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  1. They are fine to use when they are on the turn. You are right it is the sugars coming out. There was no need to re boil them. Next time just refreeze them. if the white bits bother you just swish them around in some water and then re freeze. I'm not sure why they went like that, but its a good idea to hang them near an open window so that air can circulate around them. I think as they were in a warm cupboard and there was nowhere for the moisture to escape to, then effectively it's like putting them in a sauna, if you get what I mean, and they won't dry properly....... They will still be ok to use with what you have done, but by re boiling them they would have lost some attraction. I would air dry again for a few days in a ventilated room, add some attractors and re freeze them...... This is my opinion only, some people might have a different view.
  2. That's the old Closed season, I remember it well. It still applies to rivers nowadays. There is no official closed season for still waters, although most sensible lakes won't fish whilst the carp are spawning and perhaps for a week afterwards to let them recover..... You should get your rods out again sometime, good way to relax and forget about work for a few hours.
  3. I'm out for 48hrs tomorrow, first trip of the year. Batten down the hatches by the sounds of it. Don't think the gales hit until Thursday morning. Nothing out so far this year on the lake, but a few moving about slowly. Hopefully the big winds will wake them up properly.
  4. Hi Nick, you class the NG's as an all rounder but what kind of distance could you achieve if you had to? Reel and lead size taken into account would you say 100 to 110 with a bit of welly. £650 doesn't sound too bad for some custom built Century's.
  5. Without a doubt John, if you buy decent kit and look after it, then it should do the job for a long time to come. Everything is relative I suppose. Personally I can't afford to spend that much, but if I could, then I most definitely would. Good luck with the search mate.
  6. Wow, now I've watched the vid, they look pretty handy bud. Didn't realise you could cook in them. Good space savers
  7. I was looking at that sort of stuff a few weeks back Smuft,... And I took a punt on one of these as a guest mug, collapsible stainless and small, not arrived yet, but if it's any good I'll let you know.
  8. I've found a couple of places that do the conversions now so no need to reply........ Mods you can take this down if you want.
  9. Been offered a couple at a decent price with receiver, trouble is one is white and the other blue. Can't be doing odd alarms. Does anyone know if you can change the small LED on these? I know you can change the wheels. My days only water has a two rod limit and these little fellas would be ideal.
  10. When I do mine, they usually end up with a sticky gloopy coating. If you thin the juice out your boilies will become water logged and very soft, so it's a good idea to dip them , let them dry, dip them again, and so on. If you are using the same as hookbaits you will need to dry a dozen or so off properly before you go t to harden them up. If you freeze them between dipping them, the thawing out process will draw the liquids in further. It sounds like a lot of hassle, but if you start all this a week before your trip it's only five minutes a few times before you go. If you plan on going to this water again sometime, it might be worth adding a small amount of salt or sugar the the liquid, this will help to preserve them further after dryng out.
  11. Looking at it, not sure you need the bottom bead, doesn't look like it does anything.......... Unless I've missed something. the bait will hold itself up and doesn't need a buffer at the swivel end. A PVA nugget will help it stay put on the cast.
  12. Try it out on a runs water when things warm up a bit, get an idea of hook holds........ Keep us posted bud.
  13. See what you mean with that rig, hadn't seen it before, the lead clip can't do its job when the lead is fixed to the hook link like that. Why not some pva string and then the mud? I remember when the fish was found in the carp sack at SWP, it was quite well publicised, horrible way for a fish to go.. Agree with you on snag fishing, barbless hooks and tubing or naked, tight lines, stiff clutch. The lead core is an on going debate, especially as some anglers are using 20lb flouro straight through instead of leaders, equally as bad IMO. Theres a big difference when using 3ft of lead core on a heli, or 8ft as a leader. Any way, that's a whole new debate. Naked is probably safest.
  14. Don't forget, the bait will nearly always be sucked in from above, so the spring in the stiff material will help as it will be pulling downwards, that's what makes the chod, or hinged stiff rig so effective, IMO... As well as the weighted swivel pulling down enough to engage the hook point. After that it depends on how clever the fish is at getting rid, or how sharp your hook is so the tip of the point stays in long enough for the fish to bolt...... That's how I see it anyway.
  15. Nice one, but if you notice, Franks has part of the base swivel showing, I would think that allows the rig to twist round when approached from any direction, along with a small curve in the chod section. It's weird you putting your rig up mate, we were chatting about the FW rig a little while back somewhere else and trying to fathom it out..... The pic comes courtesy of a mate.