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  1. 3 luminx sim lighthouse from at 17quid they look good and a new head light from argos at 20quid if you see someone in a peg at night and it looks like daylight that will be me ha ha
  2. Try they might have some
  3. Looking at the avid base camp bivvy the 2 man looks good with the side vents for all round vision and ventilation
  4. Went to ravenfield tuesday to thursday it has livend up a little bit i cought 19lbs common a guy fishing also had 3 fish 21+ 14+ and an 11 had a few more runs rather than line bites
  5. I am fishing ravenfield the water is weedy not heard any thing on snags but is crystal clear that is why not a lot is being cought
  6. Thanks a lot i will order some ive got 3 black widows to fill
  7. Can any body give some advice about lines i am looking at some subline but read some reviews and a lot of people are saying it is not as good as gr60 they say sub line is wireyand does not bed in very well
  8. Nice bit of kit
  9. My kids have justbought me some stuff for farthers day Ridgemonky buckett toaster and case a pillow the toaster is a bit on the small side the buckett is massive
  10. Thats always the case 1 thing goes wrong other things always start to go wrong
  11. It is fantastic form of fishing a good adrenalie rush when you catch solong as its not a duck then can be anightmare
  12. Looking to buy a 2 man bivvy anybody got any recommendations
  13. Just bought 3 soink 4 12ft 3lbs 50mm but rings and 3 diawa black widow 500a
  14. Thank a lot some one said that their had not been alot cought just latley
  15. Cusworth house used to be my local a middle sized lake with an island now closed to fishing since the the natural trust got hold of it it held leather common and mirror to 30lbs did not know it was closed untill about a year ago what a shame