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  1. I'm going to the isle of weight with to do a bit of fishing for 3 nights to a venue I've never fished before so I'm not sure if my bait is going to work giving the time I'm there for as I've got a 48hour slot then a final 24hours so Monday Tuesday and Thursday so I was thinking of going for one of the lakes favoured baits to maximise my chances of catching. What do you guys reckon good idea or just stick to what works for me at the moment.
  2. Ginger991 I think you could be right about the moon phase thing as it just so happens to be a full moon on the 10th. But personally I don't pay to much attention to the moon phases although my pb did happen to Grace my net on that super moon we had last October weather or not that had anything to do with it I don't know as I haven't really fished that lake to much since due it being very busy. But on your personal experience would you say you have better sessions on a full moon?
  3. Right bit of a random one but I watched a video last year on Ali hamidi and he said about the 10th of May and said make sure you book it off work. Now I've got no work this week so have the opportunity to fish on the 10th now has anyone else seen this video or know what I'm talking about as I can't remember if he said that its just the 10th or say for a week after the 10th
  4. Fishing the back of the wind. The other day I was fishing, and was fishing into the wind struggling to get a bite when I noticed that people on the opposite bank were catching so I started to take note of what there were doing different to me, after watching for a while a swim became available on that side of the lake so off I went and got set up and fished the margins just like the guys were a few swims down. It took a while but I ended up with one resulting in my biggest fish out of that lake. Which got me thinking was it because I was fishing the back of a cold wind or was it down to tactics as I was explaining to a friend about how people often look past fishing the margins and when you think about it at the end of the day what do you and most other anglers do with their left over bait, we chuck it in the margins! So that was the approach I took to fool the carp throwing out a load of bait in the margin all different sizes and types to give off the impression I had gone home. But getting back to fishing in the wind. I know the with a cold wind fish the back of it and with and warm fish into it. But what about when you get a new wind? As I was talking to someone and the were saying that when you've had the same wind blowing for a few days and then get a fresh wind you want to be fishing into it is that true? Or would it depend on the wind
  5. I'm thinking of trying out some low stocked waters this year as I've been doing reasonably well on my local runs waters but I want to up my game and fish some harder waters and catch some better fish. Now I know most likely to blank my first few trips on these new harder lakes but I don't mind blanking as long as I'm learning. So what things would you suggest I do or look out for on my first crew trips? As I'm thinking of starting small a lake simular to what I've been recently fishing with the same lake bed, features and water colour.
  6. I know I've wrote about this before so apologies if I'm asking the same questions. So with high air pressure it effects the carp in a way or another and pushes them up in the water column right? So zigs would be the way to approach the session? But now with the high pressure again if its up in the 1030s does that mean that its to high or would you just see it as that the higher the air pressure the closer to the surface is where your find the carp? And then with zigs in coloured waters would fish zigs on their own without any spod or glug/goo. Or is it more of a case of having to add attraction to draw them in due to visibility being less so as you need to get the other senses homing in on your bait?
  7. So the light coloured spots are clear spots. So what would you call the dark lines dotted about which look like cracks???
  8. When using this to try and get some research on a lake what exactly are you looking for when looking for potential spots to place a bait??
  9. Well to clear things up I am looking to go this week and the chosen venue would be the linear complex as I hear as friend of mine offered me the chance to tag alone but now I've fished it once but never caught and the lakes are some what bigger to the lakes I would normally fish so do you guys have any experience on this venue and any tips you could share that you think would help me make the most of this experiance
  10. So once I've rolled out the red carpet would I then leave it alone completely not topping it up at anytime?and say I get signs off feeding over my carpet should i allow them to eat in peace or put a rod on it? Also when its time to cast out into the carpet of bait should I be using a bottom bait or pop up? If a pop up should I use the same colour or use a different colour in the same flavour?
  11. Thinking of going fishing for two or three days any tips on fishing for longer sessions anything you would do differently to a 24hour session
  12. I'm thinking of trying out a new bait now what's the best way of introducing a bait when you can only visit the lake on weekends due to work commitments. Now I've herd of throwing in some bait before you leave after a session but surely it isn't that simple so being unsure I scattered a load where I thought the fish would find them and I also did the opposite and tightly baited a few areas. Now come the next weekend when I get back to the lake these boilies would most likely of been eaten so would I ignore the spots I've been fishing and keep doing the same each weekend or would you try other areas around the lake baring in mind I'm trying to introduce a bait not prebait a spot. Whilst introducing this bait should I fish with the same bait on different spots or use a different bait all together?
  13. Not something I really use as don't really know to much about it other that you use steam to shrink it. Now is it something works with every hook and rig material(braid/flurocarbon) or should I only really be using it with certain things if you get where I'm going basically when should I consider using it and when to leave it in the tackle box?
  14. Yeah. I didn't go to the river went to a lake instead and was completely frozen over so I headed home kicking my self about not going to the river at least I would of been fishing! So I've been looking on Google maps to see where I'm going to start my river quest and am thinking of going down after work to prebait, so giving that I'm going to have limited time and light to find the carp I'm more or less going to be going in blind and being that I've never fished the river where would be likely areas that will hold carp as the river has an island a few nice snaggy marginal features also some boats parked up in the middle
  15. Hopefully hitting the river tomorrow and of course I have a question There's a stretch of river which isn't club owned in Kingston but on the website I found there's a map with three pointers on there now I assume that this is the area that I can fish in so if this being the case can I just set up anywhere?