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  1. Wronguns

    Two of the above aren't mine, cropped captors so as not to offend, plucked from public sites, just liked the look of them.
  2. Wronguns

  3. Wronguns

    That's the thing CM, regardless of strain, I've seen photo's of , what I consider to be, nice looking carp without knowing their origins..... The origins aren't as important, as long as, in the captors eyes, they've caught a worthy adversary, in my case, something I regard as, nice to look at, and not too easy to catch for me.... Just wanted to know if anyone could point me in the right direction in order to read up on the history and introduction of various strains.... Not wanting to stir it up or start slating different fish. I'm really just interested in the fish I like the look of and it would be nice to know where they get there characteristics from, first hand, from an author that has in depth knowledge on and written about the subject.... I'll continue browsing to see if I can come across anything, but if anyone has read or heard of a decent reference, please divulge
  4. After a quick browse........ The only difference between the two DXR and RX Digital,........ The DXR has an extra adjustment dial on the face of the alarm. So there are 2 dials that have an "S" on them (The bottom two).. These are both for sensitivity control... The first of these, 3rd one down, is for adjusting the sensitivity of the roller wheel and is governed by how much line you want to pass over the wheel before an indication is registered........ The second "S" dial, bottom one, is said to adjust vibration, ...... A micro adjustment, if you will. The RX alarm has one single sensitivity adjustment dial. When you turn this dial all the way round to it's most sensitive, there is a "V" symbol on the dial reading, which stands for "vibration", in other words , it's mega sensitive..... IMO though Dan, I doubt you'd ever use an alarm set at its most sensitive as the slightest breeze or ripple even, will give you a lot of false bites. Basically, the single sensitivity dial on the RX, does both jobs, that the two dials on the DXR do.. Side note... Those dinky little dials on the older alarms can be fiddly to adjust, especially if a little stiff. I use forceps, gently , if I need to adjust mine,. which isn't often.
  5. I've not owned DXR, but I would assume that the "D" in their title would stand for Digital...... Some of the differences on these alarms could be something like, tone control or sensitivity control... I know the RX have Volume,tone and sensitivity controls,...... Let me have a browse and I'll see if I can pick up on any real differences between the two...... Don't worry, you are not chewing my ear
  6. Think "digital" just means wireless..... Older models would have wires running from the alarm heads to a sounder box, meaning a few metres of mud caked wire to trip on and for the rats to chew on. Gardner do a wireless "dongle" set up that can convert some older set ups to a wireless/digital one. might be other brands out there too.....
  7. Wronguns

    Can any knowledgeable folk explain the difference between a Simmo and a Dink...... Were Mark Simmons fish originally bred from a Dink strain?.... Are they the same? I recently saw a pic of a carp, very round in shape, side on, and commented that it looked like a Simmo and asked "How many Simmos were in the lake"?... I was promptly told that there was no such thing as a Simmo, and they were all "Dinks"........ Wrongly or rightly, I've always gone on what a fish looks like as to whether I want to fish for it, and I don't mind admitting that I've had to back track a little on my overall views on this subject, having seen photo's on here of fish that I would love to catch, and not being able to tell their true origins....( I could say that about a few carp related subjects, since joining this forum and hearing the views of others).... So basically, what's the difference between a "Dink" and a "Simmo" ? Has anyone ever written a book about carp strains and there origins that's worth a read? It's easy to comment on "what you think you know". But would be nice to read up on the subject.
  8. Thought for the day.

    Spare a thought for, and maybe contribute a small donation to any homeless or rough sleepers in your area during the forthcoming cold snap...... A guy died in a shop doorway last night in Chelmsford. Quite a busy and relatively affluent town..... Some have it easier than others.
  9. Plagiarism

    A deep and emotive subject imo........ I wouldn't say that I'm a complete anti-capitalist , after all, what's the alternative? But I do think it's taken a wrong turn along the line in general. Pollution and debt are what it thrives on. Lots of heads in the sand... With the environment taking the biggest hit world wide.......
  10. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    Yeah, this thread is food for thought. As mentioned earlier, how many anglers really do constantly fish at range?... Perhaps a compromise could be made by most of us by using lead free weights at shorter distances, if casting is a problem and a drop off system is needed .Distance fishing will usually incorporate a heli set up, which, the way I use them, the lead stays fixed anyway. The method you mention above...... you may come unstuck if any undertow pulls your unweighted rig about, but I can see how it would work in some situations.
  11. Fishing for river carp

    In theory JH, they should be expending some energy just to hold in any current, even in slack areas. So they will need to replace spent energy more often than lake carp that are held up in snags with no current... In theory that is..... Good luck mate.
  12. Throwing stick..

    Yeah me too, every now and then something brilliant pops up.
  13. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    Agree, no mention of line bs either used on the test, could have been 6lb with a shock leader for all we know. I think a lot of guys had a go with these when they first came out quite a few years back. I would say that the average joe is using much better gear now (myself included) even at a budget in terms of mainline, line lay and tip recovery, ring sizing etc Not as good build quality as top end gear, but much better than the average gear of 12/15 yrs ago in the main. So should be able to cast further with better accuracy in theory. Mate, I struggled to hit 80yds on a water about 18mnths ago. Sounds pathetic, but I was so used to fishing short range, and punching 40-50yds with no technique, I just found it hard in any kind of wind to get the extra yards. Got it up to 100 yds now with a bit more practice and technique I'll be happy with 120/130 if I can get there. Found you've really got to put your gear to the test, which most people hold back on.
  14. The False PB Joints

    Not my bag either....... There is a market for it though. The "pampered " generation like things easy, with a few home comforts.... Sounds more like a holiday venue..... There are some good places out there, they just don't need to advertise and probably don't want to, waiting list as long as your arm without any hype......... A portaloo, now that's real luxury.