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    river ebro spain
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    fishing all my life the past 50 years of silent fishing i have had many sessions of carp fishing with albert romp terry hearn terry dempsey just to name a few myself and family moved to spain to start a family fishing buisness here on the river ebro in mora d ebre.
  1. cooperman1

    carp and catfish

    the river ebro spain
  2. Carp and catfish guided fishing on the river Ebro book early for summer 2017, quality baits and quality tackle supplied and provided choice of cooked meals from our menu food delivered to swims airport pick ups available. bank side fishing come and fish the Ebro with your expeirenced guide IAN. and catch the Wels catfish and Ebro carp. please see website for details or give us a call see you soon in 2017 Happy new year

  3. we are supported by gardner products urban baits moretakes baits we provide quality tackle to our customers bivvys bedchairs sleeping bags if needed all you need for you fishing trip qualified chef home cooked meals to the bank. please look at the website facebook and give us a call you will not be disappointed.. this is a unfished part of the ebro and very beautiful.........
  4. i have been out on the ebro for 3 nights carp are now feeding at the end of the spawn on urban baits and gardner products all good.

  5. hello my name is cooperman, i am a expeirenced angler with over 40 years and i have started my own guided catfish and carp tours here on the river ebro please check out my website for photos and about our new family buisness on the ebro. www.craftycatandcarphunters.com and our facebook page. if you are interested in catching these huge catfish carp zander barbel please check our website for details. we are based in mora d ebre a beautiful part of the amazing river fantastic wildlife. the nearest beach is miami plata lovely sandy golden coast line airports barcelona reus. we are supported by gardner products urban baits and moretakes baits. hope to see you soon crafty cat and carp hunters
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