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  1. On the hard stuff!

    It depends how hammered a spot gets imo... Once you can tell a clear spot is getting larger , then that's when I will try harder to fish the seam by pulling my rig towards me until it's just off the hard spot. If you've had one off the centre (well in by the way), then stick with it until the spot starts drying up. I think once the fish have all been caught by late Spring they wise up a bit to anything too blatant and the seam is usually a better option by then. just my op........ If it's the same club water you fished last year, the Tench go quite big 7lb-9lb and will pick up anything a carp can, so they are hard to avoid.
  2. Baiting Pole

    That's exactly the way to do it, only in 2mtre lengths and a small piece of pipe lagging every now and then to help with buoyancy......
  3. Baiting Pole

    They are probably too heavy mate and will sink without loads of floats.
  4. Baiting Pole

    Sorry for the delay on this one fella's, been utterly flat out on other things...... Family dog's body I'm afraid... Will post up something as soon as I can..
  5. I may be stating the obvious here, but I always put the mix through a sieve to take out any courser bits, I do the same for hardened hook baits too.... Just pop ups and hookers, it doesn't take long.. The courser ingredients will allow water ingress, great for some leakage on feed baits, but not good for hook baits that you want to leave out for a while Keep the skins to 2mm max on the corkies and if possible, put them through a little roller before you boil them. The more even the skins are, the less likely they will crack when they dry/ shrink, as there will be no weak spot..... One other thing. I notice you live in Spain. If you are air drying the cork balls outside in the sun, could be that the temps are too hot and they dry too quickly causing them to crack..... I dry mine indoors over a couple of days in a paper bag, sometimes I leave them for a week or more in a cupboard......... Couple of cheap soluble additives to the mix you could try, Betain Hcl and plain old powdered skimmrd milk, both very cheap and effective ingredients......( there are dozens of different attractors/ additives, just depends how deep you pockets are) After asking around, I was told that a total of around 10% solubles added to the mix will be ok on ready made pop up mixes, giving enough attraction without the bait completely dissolving too quickly..... For cork ball pop ups, I just use my standard base mix, sieved, with a higher level of attractors and some egg albumin.... I also like to glug my cork ball pop ups in some liquid attractors. This will affect the buoyancy, making them slightly heavier. But by adding some cork dust to the base mix, will negate the extra weight, keeping them nice and buoyant.. Good luck Manos
  6. What is your newest purchase

    Been there done it on a few items mate..... Functionality over looks, all day long.... As CM says, all that glitters is not gold lol.....
  7. Hi Manos. I usually roll cork ball pop ups but was recommended the BAF pop up mix for standard pop ups. I've used the White and flouro pink and not had any problems rolling small 1 egg mixes by hand. TBH, I was using them purely for balancing and some visual, so wasn't adding too many other bits to their mix,..... The 300grm batches @ £7.99 go a long long way, Mine went out of date before I used it all.... I have also found BAF to be nothing short of brilliant when it comes to customer service. So a quick phone call for some extra advice on what can be added, attractor wise, and they will point you in the right direction. Here's a link to the pop up page on there board, hope this helps http://www.britishaquafeeds.co.uk/Bulk Basemixes/plain-pop-up-mix
  8. Could be they are sold out, as when I looked they had none left...... During my search though, came across some cheaper ones with red led around 1000 lumens for around the £10 mark.... Surely, that's all they are? Can't believe there is any secret formula to the one in the vid.... Sitting on my hands since my self imposed ban on buying gadgets....
  9. Hello

    All the best with your new water Zed, welcome to the forum..
  10. Worth a watch...

    I've always avoided areas where acorns and Oak leaves start dropping. However, the Tannins do wash out, and I think we've all seen fish showing near oak trees. It's just the Start of Autumn when I avoid, unless I see something that tells me different.... What I like about that video, is the sight of slight variations in the lake bed, just a few inches deep and no bigger than a car bonnet where the fish have been active. I should think that we've all missed a spot or two like these, with a marker or bare lead.... The clay spots in silt, a couple of feet either side and you are buried in muck... It tells me that even the most barren of lake beds will have something to offer, just takes a bit of effort and perhaps a slice of luck to find .
  11. Thought for the day.

    Fussy B8gger........
  12. Thought for the day.

    First place I looked..... There's 1 left in 2.75 atm. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/jrc-contact-carp-rods?gclid=Cj0KCQjwttbWBRDyARIsAN8zhbLnAPzuXdYV8gDtGPri0ebHwXnAs-cqePehDfLKL2ckgj3hLRb2BP8aAne5EALw_wcB

    Thats a very valid point mate... Those that have fished a bit through this years cold will be seeing the buds and Dafs now and a bit of fish movement and notice clearly how things have woken up, natural motivation..... Any one turning up after a break will most probably have a slightly different outlook for a few sessions, with muddy banks, bare trees and starting from scratch on the fish front. I think the real benefit from fishing the winter, is being able to hit the ground running as soon as things kick off, especially on a fairly new water..... I, too , am finding the motivation to get stuck in to some fishing, a little hard to come by at the moment.... The winter break has given me far too many distractions especially on the DIY front at home and with family... The recent break in the weather has seen me up to my neck in sorting both my parents gardens out..... I've written off my "session" water for at least another month, although I'll still walk it and plop some bait in..... This thread "Time management".... What a great subject..... I take my hat off to all those guys with full time woirk, families,pets etc, that can still manage their time enough to squeeze in their fishing and catch a few..... I've always struggled with "Time management", being very much an all or nothing kind of person...... My conscience is telling me to be sensible for a change right now, get ahead on the domestic front and then give it my all on the fishing front for a few months.... I like to be relaxed when fishing, with as few distractions as possible.
  14. Not the cheapest thing to buy, but judging by the on bank review and demo, could solve a few problems....... https://picclick.co.uk/Tufty-Torch-Carp-Fishing-Red-Flashlight-CREE-LED-122582749656.html Spotted it on a you tube vid... I would have cut my right arm off for one of these on my last water... Fast forward the vid until the demo at about 18-20 minutes in, see the coot reaction in broad daylight. There could well be cheaper versions out there, but this one deffo works judging by the demo.... Coots and Tufties have given me serious headaches before.