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  1. B.C.

    Shelf life boilies

    Enjoy eating it then mate. No offence taken, I've got my views and you have yours...… I'm careful not to mention names of people or companies on this subject.... All I care about is nature, the fish, the lakes etc.. I find it a bit hypocritical for some anglers to turn up with a load of fish care equipment and then chuck preservatives into a lake.... Just my op'.
  2. B.C.

    Shelf life boilies

    As far as I know, he's not a bait designer...………... Whom have I misquoted???
  3. B.C.

    Shelf life boilies

    Sodium Benzoate, or salts derived from benzoic acid (an old school nasty preservative) are what some firms are using as their "human grade" preservative...….. Not good for Cyprinids…..( This I picked up on from elsewhere0 A lot of big names in bait making were quoted by another member on a different post and used as a reason to trust bait firms..... But to be honest, some of those names don't trust the bait firms and have moved on to other companies in the past...… Once a bait has been tinkered with to get through the machines quicker and chopped about a bit by the money men to make more profit, it's likely, that the bait that ends up in a bag on the shelves, is a shadow of the original bait, designed by said name.... Hence, imo, the honest guys amongst them moving on. Some won't , but lets be honest, some of the worlds best chefs, will still be seen on the packaging of ready meals in order to sell rubbish to the unsuspecting public..... £££££££££££££££
  4. B.C.

    River Thames.

    20lb river carp is still on my tick list...……… One day maybe 😉
  5. B.C.

    sign of the times

    Shame to hear that mate. I know they don't come cheap either. I would expect them to be bang on for their price... Even if it doesn't affect the alarm working. Each little feature is used as a selling point and should work properly...…. Sounds like they would have a hell of a lot of recalls, if they admitted the fault......
  6. B.C.

    River Thames.

    Wasn't there a fella that caught several 40 plus carp from the Thames back in the early 2000's. Wonder if that fish is one of them? Maidenhead area, Berkshire rings a bell..... Can't think of his name, but he went on to win some kind of carp trophy or award and no doubt some sponsorship too? I remember reading something at the time... I'll see if I can dig it up... No doubt escapees, but to find em and catch em takes a bit of doing.
  7. B.C.

    River Thames.

    Absolute stunner. One that makes you stop and stare for a while...…. Nice to know there's fish like this about. All of our rivers are so untapped..... I know the otters have done some damage, but it proves there's some fish worth putting in the effort for.
  8. They always are mate. He tells a good yarn as well as catching a few...…. I don't know what it is, but you can really put yourself there when he talks about any of his little campaigns...… Those fish, too. Stunners.
  9. B.C.

    sign of the times

    The marketing power of the likes of Nash, Fox, Korda etc has us drawn to their products on virtually any search...…. You have to sometimes dig a bit deeper to find the less fashionable brands...… I used to use the AD board to have a browse for certain items. But they don't do all brands these days, and push the big names...………. I think some companies are living off their past reputation. The likes of Trakker and Aqua for instance, used to be associated with good quality, but imo, everything out there is much of a muchness in terms of build quality and materials used.(Unless you can go top top end) You've only got to check the wayward stitching to realise that these products aren't really checked for quality anymore. So they may hit us with the R&D blag, but they are certainly cutting corners at the other end of the production line...… This makes things very hit and miss imo….. You could buy a cheaper brand with really good work done on it and like wise a more expensive brand that was rushed out the factory door to fill an order, just depends who's worked on it and who's checked it.... Some of the retail prices charged on certain kit, you'd expect a more thorough quality control. I think this is where having things manufactured over sea's becomes a problem. Once they are on the boat, there's no going back, they have to be sold regardless of quality. Shelves need filling and tills need to ring..... I got very lucky with this bag at £16.... Really well made and an insulated compartment on top, not a known brand but every bit as good as similar bags sold for £40 plus..... Some cheap items I've bought on-line have turned out to be poor quality, but I can say the same for known brands too. Like I say, it's a bit hit and miss across the board imo….
  10. B.C.

    sign of the times

    I had 3lb tc…… Maybe should have got the 3.5...…. Some hairy scarey scraps on the 3lb tc, almost bent double.... Exhilarating and good fun, but never quite in control.
  11. B.C.

    sign of the times

    I think these are well over priced...…. I had a go with a dwarf set up this year to test out 9footers, which I've sold on now. I landed a few half decent fish, but it was hearts in mouth stuff and tbh, I can see a few fish being lost to snags with these, I found it difficult to really control the fish, they are very very soft rods. But I did like the way that everything packs down small and neat...…… Thought about upgrading to some scopes, poss' 10 footers, but the price just puts me off. Don't mind paying for something, but at £160-£180 a piece ??.. I'd feel like I was having my pants pulled down... I've been looking at the Sonik rods in 10ft, Dominator X...… You can get a set of 3 for the price of 1 Scope. And the sort of fishing these shorter rods lend themselves too, means you are only really flicking them out short range. They won't pack down as small as the Nash rods in transit. But at the end of the day, just need a rod that doesn't get me hung up on overhead branches on a little lake I fish, they don't need to be fashionable...
  12. B.C.

    Bank Tackle.

    They are quick and reliable service...… Only problem I've ever had ,was with some quick clips, the powder coating glued them shut and I had to cut them open. But I've had loads of bits off them that were fine....
  13. http://lilyfisheries.co.uk/ Meant to be the quietest of their waters.. 17 acres... Few hundred fish.... Fast growers stocked about 10 years back, with some originals and some "born in the lake" from stockies……… Had a look at a couple of their waters myself...… Lords is pretty deep and bowl shaped, not too many features to fish to in open water...….. Reed fringed and quiet, due to location and not holding the biggest fish of their venues, but fish to over 30lbs.. Everything is on the link..... If you want a phone number, find their FB page, it's on there...…… Hope this helps.... The fish are a bit of a mixed bag, some stunners and some not so, but some crackers in amongst.... If you are looking for somewhere quiet to fish, worth a look... It is literally in the middle of nowhere, on the Cambs fens......
  14. B.C.

    sign of the times

    I agree on everything you said mate, except for the above quote. Some bits of kit end up worse than the original versions..... It really is "Emperors new clothing" mindset with all the marketing hype..... I've always said, look after any older kit as best you can... Can be difficult to replace like for like..... This is why we always hear sponsors saying "we must get more youngsters into the sport", IMO, there are very few people left that continue falling for the spiel, once bitten, twice shy. They need the youngsters to fall for their shiny ads..... As you say, just in time for Christmas...…. So called upgrades and new products used to be a generational thing, now it seems it's every six months.... When they say "We've spent loads of time developing and sourcing for this ground breaking "must have" bit of bankside kit", translate that into lay mans terms, equates to "We've found some other factory that will do it cheaper, so we changed it slightly"..... My mk2 Tracker rod sleeve I bought recently, is a cheap knock off of there first one, hence the grumpy old man rant...🤩