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  1. Fishing Comparison

    Not a youngster, 46 and counting lol. That's very true cm.
  2. Fishing Comparison

    My take is that angling is easier or more difficult now, that all depends on your outlook. This forum has some very accomplished anglers who would catch carp regardless of restrictions placed upon them, whether that be extreme pressure, solid weed, access to a lake etc etc. These guys will always make it look easy because they have the desire to catch a carp that makes them better anglers. Some will find carp fishing very difficult as they have no desire to catch that fish. That imo has never changed regardless of tackle, bait etc. The best will always catch the carp just as they did many moons ago. In terms of tackle and bait yes it's easier, but without the desire it's going to just as difficult as it was supposed to be then.
  3. Long time angler, first time roller...

    Imo I think I would simplify the mix. Can you get hold of any fishmeal at all? If you can I think I'd be tempted to use something like Fishmeal 30% Soya flour 20% Semo 20% Milk or predigested fishmeal 20% Also add something like paprika/chilli at 10% total or fenugreek/garlic. Liquids wise I would consider hydro fish (if you can get it) for the attraction up to 100ml/kg of bait. Plus a little nut oil. Plenty of attraction and instantly recognisable as a food. Hope that helps.
  4. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Thanks mate. Nice to be back again.
  5. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Only plans I have is to actually use some of the bait that I make and usually give away to a mate to use as I don't get much time. After a strange couple of years I really hope to get back to the nene and catch a carp.
  6. Mass Baiting

    Mass baiting can most definitely work very well. With extensive prebaiting of many kilos of bait whether boilie or particles you can achieve a level of confident feeding that cannot be rivalled, obviously dependant on the lake. I'll also add that imo after a period of time the fish can become used to associating the commotion of spodding, spombing and general splashing with feeding so the act of baiting can become attractive in its own right. This also goes along with the matcman style of constant feeding which imo is a huge edge over whacking out a few kilos in 1 go and waiting for the fish to find it.
  7. Advice on fermenting particles.

    Ah, I guess the salt works similar to lacto fermentation, in that it kills off the bad bacteria just leaving the healthy ones to do they're thing?
  8. Advice on fermenting particles.

    Another question for you steve.doesn't the oils from the nuts go rancid pretty quickly when mixed with with fermenting bacteria?
  9. Pre Baiting

    I would happily use the same bait as everyone else but I would look for an edge in terms of application and strategies. I very much agree on what has been said already and some very good advise. What I tend to do if I'm looking for the better fish is to fish beds of boilie but put my rigs on the back of the bed as much as 10 yds or more if you want. What I've found is that i'll get liners as the smaller fish move into the area on the bed, but the larger fish I often think are hanging off the group waiting to see what happens. When no fish get caught then the larger fish slowly start to gain confidence and start picking up baits away from the baited area. This is when your single will likely score with the bigger fish.
  10. Hard lake advice needed

    I've fished these kinds of lakes before and they can be very tricky indeed. I get what your saying about no shows from fish, as I've had this myself and I've sat up all night in all weathers trying to see fish. I came to the conclusion that the fish were moving through lake bed channels in the weed in 6ft of water so didn't disturb the surface at all. In my case they're was clear spots but under the surface weed and finding those invisible clear spots was paramount. What I did in the end was to learn how to cast onto the weed with a balanced float that would very slowly sink through the weed but when it fell into a channel under the weed would then fall quickly with a donk. Once Ive found a couple of these clear spots under the weed the fishing became much easier as I knew I was on a patrol route. The downside is that presentation was an issue and bite detection not always perfect but I did catch fish.
  11. Winter winter winter

    Winter fishing is such a minefield of opinion because there is no definitive answer. Every water varies and most fish differently. I've always found shallow lakes to be the most difficult and the deeper waters to be more consistent. The only reason I can think of is that deeper water holds a more constant temperature as the shallow lakes vary through the cold months and the fish feel happier in a constant environment where they can hold up without having to adjust they're position in the lake. I do agree with cm in the areas he has fished but not because the lake is warmer but the the temp, no matter how warm or cold is the most constant temperature for long periods. Imo if you can find deep water with a depth change feature such as a plateau then you probably won't be too far from fish. Having said that the fish will be grouped up at a certain depth. So if you fish on the deck and the fish have come up 4ft to move into a water layer that is comfortable then that is where you need to present a bait. You really can be that close to fish with no indication in winter.this area could be anywhere on a lake so I wouldn't get too concerned about wind direction, more finding an area where fish can hold up for long periods of time without a big temperature change.
  12. Winter fruits

    I used to use nutrabaits strawberry cream and bergamot in winter with decent results, but as has been said winter is all about location and time of day. I've found that the fish will favour certain depths according to the weather and i will always try and find a swim that has deep water with a good depth change feature such as a big bar or plateau so giving the fish the opportunity to stay close to structure and cover and be at a depth that suits the fish. I will then fish a rod on top then half way down a slope/drop off and one on the deck. In previous winters I've always found some fish around these types of features and a regular sprinkling of bait in the general will be picked up at certain times depending on conditions. Also time of day is critical in my opinion.so many times I know I've been on fish with nothing then from 5-7 in the morning maybe 2 or 3 fish then nothing till the next morning. Also maybe consider what area they are caught 1st in spring and again in my opinion you won't be too far from fish in the colder months as they don't wake up and swim around the lake looking for food straight off rather looking for food where they have been laid up all winter.
  13. What is your newest purchase

    Bunch of amateurs. All you need to do is ask the tackle shop where you bought the rods to phone your home number and get them to leave a message saying that you entered a raffle and have been lucky enough to "win" 3 new rods which will posted to you straight away. The missus will be none the wiser, unless of course she sees the credit card bill!
  14. New to the forum

    ^^^^^^^^^^ what he just said. Pretty much sums up carp fishing for me.
  15. New old carping fool

    Welcome to the forum. The best bit of advice I can give you is don't set targets. Just enjoy your fishing and fish lakes where it's possible to catch your target and just fish but without a particular aim as imo you'll get fed up quickly if you don't achieve it.