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  1. To be honest it is not the fisheries fault at all. An advertistment saying premier carp fishery does not mean they have superior carp that dont spawn and it should not come into the question. Also upon arrival it would not have taken much investigation to find out if they are spawning. Then you would have had the choice to fish or leave. Another issue is that these months are traditional close season to let the fish spawn. I am completely against fishing at this time of year believing the carp need a rest. Imagine your pregnant wife being asked to jog down to Mcdonalds carrying a ball and chain.
  2. purkis


    To be honest that does not sound like your problem. Location, is somewhat of a cliche in carp fishing but it is important. Identify the carp. If you find them in the margins then stalk them. Sometimes there is little you can do with bream apart from fishing a bigger boilie but this may be less attractive to the carp.
  3. Maggots are a great carp bait. However other fish often beat the carp there. Try fishing a medusa style rig. Alteranatively, we all know the wonders of hemp as a bait.
  4. Try using your line clip on your rod or reel for acurate casting.
  5. We water plants too, lol. I been reading Terry Hearn's book. He seems like a cool guy
  6. There is no denying he is good at what he does. A few of the Wensum anglers have said he is a bit grumpy. Maybe he is your brother or something I dont know. Matt Hayes is a great angler but loves himself in a hugo boss suit at functions. Most of the big name anglers have other jobs or work for tackle firms. Anyway in your words, it is just my opinion and is what the forum is for after all. A poster of John Wilson will be in the post, dont you worry, lol
  7. Tackle shop and shows = money, now that's something smart I think.
  8. Dare not go ask Mr Wilson for any advice. He is not so friendly away from the cameras. Perhaps this is why he is so chirpy on film. In order to create a false impression.
  9. Yeah pressure is key to. I really fancy tackling some tough waters. I have done so in the past but due to university I have not been able to put the time in and gone now and then just to get a band in the rod.
  10. It could be worth hitting them mate. The carp may have picked your bait up and moved towards you but not hooked itself. Drop backs are a grey area, you may miss a fish by not striking but alternatively you may spook the area by striking and not connecting. If you are getting them regularly sure there is no harm in striking to find out.
  11. Hello, I have been reading Terry Hearns book and note that alot of the waters he fishes have 12-20 carp in max. They are often 5-15 acres. That does not do alot for your confidence. I want to tackle some tougher waters cause I have blitzed my fair share of average/rusn waters. What sort of lakes do you fish? Stock wise etc....
  12. nothing like a know it all to ruin a wind up
  13. if thats the case who the hell told the carp the boillies were mine, i'll swing for em Probably your ugly mug peering into the water.
  14. Yo use alarms depsite being a bream angler. Sweet jesus, whatever next?
  15. Hemp is my favourite free offering. I always have faith in hemp in any carping situation. Carp love it and you can pour it in by the gallon and they will keep coming back for every last grain. It works well in combinations with other baits such as pellets and boilies. I also believe with hemp that the carp have no idea where it comes from and therefore dont associate it with anglers.
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