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  1. Here's a bit of info that explains how to kill off Leptospirosis..... Looking at this, temps above 55c will do it, so a minute boil after filtering should be adequate... Purification tablets that contain low levels of chlorine would also work. You are right though. they a very small cells that will easily pass through charcoal filter. http://www.leptospirosis.org/agents-known-to-kill-leptospires/
  2. Might need to get some poncy tea bags then...…. Camomile, Mint, strawberry, ………… As far as Lepto goes,, There are millions of rats everywhere.... I think people panic too much, maybe once a decade we hear of someone being infected amongst millions of anglers and water sports enthusiasts..... See loads of kids swimming in local lakes and rivers during the summer holidays, never heard of a weils case round here. That's not to say that it couldn't happen, but I think some things get blown out of proportion...….. More likely to get smashed up driving to the lake imo………. Right, I'm off to find some Leptoberry tea bags ☕
  3. B.C.

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    That's a bloomin lobster mate ……………... Got the chance for 24hrs Thursday night...… Really low on bait and the bait rolling gear is buried under a shed load of stuff so bought one of these from Aldi for 3 quid to do a quick couple of kg in the kitchen..... I say quick,, it always takes longer than intended, so should encourage me to sort the shed out... "again"...… Been knocking up a little groundbait/stick mix/bag mix..... Just some basic seed mix, with added mung beans, crushed hemp and pellets put through a little seed mill with the addition of some dynamite amino black at about 20% to help it bind and help darken it up a bit more (you could use a bit of bread crumb to help bind it, but I had the amino black knocking about)...….. the pellets giving it some nice fishmeal attraction and some oils to hopefully lift a few small particles up into the water column and I'll mix it up with some BAF fish hydro... Tiny half inch stick with an egg sized ball over the top, is all I'll be using, bite at a time stuff on my local. Burnt my little seed mill/grinder out, so will be looking to get another... My fault for over doing it..... But for around 10 to 15 quid they are well worth having in the cupboard, giving you lots of scope to experiment with different stick and bag mixes, if that's your thing.... Just to add... When using ground bait or small particles ground up like this, there is no need to fill it in, I find less is best as long as you are adding some liquid food in there..... Too much in the water can sometimes lead to fish just sifting on the spot and too pre occupied to find a hook bait. They have an incredible ability to find a mouthful of food as long as there's some nearby attraction.
  4. B.C.

    well the van is packed

    Sounds good for a bite ..... Glad you are catching a few... Still time for a few more.. Good luck mate 😊
  5. Nah, they'll put hairs on your chest lol...….. How many times do you get lake water on your hands, especially when sorting a fish out, then make a brew...…. To be honest, I actually rinse my hands in lake water or rub in weed before I put hook baits on...…… Those life saver bottles are N.A,T.O issue and used all over the planet in disaster zones where water is contaminated.... I recon the air we breath is worse than filtered and boiled lake water..... Soon as it arrives, I'll give the bottle a go and let you know what a cuppa tastes like, or even just the water once cooled...….. Think people worry too much, imagine what's breeding in your local take away kitchen 😀
  6. B.C.

    Fish finders

    Some of the lakes round my way change significantly from Spring into Summer with thick weed seemingly sprouting from nowhere. So even if you find a feature with a gismo, and even if you bait it regularly, you will most probably still have to cast a lead out to find the clear spot when you turn up to fish...…. Just couldn't use a fish finder myself, one lad was told in no uncertain terms what everyone thought when he started wazzing out a deeper pro in between swims that were being fished on a club lake I fished..... However, I watched a lad slaughter the same lake, during the Spring after mapping it out with a deeper pro during the Winter when no one was fishing..... Each to their own, but I don't think these kind of shortcuts will improve your fishing, you may even become reliant on them long term. I probably sound like an old fart, but, the spirit of angling for me, is watching, feeling , learning and eventually working it out for yourself with any clues you find along the way..... If you find a water that you love being at, then there's no rush imo.
  7. I watched a few vids and bought one..... Some people using them to filter their own tap water...… The thing I don't get is that although you can buy spares, once opened , the main vessel has a 2 year life span...…. I don't get that... Repeat business marketing perhaps?
  8. Apparently drinking your own p*$$ is good for you, nothing wrong with a few solids 😬
  9. I don't see a prob personally in drinking lake water as long as it's filtered and boiled...… There's obviously no need for it in most situations..... I can see it's uses though on larger waters with limited acces for a barrow, or stretches of river that take you off the beaten track...… Look at somewhere like Ardleigh for instance. I think it's around 100 acres, with no barrow access in some places. I think taking a 1ltre bottle of fresh water and then using the empty to hold filtered water, could save you a few kilo's in weight and allow you to fish an extra night if you got on some showing fish. If you are fishing somewhere where it's a 3 minute walk back to the car, or a lake with trusted anglers to keep an eye on your gear while you nip to the shops, then there would be no need to use a filter.. But like I say, I can see it's uses.... ☕
  10. B.C.

    how it used to be ;)

    In those days, I thought the women would have "Their pretty little backsides in the kitchen, making refreshments for the menfolk"..... Nice watch Cyborx
  11. B.C.

    What is your newest purchase

    My local Tesco doing these, packs of five for 60p, half price... Bought a few for quick sessions...… Should be doing them in most Tesco.... Milk and sweetener all ready in these ones.
  12. Eastily a whole Season by that then... Cheers bud.
  13. Any idea how long the filters last?.... Browsing ebay, the spares for the lifesaver bottle are not that cheap...…… Cheers lads.
  14. Anyone ever considered drinking lake water or using it to make a brew?..... I'm talking filtered first or sterilising tablets..... Never tried it myself, but 4 or 5 litres of water for a 48hr sesh is quite a bit of weight to lug around. There are some pretty good filter kits about nowadays and the thought had crossed my mind...….. Bloomin water, it's something you can't really do without, but adds bulk and weight and can be a pain to carry if there is no access for a barrow. 🤣
  15. B.C.

    well the van is packed

    Have a blinder mate, weather looks good for this sort of trip..😊