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  1. If you can get away with banksticks, I'd go down that rout. I've got a stainless pod/goalpost/cross bar set up. And although it's indestructible and has lots of options, they do tend to be quite heavy. It was the best I could afford at the time (12 yrs ago ).... If I was buying today, the Fox Black label pod and sticks would be my preferred choice, just because it's light and compact and descreet. And suits the smaller lakes that I tend to fish. But you also have to take into account that you may want to use it on more than one water which might involve carrying a few different options , regarding front sticks, so price and weight, will come into play when you want to make additions to your set up. This is where the higher end stainless will cost a few bob and weigh a bit more with extras. My first choice is sticks, followed by sticks with stage stands (if the swim will accommodate), then if I can't use either, then the cross bars come out and the sticks with snag bars are converted into a pod, which I try to avoid as it can be a little fiddly if you are OCD with getting it all plumb..... Stainless will last you a life time and looks and feels brand new with a clean up, even after 12 years of abuse. ( Matrix Super Slinky, was my choice a good while back ).... One thing I'll add is, don't be taken in by cheaper stainless options, you'll find the screws, threads and overall build quality is far more inferior compared to a higher end set up which will be more solid and "tighter", if you know what I mean.
  2. Net/mat dips.

    Anyone know the "best" stuff to use for an effective net/mat dip......? I know a lot of these get left to stagnate, but it will be changed/ topped up at least once a month, or sooner if it gets low.... It's not really something I've looked for before..... Also, does anyone know if the old dip is harmful in anyway if being emptied on nearby land? Any comments welcome and appreciated, thanks.
  3. What is your newest purchase

    Good for you, enjoy what you can, when you can.... glass half full
  4. What is your newest purchase

    Same here mate, filling it up will coincide with a bit of a clear out.... I did also buy the Korda rig box with the little compartments, so between the two there should be plenty of room for any bits.
  5. What is your newest purchase

    Same here..... Nothing really stands out atm... Not enough to make me buy now... Some things can wait til Jan sales....
  6. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Gonna get my ticket for a water I mentioned on here, in a couple of weeks time..... It's a new syndicate on a water that's not been a fishery and should offer some bank space.... The club ticket will be kept, as I like the little club lake I help Bailiff and a lot of the regulars are a really good bunch, plus it's 10 minutes away........ I've googled SPR's swim on a river not to far away, so early Spring I'm gonna bomb it with a mountain of bait and camp there for a couple of weeks. lol..... Seriously, I keep saying it, but the river deserves at least a few day sessions at some point..... Oh , theres another club ticket that does early joining starting December. I think it's about £80 a year for days only and has waters on my doorstep. And last but not least, all this talk about mystery fish and waters on another thread has got me thinking about goog earthing a few areas nearby and taking the dogs for a walk and a recce, time permitting when the weather warms up..... Never really got going so far this season, done more odd jobs around the lake than fishing. But will be a lot more organised in the New Year... Should be able to put together a small set up aside from my main gear, so I can do the odd short session or overnighter off the cuff.
  7. The Cheating Thread

    They wouldn't be the "average" bloke, if they did........ Just because we don't hear about such anglers and fish as often, doesn't mean that they aren't out there.... I suspect that this pool of anglers is made up mainly of those that hate the way things can go if their endeavours are overly publicised...... I'd like to think that there are some real secret squirrels, that know of and catch these mystery fish.... Isn't that how it used to be? Long before I cast a line out.
  8. British Record

    Think it's just carp in there too, no bream , tench silvers etc, as per their home page...... So there would be plenty to eat..... Should think it would pose a fair challenge for the angler, competing against all the natural stuff. Anyone know what it was caught on?
  9. The Cheating Thread

    That would make a good read one day
  10. British Record

    Wasn't knocking it, 2lb a year roughly... But to keep on growing without topping out at a lower weight... Some fish, some lake.
  11. The Cheating Thread

    Wow, that's some privelage..... And that's what seperates yourself from most of the rest of us...... All the best.
  12. British Record

    That is some growth rate..........
  13. The Cheating Thread

    Very true mate....... Might be that the write up I read ,influenced my previous post. ..."it's just a fish", is what the captor said..... I would say that it was a bit more than that, considering it was unknown at the time. My real point was that weights aren't everything to me.... I can remember shaking when I caught my first proper carp, all 17lb of it, followed by an 18lb in the same session, 20lbers were the benchmark back then and a 30 was an absolute monster and not many lakes held them that I could fish for, so even seeing one on the bank was such a rarity......... 30lb is plenty big enough for me.... The first pic I saw of The Black Mirror, made me "Shake in my boots". Just for what it looked like.
  14. The Cheating Thread

    Me too mate.
  15. The Cheating Thread

    This might sound strange. But when I started fishing a 30lber was an absolute monster and was always my target.... It still is a huge fish to me today... But having caught a few now, size wise, it's target achieved. And even if I catch a forty, I doubt I'll get the same buzz as that first thirty...... Bit like winning the lottery i'd guess..... You win 10million and it's a life changer, next year you win 12million and I bet it's not the same.... Saw a photo of a Nene Valley fish yesterday, 36lb of pure relic a fish to devote your life for. On the same page was a story about The first known capture of The Sonning Eye, almost 20lb heavier in 2000. If anyone asked me, I'd rather have the 36lber...... Not sure if it was Carp Radio or Carp Cast, FB, page that both stories were on.... If you get time take a look. That 36, Nene Valley fish is something to behold.