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  1. I have gone for a mix after speaking to people and it has the following in it. Ruby Maize, Maple Peas, Red Dari, Plate Maize, White Dari, Tares, Blue Peas, White Peas & Safflower Seed http://www.bucktons.co.uk/products/irish-ruby/
  2. Thanks mark I had read and been told the longer you leave it the better. This is not going to be used until the first week in July. So all the fizzing and smelling a little funky is all good?
  3. Thank you for the welcome Me neither until this year but I have decided to change things up as I have had some good success on the shop brought stuff but hate paying the price.
  4. Hi All, I am in need of a little advice and some reassurance. I have decided to take a step into making my own spod mix after reading many articles and how to I have decided to jump in and do it. I understand that by boiling my mix will release sugar and start a fermentation but who long does it last? Is it normal for my mix to fizzing and also smell a bit funky? Hope so one can help.
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