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  1. Small piece of shrink tube or .5mm tubing slid through the hook eye, will help prevent the rig pulling tight on a heavy chuck. I just use rig foam to hold things together on the cast. I think it depends on what rig materials you use and how easy they are to slide.......
  2. It will be ok as the shrink tube is kicking the hooklink away from the hook point. But I would definitely get a packet of stiff riggers to tie up the next lot. The ESP cryogen stiff riggers are pretty good. Size six will do it.
  3. I also didn't spot that it's best to use a hook with an out turned eye, a stiff rigger type pattern. It keeps the gape of the hook wider and protects the hooklink from rubbing against the metal eye when under tension.
  4. Looks fine mate. The only thing I might do differently is not to shrink the little length of tubing. Use a diameter that fits snug, that way you can change the hook more easily. But that's just nit picking, it wont matter if you've got a few tied up ready to go. Pretty good for first effort mate.
  5. Interesting, I wonder how long that bed of bait had been there. Might be worth feeding with softer baits or washed out/semi broken down baits.
  6. No worries. You could try putting a couple of nuggets in the stick, then add some mix. And hook it straight onto the hook through the bit with the mix in. This may stop it from burying as the nuggets may just hold it aloft until it melts. As long as you don't squash them down too much.
  7. You've answered your own question a little bit there bud. It will get pulled into the silt/chod..... Couple of foam nuggets with help it to settle on top of the silt. No stick needed.... 3 or 4 half baits and a couple of nuggets on a stringer and a nugget to hold the multi rig in position on the cast. Tiny bit of saliva to stick the nugget. You don't want it to melt off, but come unstuck and float up to the surface. TBH though, anything like this attached to a pop up rig, might hamper the presentation. I would probably just use a couple of nuggets, so it can drop down nice and gently. The others might be able to give you some better/alternative advice.
  8. Mate. some of the bigguns can get caught 2 or 3 times in a short space of time once they are on the munch. If it's the first capture of the year then I would consider myself in with a good chance. Especially pre spawning. That fish will be eating as we speak, perhaps a little more carefully....... If the weed isn't right up yet and the naturals aren't at their fullest, then you are still in with a good chance. I don't really have targets, although we'd all like to catch the better ones. I never let it bother me if one gets caught. It's been caught on a certain bait and certain method. It still has to eat. If you are dead set on this particular fish, then perhaps change things up a bit, zig or floater for instance if it was caught on a bottom bait..... If it wasn't caught on my bait and rig, then I would still be confident.
  9. As buzz says , tips down , or rods on floor to play fish over. It happens, with or without a pod. Some pods are more stable than others, but you don't need top end gear to get yourself fishing. It's nice to have the best, but most people work towards this over time. You won't know exactly what you need , to suit your own fishing, until you get out there and sample a few different situations.
  10. I have to say, I'm not one for technical stuff. But having watched a lad tear our place apart this Spring with the use of a Deeper pro, close in spots, carefully placed rigs. It's no coincidence that he's had a couple of the lakes biggies, from completely different areas... He is a very good angler anyway. But finding spots quicker, means more angling time in the right place. By fishing close in, he's able to overcast and draw it back gently over the area he's fishing........ Well played that man.... I could see myself getting one of these thingies eventually in a season or two, once I'm happy with my main set up. As much as I like to feature find myself. When the weed takes hold and starts drifting slightly with undertow etc, your hard found spots can disappear overnight.
  11. It will be fine mate. Sometimes you've just got to have a pod on some banks. Rather than smashing sticks in with a mallet. Some harsh comments, unnecessary IMO.... At least it will get you fishing mate. As keeno says, they are usually just bank sticks that can be replaced with similar. Although looking at the photo, the sticks look fine. Perhaps the fixing needs a gentle tease back into position? Can you not get it level by adjusting the legs? Something you would normally need to do in any case, as the banks are rarely flat. I can't help you with the model of the pod. Take no notice of any toxic comments, just get yourself on the bank and catch yourself a fish bud. There are some pretty decent pods out there for around £30/£40 new. It can be a nightmare getting yourself set up, cost wise. But don't let that put you off going. Use what you've got for now and you can upgrade over time.
  12. Some nice ones to go at there Deano...
  13. I know what you mean about Spec Savers, takes me half an hour to sort the combo out on the padlock at my place... Nick mentioned on another thread about trying to vary the times of day on the odd walkabout , dawn and dusk etc... Some lakes take that little bit longer to get going, but the first real shows I saw this year came just on dark about a month back. The three weeks that followed saw quite a few hit the bank, many during the day. Keep at it ***ky
  14. Seriously though, I reckon a good few walk rounds will let you know where the fish like to be..... The guys that are catching on my place, did a lot of ground work a couple of months back. Walking the lake and applying bait steadily. Sometimes there are no short cuts, but the rewards are ten fold. I haven't wet a line for 3 weeks, but I still try to get over there for half an hour here and there, just to stay in tune. Don't get too down Dicky, blanking is a huge part of a carp anglers life. Just try to take something from each session and it will slowly come together. Don't forget, there are others blanking too and, I , dare say , a lot of these guys will disappear soon... The more time spent on the water, the smaller the place will feel and the more manageable it becomes...... One guy did 16 blanks in a row at the start of last season, but catches regularly now..... same bait, same tactics..... just a bit more knowledge of the place....
  15. get on the boilies..