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  1. Found them for £7.60 for 10 on buy a battery. Co.uk
  2. Just curious as most if not all people have equipment that take 9 volt batteries , which do you find last the longest and has anyone found a cheap supplier of good quality batteries? Tight lines bow
  3. Thank you everyone , I have 30 tonne of it in work at the moment a few kg won't be missed lol
  4. I'd end up eating them myself with Irish cream on them lol
  5. Hello just a few questions , does anyone fish over beds of maize? Do you have to do anything to the maize or can you use raw maize? I'm only asking as I have a virtually endless supply of split maize that I wouldn't mind making the most of Thanks Bow
  6. I was looking at reviews the other night and I like what I was reading
  7. It's fine if she moans then she isn't getting her birthday present haha
  8. I will be filling my new reels on the weekend , what do people recommend? Can't be braided line due to fishery rules
  9. Going to just put them in the shed and hope she doesn't notice lol
  10. It was too good a deal to pass up , I'm now over £600 lighter though over the next 12 months NOW how do i get away with this with the Mrs lol
  11. 3 greys prodigy apex 50 with wychwood exorcist reels , due to arrive tomorrow
  12. Well my budget of £300 went out the window , 3 greys prodigy apex 50 mm and 3 wychwood big pits on there way to me
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