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  1. janderamy1

    Stoke on Trent

    Hi any decent waters for carp near Stoke on Trent please
  2. janderamy1

    Carp Rods

    Hi guys, Am the returning coarse fisherman lol so far I have managed to break two rods, the tip of one (replaceable but the top of another and yes I know you get what you pay for! My question is can you recommend some rods that A) will not break the bank. B) are good for method and feeder fishing.And C) what test curve should i go for? Cheers, Derek
  3. janderamy1

    returning coarse fisher

    hi and thanx for the bakers tip, gonna use the pole on the canal on my doorstep I think as for carp on the fly I am a fly fisher of many years so may have a dabble lol
  4. janderamy1

    returning coarse fisher

    cheers, but on another note you know you are hooked when you spot a bag of dog food in B&M called pets pantry meaty chunks, squre , firm yet hookable they do not float! So you buy them to try but at £1.49 for 2kg if they fail the mutts can have em.
  5. catching fish is easy! Catching big ones is elusive

  6. janderamy1

    returning coarse fisher

    let me get my feet under the table first lol
  7. janderamy1

    returning coarse fisher

    crikey boys I just asked for any help/tips not world war three!
  8. janderamy1

    returning coarse fisher

    yes the pole was an impulse buy at a fiver! Doubt if it shall be used unless I fish the local canal with my bro. Been reading up on surface fishing so bought some go cat and marshmallows lol
  9. janderamy1

    returning coarse fisher

    spending slowly folks , one stalking rod two feeder rods and one float rod, two bait runners and it is the pole I have not got a clue how to use! Bought it at car boot brand new 8 metres for a fiver! Thanks for the welcome.
  10. well what can I say 30 years off and when you return thing are certainly different. All my kit would have been obsolete lol am slowly building back up have four rods and pole (no idea how to use it) joined my local club and had mixed results any tips advice welcome.