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  1. Went to visit a mate on the bank today and was mightily impressed with the chair he offered me to use. Incredibly light, and a nice high back to lean back on. Twice the size and half the weight of many other chairs out there, including my old Wychwood chair. And although I was only there for half an hour or so, it proved very comfortable during my visit. Not a tarty brand, but well worth a look if you are lookin g for a high backed chair.
  2. I'd just add that a better solution would be to give club bailiffs, or even just their head bailiffs the power to ask for EA licences as well as club tickets. This would greatly increase the man power at little or no cost to the EA. With perhaps a percentage of any proceeds from fines etc, going into the clubs coffers as some form of commission. I have always been a believer in anglers producing their EA license in order to purchase any form of club,syndicate or day ticket....... Shame the wheels of commerce will never agree.
  3. I honestly don't think that the EA have the man power to keep on top of license dodgers. This conversation came up last Autumn when a lot of our waters allow three rods through the winter. Under the old system, a second license would need to be purchased. The club bailiffs have no power over EA licenses and an angler doesn't have to produce one unless it's an EA bailiff asking. It transpired that there was only one EA bailiff operating in our "area"..... How big an area this is, was never mentioned. But with four clubs and dozens of syndicates as well as day ticket venues all within a ten mile radius of where I live, it would appear that policing EA licenses is an almost impossible task. More of our money spent on extra EA bailiffs, even part timers, would be a good starting point IMO.
  4. Not sure my parents would take that phone call
  5. Good luck Dave.. Hope you bag something.
  6. It's generally considered bad practice to angle for them around this time. Those that have spawned will be weak and should really be given a week or so to recover properly. Those that have yet to spawn should be left alone to get on with it. I would try and get my money back, or transfer it onto another booking a few weeks down the line when the main bulk of the stock will have done their thing. There will always be a few late spawners. And sometimes they will have another go at it a bit later. Three times last year where I fish..... If you interfere , ie lines in the water, they may not spawn successfully, which can lead to some of them being left full of spawn, or , "spawn bound", which has been the cause of death to many a big fish over the years. Of course, this could also happen naturally, but imo, more likely if they are stressed in any way prior to and during spawning. All of our club lakes are closed for 2 weeks once there are sure signs of spawning activity.
  7. Confiscate gear, not returned until fine is fully paid up. If fine isn't paid within certain time, sell gear to pay it....simple.
  8. I think something you can take from this is that bait flavours don't make a great deal of difference... It's the general make up of the bait and the food signals that the bait gives off. It's no good just changing the flavour if the bait is not good enough in the first place.... Corn, apart from the visual aspect, also contains good levels of vit B5, (pantothenic acid), something, that simply put, helps turn food into energy. TBH, you can replicate this by adding ingredients that contain B5. Liver powders, salmon derivatives....... Poultry livers are said to be very high in B5. But as mentioned, you will only be replicating something that is already working with your corn.. But in boilie form , will cast further and to some extent, evade the attentions of smaller fish. I'm sure there are other reasons why carp find corn attractive, but the B5 theory has always stuck in my head.
  9. Agree with Yonny, seeing these extra fish is frustrating when you've had a slow season, but it does breath new life into the place psychologically. At least you know they are in there , and not necessarily swimming around with the main group all of the time. A plus, when you're pushed into an unfancied area, due to angling pressure. As mentioned....long live the mystery.
  10. How accurate do you think "stated" stock levels are on our lakes? As the fish are well and truly grouped up on my water, I've spotted a couple of pleasant surprises, not monsters. But pretty ,scaley fish, that, tbh, I didn't know were in there. It got me thinking that , with most anglers competing for the same spots in the same swims, with the same baits/methods. It's no wonder that the same few dozen fish get caught over and over. And when stock levels are discussed, it's these fish that are considered and very little else. It's no secret that some clubs and syndicates will over estimate in order to attract anglers. But in all honesty I think there are just as many cases of underestimating. Some fish will go on the missing list only to reappear a few seasons later. There are some fish that feed mainly on naturals and shy away from angling scenarios. Every lake has it's myths. My advice, while fish are grouping up and coming out of hiding to do their annual thing, is to get out there and walk the banks and observe what you can. You never know, you might see something special.
  11. That's great if they do that nowadays, the hard cases are brilliant and don't damage the alarms like the ATT cases. I remember having to buy mine separately, but that was a long time back now.
  12. I have to agree, they are mega bright, a pain when fishing close in at night, and definitely some temporary blind ness until your eyes adjust. But on the up side, this can help to light the swim up slightly, enough to stop you losing your footing without the need for a bright headlight..
  13. I may have mentioned before, that I've put a small piece of black insulation tape covering part of the LED to dull the light, leaving , say , a third of the LED showing. It can be easily removed and leaves no permanent marks, if ever you wanted to sell them on. In fact, I reckon if you covered them completely, you'd still get a glow coming through.
  15. It's certainly not a silly question Rich, as all the above answers indicate that it happens a lot. By whipping a couple of extra times below the hair and a couple of times on the way back to the eye can reduce it slipping too. This will also kick the hair slightly away from the hook shank, creating a more aggressive rig. Not everyone's cup of tea, but something I don't mind.