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  1. Hi The above posting is now correct, the one I posted Sunday night was slightly incorrect ( I had a couple of wines) Also you may find a C spanner to fit item 10785, I didn't have anything that fitted, the 2 drill worked a treat for me. Cheers.
  2. Hello, to anyone that needs to take this end of their reel apart. I have just worked it out. Item 10786 has two 2.5mm shallow holes, at 180 degrees apart. Get two 2.5mm drill bits and place the shanks into the recessed hole, hold in tight and get someone to turn item 10786 the end cap, turn it anti clockwise, its a lefthand thread. Remove the 3 clips 8881, then everything comes out easily, clean and re-grease the friction washers and reassemble. I have just do this and its transformed the d-rag on my reel.
  3. The AR 8010 GT is slight different on the baitrunner control k-nob, but its must be roughly the same idea for removal. That would be great if you could have a look at it for me. Many thanks
  4. Hi Snoozzer Yes, I think your right, the c clip 8882 is the answer, but can't see a way of getting to it. There is no gap between the main and baitrunner drag knobs ( K- nob if censored take out the -) The rear plastic k-nob 10786 must pull off? I have tried it, but it doesn't seem to want to come off. The answer must be simple, but it just knowing the trick of removal. Many thanks
  5. Thanks, but I tried that and nothing comes up on dismantling a rear drag system
  6. Hello, I have Shimano XTEA 10000 Baitrunner with slight drag judder, it hasn't been used for a while. I'm told its a simple fix, re-crease the drag disc or at worst I need new discs. As the reel is like new and hardly been used, I'm hoping its just needs re-creasing. But I can't work out how to get to the drag discs, they are at the rear of the reel inside/under the rear drag setting kno b, I cant work out how to remove the kno b to get to the disc, Shimano call it the drag programming kno b. Can anyone please advise me on dismantling the rear of the reel? Most of the rest of the reel in in pieces, just cant work it out the drag disc area at the rear. Many thanks
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