rigs

    Silly question but I normally fish small 5-6inch rigs so gives never really given it much thought before. When using long hooklinks or long booms do they require heavy leads to work properly or will they work the same? Take the Ronnie rig for example I was fishing it with say a 8inch boom with a 1.5 lead I did mange to catch on it but also received a few minor drop backs that didn't produce nothing which got me thinking was every drop back a carp spitting out the rig?