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  1. B.C.

    Bayswater Essex

    I'd be up for it mate, it's not far from me as you know...…….. TBH though, late Autumn/early winter would suit me as I have a few commitments in between. I think it's got a bit of winter form too...… Not sure what the joining fee is these days, used to be £50 when Bev's did them... Also, does the joining fee last a year from purchase or season to season? If it's a year from purchase, I could prob' swallow that up with a couple more visits in the Spring...….. Time wise I'm pretty flexible being local, but would need a couple of weeks notice...…… I'll leave it to you and whoever else wants in...…...🙂
  2. Just for the record..... A 5 mm metric thread and 5mm long grub screw , fits like a glove.....
  3. B.C.

    What is your newest purchase

    Some Fox running rig bits and some stainless spring washers, hoping to stop my buzzer bars twisting, which I find bloomin annoying......
  4. Haven't used their terminal tackle but have used a few other bits.. I bought one of their little neoprene bivvy light cases and it's fine...…… I also had one of their bed chair bags, nicely oversized and not bad quality, have since passed it on to someone else since scaling things down a bit...… One thing I've been using for my last couple of trips, and something I'd recommend is the NGT XPR insulated brew kit bag..... Brilliant little bag, very small but big enough to squeeze stove, large gas canister and tea stuff, plus a few other foodie bits in...….. My kettle sits inside a frying pan and you can secure these 2 items under the elastics on top. There is also a mesh pocket inside and 2 outside plus a larger external pocket.. I just like to have tea kit and stove in a separate bag so that it's on hand and easy to get to once I've stashed my kit away, without having to rummage about..... I did buy a little Nash one recently, but the lack of any kind of pockets and a flimsy base soon had me returning it...…….. I took the shoulder strap off and use the secured kettle's handle to lift it with...…… I think this one is a keeper and possibly one of their products that gets ripped off... The elastics are a good idea imo, and, being double walled for insulation, is a very solid feeling bit of kit...… You can pick them up new for £10-£11 on ebay…….
  5. B.C.

    Rotary (Lead systems)

    I've been looking at these since your post mate and wanted to ask a couple of questions please...…. Firstly, can you get away with a size 8 swivel?, I've got loads, but the Fox YT vid suggests a size 7...… And also, does the buffer bead , alone, provide enough anti tangle properties for your rig, in your opinion? Or are you using a bit of silicon or anti tangle sleeve as well?... 🙂
  6. I got some digi callipers on one of the other grub screws and it came out roughly 5mm diameter, so a pack of 10 stainless for £1 is in the post...… I'll either jam it in cross threaded or use a little ptfe tape if it comes up small...….. Thanks for your replies...…...
  7. Just noticed that I have a grub screw missing on one of my storm pole attachments which means it will slide up the spoke...…….. Does anyone know if these are metric or imperial threads.... I can easily measure the width, but being as some tackle bits are still on imperial threads wasn't sure what type to order...………… Typical, after outing my old Brolly, could of nicked one off of that....lol.
  8. B.C.

    August catch reports.....

    What a beautiful fish Gaz...…. Can't see any definite scales in that pic. If it's a true leather, they are pretty rare these days..... lovely mate 🙂
  9. B.C.

    deeper pro plus

    Apart from Ginge……… Lol.
  10. B.C.

    deeper pro plus

    If I'm honest Harpz, I don't like them at all...…. I've seen them used to good effect a couple of times where guys have emptied a lake in 6 months by finding tight little spots that might otherwise be missed with a marker float...….. I even considered one myself...……. for about 2 seconds...…. After witnessing a 40 on the bank through the use of one...….. There will always be a divided opinion on technology and angling...….. The guys using them and selling them, will tell you they are the best thing since sliced bread...…….. I suppose it depends what you want from your water and angling in general...….. You may learn the topography of a lake quicker, but are you learning to angle better?...….There's something about doing it the hard way, chucking a lead out, feeling for substrates and drop offs and giving it a sniff on retrieval, checking the age of any weed that comes back and looking for naturals within and using all that to catch a fish or gain an inch towards catching one imo…… Old fashioned view to some,. Is it a generation thing? Perhaps...…….. Some waters ban them and I've seen anglers being made less than welcome for using them. Mainly for chucking them out multiple times like a lure angler, while others are fishing...…….. There are a lot of time constraints on peoples everyday lives these days, so I can definitely see the timesaving benefits of using a deeper to map out a lake or an area of a lake...… Some anglers just want to see a fish in the net and get their fish pic, some anglers enjoy the long winding journey..... There in lies the divided opinion on any kind of short cuts...… As always, each to their own...
  11. B.C.

    Can I ask a favour?

    Couple of belters mate, but different fish imo, for the same reasons Nick mentions.
  12. B.C.


    I have to say, that human error or not...… If I have a bad experience with a company, I tend not to use them unless I really have to... Over time and the odd bad experience I've whittled it down to a handful of places that I buy from, even if some of them are a couple of quid dearer on some things...…. I don't mind if it's a good reliable service... Hate waiting for deliveries that don't arrive on time...….. Good to know they sorted it fella. 🙂
  13. Big fan of the Jelewyre too, but since I discovered the ESP tungsten loaded I've just gone with it for the last few seasons (semi stiff version) for boom sections on HSR with the coating entact, and also basic combi, "stripped back coating" rigs for bottom baits..... I do find that coated braids can make me a bit lazy and I'm never entirely satisfied with the braid inner and usually wiggle it about a little to loosen the weave and make it more supple...… I say lazy, simply because , with combi rigs I think you can achieve a better rig by using two separate materials, one being a designated braid... For braid sections or short braided rigs for bags, I've been using Korda supernatural for a few seasons now. It's very supple yet thick enough so that it doesn't feel like a razor blade when taught, like some of the on-line cheaper dynema braids..... The suppleness of the Super natural, imo, brings the weight of the hook into play a bit more, I just think the hook will drop down easier with a real supple braid..... I bought some RM Tech chod material a while back, just to have a play and I've been quite impressed, although I use it doubled up.... It's easy to shape and holds it's shape pretty well too...…
  14. When I got back into rolling my own a few years ago, it was all about keeping the cost down to start with..... I now have the attitude that quality is better than quantity.. If you've got a half decent bait, you don't need to pile kg after kg in, but smaller amounts of a decent bait in the right place will score better imo…….. My original £3.80 a kg bait is now around the £5 mark, with some better quality ingredients added...…. Just means I'm getting 10kg for £50 instead of 12-13kg of an inferior bait...…… My confidence is that bit higher, if " I think" I'm offering the fish something better than the majority of what goes into most lakes, instead of , more of the same...….. Good luck with your bait Panda...…. It's an avenue of angling that can really get you thinking at times,
  15. I prefer this too, that is, if I add any flavour at all...…… The extracts are pretty potent compared to flavours and I've found you can use them at lower levels and they still come through at 2ml per kilo at just a hint, which is what I aim for...….. Vanilla and Almond extracts, I've used off the supermarket shelf...…… They feel quite expensive when you get a tiny bottle for a fiver, but they go a long way if used at sensible levels.. Extracts are a natural ingredient too, which is why I prefer them over flavours mostly...….