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  1. Looking to buy a 2 man bivvy anybody got any recommendations
  2. Just bought 3 soink 4 12ft 3lbs 50mm but rings and 3 diawa black widow 500a
  3. Thank a lot some one said that their had not been alot cought just latley
  4. Cusworth house used to be my local a middle sized lake with an island now closed to fishing since the the natural trust got hold of it it held leather common and mirror to 30lbs did not know it was closed untill about a year ago what a shame
  5. Any one got any ideas for next time
  6. Nothing cought this time did not even have a run 5 people fishing 1 fish cought in that time when you where throwing feed in they was taking that but swimming past your bait and looking at as if to say you stupid person iam not falling for that. I think it is to early they are swimming near the surface and spawing seen plenty of fish but in group of at least 7 and 8 may be even more but will be back on tuesday or wednesday weather permitting.
  7. We do not let people know about good company
  8. Bet you get called some names lol
  9. You should have put them on top off the car going to and from fishing then you would get there faster
  10. Going back on tuesday till thursday hope to have a better result this time set up so heli rigs got some pva foam and 5 different pop up
  11. I only use their artifical bait and they have been good with me would recomend them to all
  12. Went on tuesday night meet the baliffs did not catch will have to rethink a plan of attack take some heli rigs this time
  13. Ok cach the biggy and have a good day or nights fishing
  14. Thanks bought permit yesterday cart wait to try my luck i think it will be tuesday night first session this year