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  1. Same as Kev, welcome mate. I live to far away.
  2. I'll check it out properly before I buy anything. If I just get the brolly, then I'll have a good six months to find something. You could be right tho Chill, might not need the wrap. Didn't need it til Jan this winter. Although I did use one on the pram hood biv, not sure I really needed to until Jan.
  3. Cheers C9, looks ideal, good price too, nice one.
  4. After a recent thread on the same subject. I opted for a Wychwood Tactical bedchair. Which came recommended from this forum. Incredibly light, lays flat, and good firm surface. Not too expensive either. Unfortunately, no bag included. I've only used it the once, but was very comfortable. Can't help on the Fox one, sorry. As mentioned, some of the top end products are a bit expensive for what they are. And are very heavy too.
  5. I had a few issues with the Gardner GTHD last summer with coiling. I'm pretty sure that it was down to my spools being exposed to the hot sun whilst fishing. It was quite a hot one last year. I've also found that if I'm getting coils or a lot of line twist, reloading the line on to a spare spool ,takes all the twist out.
  6. Just keeps the worst of the weather off the whole set up. Easier to dry out a wrap, than the whole thing.... Also , small porch area for waders, mucky boots. I get what you are saying about the insulation gap, but it still works out warmer with another layer. It would in effect have a triple layer on the top part, with the condensation guard. I won't need the extra wrap until next winter. So there's plenty of time to look around.
  7., Wanted a winter wrap for one of these. At the moment I've got a cheap brolly system which is a bit wobbly in the worst weather. I've also got a Tracker Cayman with a winter skin which is pretty good winter bivvy. Alright if you want to plot up for 48hrs, but moving swims to get on fish becomes a bit more of a decision with the set up / pack down. The brolly system I've got was bought to just get out on the bank last summer, sort of temporary really. Storm Doris reminded me that I needed a stronger brolly. The JRC one looks much stronger, and I had one of their Stealth System's for years with no problems. If I could get a winter skin for it, it would be perfect for my needs and pocket. As I could get the winter layer further down the line and £180 for the brolly system looks a fair price IMO. The zip in mozzy front is something you don't really see with other brollies in this price range. It's normally an extra. It's not the lightest at 10kg. But would still be much quicker to set up and pack down than a pram hood. I should think it would be a bit lighter with just the mozzy front on. Haven't actually bought it yet. But might be able to find a generic wrap from a different brolly.
  8. Too much work involved to make it cost effective for just one bivvy......... I didn't ask him about supplying material, but that's a good shout mate.
  9. Any one know of anyone out there that can make custom bivvy wrps/ winter skins....... ..... Already tried Army Andy....... Thanks for any replies.
  10. If I were you I'd get the shortest I could, as long as they are adjustable they will cover most situations. Don't forget the height of the platforms will come into play. I'm ordering some 6" this week, as I found even the 9" can be a bit high in a very strong wind. 9" adjustable will cover most situations. It does , of course , depend on how you like to fish. Some people prefer their tips up, where as I prefer a low set up.
  11. I have a friend on the Maldon ticket and I know they have a cap on the number of night permits, which means that their waters don't get too over crowded. Most of their waters are good for a bite. Slough House is a place that you would catch regular multiple catches. No monsters, but loads of upper doubles and a few twenties. Good place top get a bend in the rods.
  12. To be honest, I've been completely stuck into my own venue to notice what's been happening elsewhere. I always recommend joining a local club or using the local tackle shop regularly. As you meet more people on the bank and in the tackle shops you'll pick up the odd bit of info. I don't really do day tickets. One thing I will say though, is that if you are going to be jumping from venue to venue, day tickets, club waters etc, then please do make sure that your kit gets a thorough clean up and dry out between waters. You never know what nasties you may be carrying from water to water if your kit is damp. If you stick to Cuton for a few sessions, you'll probably hear from the other anglers if there is anywhere local to you, that's worth a visit.
  13. The semi stiff is ideal for any boom sections really. You can steam it, weight it to create what you need. But I've found that if you pin a few sections tight in a rig box, it doesn't need steaming., and has just enough give in it to lay over choddy areas without sticking up and looking blatant. The slightly cammo finish on the coating also aids presentation.
  14. Mung beans are very high in lysine, compared to other pulses. Something I was going to use myself, post spawning. They are what bean sprouts come from and when just sprouted are quite sugary as well.
  15. Good luck CM, with your first carp outing of the year. I've been steadily trickling my new bait in for about a month now, just a few handfuls twice weekly on a couple of spots. Partly because I was the only one over there up until a week or two back and I wanted to get them moving a bit. I've seen a couple of shows now over these spots. My one 36hr session in the last fortnight ended in a blank. But I've got some particles on the go now for my next bout, in a few days time. ( BTW, thanks for the info on fermenting particles a little while back ). The stock levels aren't great where I'm fishing and a few more faces are turning up, no doubt trying to bait a few areas as well. Not quite sure how to play it now. I've seen a few fish eating my bait and I'm happy that it's being accepted. I was going to start adding some prepped particle in the mix to fish over. That way the birds won't get everything. May plan through the Spring, and probably throughout, is to set smallish traps , on a couple of routes I know of, where they have been holding up recently and play it by ear as the seasons progress. In hindsight, last year saw me slightly overdoing it bait wise, thinking there were more fish present. I'll be sitting on my hands a lot more this coming season.