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  1. My understanding is that steaming transfer more/higher heat to the boilie for a longer time. I'm old school - believe the quick 60 second boiling water causes least damage. Therefore I use ingredients that require 60 second max boiling. Actually blanching is the way to go, but maybe becoming too technical.
  2. WPC is a very good ingredient because of the nutrient and functional properties it brings to a bait - we know this. The solubility of WPC is critical because it directly effects the effectiveness and other functional properties. At 70 degree celsius the WPC looses its solubility due to denaturing. We know water boils at 100 degrees celsius - there goes your solubility of WPC out the window when you boil the boilies. With it goes the emulsification property which is very usefull when using oils in the mix. Ironically, the gelling propety improves when heated. Great - solubility gone with stronger binding. You have just done a great job at locking in your boilie ingredients.
  3. Getting edgy though - ok - actually jealous. In last two weeks - two fourty pounders and a 50 pounder came out. How can I post pictures?
  4. Yup. Thx. Going 2 rods on the boilies 2 rods on tigernuts, peanuts and loads and loads of hemp.
  5. Busy making the boilies. Session is planned for end July into 1st week of August. The boilies aŕe perfect though. Very impressed.
  6. Next I will put the mix in the fridge to see what cold temp does to the stable emulsification.
  7. We all know the issue of oil in winter. I been playing with emulsifying the oils for a while. Egg yolk has lechthin so I mixed 40ml Canola oil with 100g egg powder and 450ml of water. It emulsified perfectly and kept the mulsification. Now I am thinkingif not to much is made of thr oil thing.
  8. I have this idea to mix the basemix ingrediants into a glug. But without the binders - just the protein, vit, min and atrractor stuff. If you believe in it for your boilie, surely it must be the way to go for coating.
  9. And I dont mind the catfish. They are ok white fish source. So, i 'm going to brine them, dehydrate and into coffee grinder. There you go - £0 white fishmeal. Then some cold treatment with enzymes and bacteria and I have predigested white fishmeal.
  10. Friend of mine is on the water at the moment. Baited up with two weeks fermented hemp - well thats how long his wife took to throw him out - lol! It worked instantly. Few catfish and then the carp moved in. This ovér 6 hour period. Seems the catfish has their feeding time and the carp about an hour later. Still to early into the session to confirm this pattern.
  11. For our lakes its one of the clearest. But you can only see bottom up to about 1.5m debth. Typical debths range from 1.5m to 6.5m. Catches seem to come mostly at 2.5m to 4.5m.
  12. Thx CM. This next bit of shared experience is especially gor you. The boilie guys is going to rip my head off for this. 9 out of ten decent carp come out on particles. All 4 SA records wére caught on particles. lol!
  13. Thats a very real risk. I know the bigger specimens are there - deaths and motorboat killed 60 pounders. I discussed the boilie thing with our top anglers and 4 x SA record holder. They are confident boilies will get to the bigger fish. It is the practicality, cost and quantity of boilies that is problematic. And these guys start a session by feeding 300kg particles.Keep at it for 4 month session and then the 50 and 60 pounders come out.
  14. Or buy B5 baseix and roll myself to get closer to affordability. That is one potent boilie.
  15. If only I could afford 300kg to 500kg B5.
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