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  1. Manchester Airport

    rus? I'm not sure what that word means. MTIA? This isn't facebook, Many thanks in advance, that did not kill me. carp fishing is about patience, if I have the patience to sit and watch a rod for 12 hours then I have the patience to write my posts on a forum in English without having to resort to shortcuts.
  2. copy/paste not working here?

    Thanks for the suggestions Gordon but apparently it's a compatibility issue between IE11 and IP Boards, workaround is to turn off the text editor buttons before replying, quote buttons now work and BB code for anything else
  3. copy/paste not working here?

    As the title suggests for some reason I can't copy and paste into the reply box, however if I open notepad and right-click paste it works just fine, can someone else please test this to see if the problem is at my end? Thanks guys Seems the quote button does nowt either, strange...
  4. Weigh sling

    Cheers bud.
  5. Weigh sling

    Thanks Phil, any chance of a link? Googled it but just getting full sets, mats etc.....
  6. Weigh sling

    Hi all, I'm looking for a weigh sling which I can also use to release carp safely back into the water without actually getting into the water myself, any suggestions?
  7. Starting from scratch...

    For me there is no debate crusian, Shimano it will be. Going to buy an X-Aero but still undecided which one. I like the 6000 but Fishing Republic are selling the 10000 for 99 quid at the moment, same reel (almost) but cheaper than the 6000 so I might grab a pair of them. I'll be fishing PVA bags to an island about 65-70 yards out with Shimano Tribal Velocity rods of 3lb tc (too much?).
  8. Hi all, did a bit of carp fishing a few years ago and have now decided to get back into it, been buying my gear bit by bit over the last couple of months, only the reels and some bits and pieces left to get. Really looking forward to getting back out there. Season's greetings to all!