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  1. What is your newest purchase

    Ive ordered Pellet pump Boilie crusher with case 10L bait bucket
  2. Thought for the day.

    Ive got one problem & one question. I didnt want to make new threads for them so thought id ask here. 1. Ive taken some pictures i want to pm another member but cant because it asks for an url address. Cant tapatalk still be used as that made it easier to post pics. 2. Ive found a decent fishery close to me (I used to live near it but it had a bad owner at that time) the new owners have done a good job of the place. Its cheap to nightfish & the rules are sensible, however theres a hook size limit to size ten The fish in the pool are average around 18/20lb with the biggest being 28lb. Would sive tens be fine to use ??. So far the place is ticking all the boxes. I just need to be confident in the hook size.
  3. What is your newest purchase

    Brought a few bits from banks tackle. 10x small maggot clips 20x size 8 swivels 20x size 11 swivels 20x Curve shank hooks size 8 Brown tungsten putty
  4. New member.

    Ive never been pike fishing, though I have caught 2 in my lifetime. First one was quite funny me & a mate were float fishing & he had snapped off so I kept trying to cast over the line to get his float back, as I was reeling in I felt the line tighten & was into a fish, I thought I had foul hooked. Got it to the bank & it was about a 1lb jack pike with the hook firmly in its mouth. My hook must of been spinning on the retrieve & had caught the light & he went for it.. I love autumn/winter fishing its my favorite time of year. Plus its less busy so I can take the chance to prebait areas without people fishing my spots. I caught my pb common at 17.6 last winter doing this.
  5. New member.

    Alarm upgrade & an over wrap for my bivvy is next on the list. Last winter was annoying due to condensation build up every morning. I upgraded alot of my winter kit this summer while the prices are low, so I should be more comfortable, fingers crossed.
  6. New member.

    I remember when I started last year, I was looking at different rigs, set ups & essential items I needed. For about 3 months it felt like Christmas with all the parcels arriving lol. I do get most of my small bits like hooks, putty, swivels etc from my local tackleshop. It helps them & they will order me stuff in which saves paying P&P. I look forward to chatting to you in the future & good luck on your next trip
  7. New member.

    We've already spoke but welcome to the forum bud. Theres a wealth of info on here & some great guys that can answer questions.
  8. Hi

    Welcome to the forum bud & good luck on your new fishing adventure.
  9. What is your newest purchase

    Just ordered: Saber DPM bucket seat carryall Easier to carry then the collapsible chair plus I can store more gear/bait inside so ill be hands free WSB weigh sling
  10. What is your newest purchase

    Ive got 6000 BR's on my main rods now. Ill take some pics of them next to my BR's for reference & pm you them.
  11. What is your newest purchase

    Yeah no worries bud. Should be here by tuesday so ill pm you & let you know how they feel & hopefully ill get a few days out over the next week or so to test them.
  12. Who fishes with 2 rods ?

    The cats ? They are a rare sight over this way The Catfish are a pain on light lines as they swim straight for the holes in the island. Mind you I could wade out & have a go at Noodling if I get snagged up
  13. What is your newest purchase

    2 x Leeda Rogue 75FD big pit reels Daiwa Sensor clear 15lb Collapsible chair (Argos special) for day sessions til I find something more suitable. 5kg of uncooked hemp.
  14. Who fishes with 2 rods ?

    Ive been using 2 rods so far this year, but come end of September when there's less people on the lake ill be back to using 4. 2 on spots, 1 in the marges & 1 ready to chuck at showing fish. The chuck anyway rod will be a more heavier set up this year incase the showing fish is a cat.
  15. Ready made rigs.

    You can buy maver Jurassic hooklink on ebay for 3:99 or 3 for a tenner. 20m spools & steam straight easy enough too. Thats what I use to practice with.