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  1. Try silicon sleeves, bit looser than anti tangle sleeves and can be slid over the rig with out the need to take the rig apart...... All these littlr bits add up price wise, but at least they are reusable.
  2. It's like trial and error, try mixing some up, it's cheap to buy...... Think a bit for yourself, learn..... It's not meant as a dig, just try, then come back and ask questions if you can't work it out
  3. Poor old Nige. Never says a bad word. Always posts sensible informative material......... That's it for me, too many neggy comments. Not banter, tinged with spite....Enjoy your fishing chaps.
  4. Same as you mate. Health reasons stopping me from fishing for a few months now. But have been visiting the place regularly, trickling in bait and observing things, walking the banks. Couple of planned sessions coincided with them spawning. It's the same lake as last year, but with a lot more anglers through the Spring. Numbers on the bank may drop now that they've spawned and gone down a few pounds. Hoping to get out next week. Failing that, there's a work party coming up, so will probably attend that and fish a couple of nights afterwards. Good luck with your river trip.
  5. GH, are you still fishing the lake from last season??.. Park lake, if I remember rightly. If so, how's it going mate? How's progress? Any closer to some of the bigger ones?
  6. Amazing how much you can miss. I used to take a tiny radio which was on it's lowest volume setting, just for a bit of company I suppose.. I stopped taking it. It ran out of battery on one session and the difference was incredible. Just like your eye's adjust to the dark, your ear's will become hyper sensitive to anything audible.... Fish showing on another part of the lake, birdlife behaving differently, that sort of thing. Certainly gives you a few more clues.
  7. Good luck on your search bud. I've just negotiated that mine field for a brolly. There are loads of shelters out there. My bivvy is a Tracker Cayman 1 man. Small footprint but loads of room with a flat back, even bigger with the winter skin. I only use it during the cold months. It is quite low, so if you are pretty tall you need to set your bed chair low to see out properly. Other than that, it's a really well made compact bivvy, solid as a rock and not too pricey. Plenty of room for a wide boy bed and a fare bit of kit, if needed. No rear vents. Good idea to visit an angling show room and see something in the flesh, if possible.
  8. Not my thing really. ...... Must be that I'm a grumpy old fart..... TBH, I dread the day when everyone is zipped up in the bivvies playing those games, instead of actually angling. You know, watching the water for signs, or listening out for anything....... Each to their own though.
  9. You sure you are no "sleep fishing"........? Five carp and a sausage sandwich..... The stuff of dreams pal.
  10. I think prices dictate mate. Not many are gonna pay the cash and sit on their tickets. £200 a year, different story.
  11. Just a couple of dozen 14mm cork balls this week.
  12. I lost a pair the other day. Lobbing some snags into a ditch. Forgot to take them off my head and got caught on a branch.............. It all happened in slow motion as they flew into the ravine and out of site lol.
  13. Van's decided to play up........ Looks like I'll be getting some bait rolled at home for a couple of days, 'til it's sorted.
  14. 1 point that's worth noting. There is a lot of used tackle for sale out there on various sites. By buying budget gear, it's unlikely that you would get much of a return on it, once you start to upgrade. The flip side is , that you can buy some quality gear second hand at the moment. Plenty of tackle tarts selling perfectly good gear at cheaper prices. Probably the odd bit of dirt on it.