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  1. says it all really !!!!!!!!! no instant fix so move on ! i personally wonder how folk can invest that sort of money on a whim and then just change their mind ,is that amount of surplus cash available ? i know for me its not . changing worlds
  2. very well put on all points ! its maybe an age thing lol ,im also of the same age group and fished for the last 51 years ,starting as a pleasure angler at 6 years of age then under the wing of an uncle match fishing then moving to carp in the mid to late seventies in the midlands,a change of area then found me game fishing ! up to this point there was no internet or social media so as has been said other than the odd magazine and caa meetings it was down to info gleaned from tackle shops or on the bank then along came the internet and things seemed to change very quickly ! info everywhere ,cheap imports ease of access to bigger then bigger fish and better then better venues driven by price ! were victims of our own success ! personally i can see why people drop out of fishing as quick as they drop into it ,theres no need to put in the ground work to catch a large fish so theres a lesser sense of achievement , it took me years to catch a a carp of 20+ wading through hundreds of smaller fish first ,its the same with other species ! would i change owt ?? NOT A CHANCE licence checks in this time ! once during the coarse fishing closes season in wales "i was probably about 17 at the time as id just started driving" yup once in 51 years !!!!!
  3. thats about my thoughts as well !! its was just like this in the sixties and seventies as well as later. theres the issue of people generally wanting everything NOW and instant success ,being partly driven by imported fish and larger stocked weights, in the 70's/80's there were more naturally stocked fish and having to work harder for them created more of an achievement ! now it seems that possibly because of the easy dissemination of information via social media and the internet that achievements are much shorter lived and not worth as much ! " just my thoughts! there are also other thoughts lol" signed "grumpy old git" lol
  4. as always, a cracking read ! cant wait for p2
  5. nash knx 10 foot double rod skin for my new rods plus a handfull of bungies for the tackle cart
  6. new water ,new rods ! "well it seemed rude not to" its a small estate/club lake with quite a lot of restricted swims (thats my excuse anyway 😉) most swims will have a maximum 30 yard cast , same problem as others uploading pics -200 eror message
  7. cheers gordon 👍your a gent "not many of us left 😂" just wipe sika barra if you like .
  8. cheers gordon ,it would be appreciated if it could be done ,
  9. cheers bc ,yes it is important to keep bodging on! and yes it is a nice venue and psychologically its better as well ,just knowing that after ive packed the van i will get a swim to fish ,a couple of times on the other place i ended up coming back home because the swims i could get to were occupied which was a bit of a downer as after the first season i needed to get a day ticket first as season tickets had been stopped ! so it meant i had to check swims available then go and get ticket only to find someone had got in the swim i fancied whilst i was away getting ticket .
  10. hiya i seem to have ended up with an inactive account somehow and cant seem to contact admin to get it resolved ! so ive had to create another account ! heres my original intro : gjc1 Advanced Member Inactive 28 71 posts Report post Posted August 25, 2016 hiya, just found the forum and joined as it seem to be a friendly place , just returning to carp fishing after a 30 odd year lay off ,"aint things changed " from the black country originally but moved around a bit over the years and fished for most things but mobility "or the lack of it ,damn arthritis " has caused me to think about doing a bit of carp and tench fishing again ,got a local water with a few decent carp in but only a few for its size so not going to be a runs water but thats not an issue as it has a decent head of good tench and a few other decent bits and pieces,spent the last couple of months getting kitted out tackle wise, just hope the old methods and baits still work .hoping to get out next week to get a feel for it again ,fingers crossed , carp venues are a bit thin on the ground around here "sw scotland " possibly need to travel over the border into cumbria or northumberland, who can tell .looking forward to getting out anyway . not much has changed since then other than i have now found a small estate/club lake to fish with excellent access which will give me a more assured access to pitches than the previous venue which proved problematical for me due to the limited number of swims i could get to with my lack of mobility. the new venue holds a good head of carp up to around the low 20's which im more than happy with and is picture postcard carpy atb glyn
  11. a bit late really " well no VERY LATE " not been on for a while but ive had a few (6)trips out now on the big water with the low stocks of good fish since reporting last,im feeling VERY comfortable now being back at carping but its very quiet up here now with the weather ,we had a cold spell starting a few weeks back that came in all of a sudden and even knocked a commercial ive been having the odd day on off the feed ,ive stopped the pre baiting now for this year and planning on starting again next spring when the weather warms up again ! if we should get a warm spell ill get the gear out again but now im thinking of starting on a bit of piking until spring ,on a positive note when i do start carping again ill be hitting the ground running Plenty to catch up on on here though ,all the best guys
  12. SPOT ON B.C ! couldnt agree more
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