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  1. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    The stuff I'm about to buy is sold as "Liver Hydro Powder"... Make of that what you will. All I know is that it's highly soluble and carp love it........ As far as fish and nut mix, I'm happy to use that...... Even fish, nut and milk, had fish on that before.......Colours and flavours mean nothing to me, as most of what they eat is drab in colour and won't be smelling of tuttinutberrycherrynilla, or what ever they want to call the next batch lol.
  2. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    I know what you mean mate. I've said recently that my kitchen looks like a couple of catering firms have had a tear up even after rolling just a few kg's....... There are certainly smells and mess to put up with. If you are going to get them rolled by a bait firm with some kind of tweak to combat the silt. I would suggest getting a soluble ingredient added that contains some freed up amino's...... IMO they won't be hunting with their eyes in the silt...... Something like, GLM powder, Liver Hydro powder, or plain old belechan and they'll find it with their eyes shut. If the bait is any good, you can ditch the flavours to help cover the cost of the added ingredient..... Hook baits with a dose of oil so they don't draw in the silt smell as much...... Just my op'.
  3. Bad days

    Move your holiday time over by a week, if poss'
  4. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    Buy some base mix and roll your own with a personal touch. I think the only way you can have a real edge, bait wise, be that psychological or actual, is to be the only guy on a lake using a particular bait... Trouble is you need to take time rolling and also regular visits to get some in the lake between sessions.... But when you do, it comes together... I'm inclined to think that it's the regular short bait up trips that really give you an edge. As much as, if not more, than the bait that's going in... You just get more tuned in.
  5. Solid Bags

    I would still get rid of the thin end of the tail rubber. There's no requirement for it and it can grip onto any leader and jam. Don't forget the rubber will behave differently under 8ft of cold water and most likely contract. Not suure how you are trying to dislodge the lead with this set up. Or is it a semi-fixed set up you want? In which case , as you are casting the whole rig out in a bag, then just use 5mm of the tail rubber. Along time back, I used to cut 5mm off the fat end of the insert and push it into the fat end of the lead. I would then trim the thin end of the insert down to 5mm and place it in the thin end of the lead with the remainder of the fat end sticking out (which can also be trimmed if needed). This will leave you with something that will accommodate a swivel at both ends. So when you set up with a sliding swivel threaded onto a leader and a fixed swivel on the end. You can push the fixed swivel into the fat end and the adjustable sliding swivel into the other. You can loop to loop your rig onto the fixed swivel at the fat end of the rig. Your leader will run around the outside of the lead..... Don't forget this is a bag we are fishing, so as long as you get the lot in a bag neatly, it won't pull apart unless you get a pick up. The lead always dislodges on the take. Hope you can follow that.
  6. Solid Bags

    You can always pinch the swivel eye with some forceps, just a tad to make it slightly oval in shape. Or if you are dropping the lead and your leader is running on the outside of the lead to a tail rubber you can trim the thin end of the tail rubber, and take a bit off the insert before you slide it on and don't push it right up tight..... TBH I dislike tail rubbers and opt for a softer silicon sleeve which makes it easier for the lead to dislodge. If you don't have any, then trim the tail rubber right down so about 5mm of the thicker end is left. A quick head shake, should see this dislodge the lead easily. Be careful to cast accurately or you'll lose a few leads. Doesn't hurt to double bag it on a tricky cast, will give you a bit more time if you need to retrieve and recast.
  7. Can't disagree with that. Spring/Summer, compared to Autumn / Winter are two different animals.... I do like to see it through though. Just when Winter has done it's worst and you feel like throwing the towel in, then the first few buds start appearing and that gives you a lift.
  8. Depends what bivvy you have.... I know Tracker do spares kits for theirs....... Might be worth contacting supplier/manufacturer to get proper advice, sometimes, the decent ones will throw in a spare, not often, but does happen.
  9. A sad day..............................

    I can honestly say "no" in regards to fishing gear. I did give a few bits away a little while back, including an old brolly system which had seen better days and I ended up buying exactly the same model again after some faffing about.... To be fare, it was battered and the guy needed a shelter..... It usually takes me an age to decide on what to buy, so I'm pretty reluctant to part with it... Sorry to hear about your predicament, hope things pick up for you fella.
  10. Water level is well down on our place, once it goes gin clear the coots and tufties will be all over the anglers.
  11. I think they'll start thinking of hibernating soon.
  12. Solid Bags

    I've used similar, especially when using a long hair. I just use a small length of .5mm tubing threaded onto the hair before adding the bait. Creates a stiff hair. I left a tiny,tniy space to give slight movement. I was playing about with anti-eject properties at the time. Caught a few, blanked a few, nothing conclusive.
  13. Solid Bags

    If you ram the swivel right in it can lock up. I don't use in lines much these days. But when I do, I'm looking for an instant bolt effect, so a tight swivel doesn't bother me. If you want some movement on the lead end of the rig, then a ring swivel is one option you can try.
  14. The weed hung around for ages last year, but it's breaking up nicely this year. You're right, everything seems set for a normal one.
  15. Autumn is great. Had a walk round tonight to plop 1lb of bait in and not a soul on the lake. Not sure why that was, perhaps they've used up all the brownie points lately...... Wind hacking down one end, dead fall littering the banks, clumps of weed broken up and blown to one end. Planning a couple of nights next week around the new moon. Hoping the banks will be just as bare. You've just got to love the Autumn, it's like a fresh page in a book. Lets hope the fish play ball this year..... Last season the long awaited Autumn munch was over in the blink of an eye by the end of September on this lake.