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  1. oscsha

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    Anyone looking at preparing particles should look here for guidelines .
  2. oscsha

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    your prep sounds fine i.e soaking 24-48 hr them simmer for 30 mins , but do not let your particles dry out otherwise your undoing your prep which is done for the health of the fish . Leave the air drying for boilies if you need to .
  3. oscsha

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    Out of interest whats your thinking behind air drying the particles
  4. oscsha

    New water

    Being in the right spot is more important than the bait , use a good fishmeal boilie and or corn or maize . Part of the fun is sussing a water out your self .
  5. oscsha

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    I'm not sure I'd air dry , you need particles to fully absorb water before using hence the soaking & cooking . Freezing them is fine . I remember pre baiting chick peas every night for a week before fishing a water and having a cracking 24hrs .
  6. oscsha

    Record broke...... again

    think your right
  7. oscsha

    Record broke...... again

    I thought Captain Jack died earlier this year .
  8. If ABS was used by Urban baits to roll baits then it's a little out of order to start bitching about ingredients IMO.
  9. Good luck to the guy as Mufty says free advertising . The Dragons gave him an easy ride , no questions about the size of market , percentage of market he has , what the competition is like , does he have a unique selling point/product etc etc . The market is crowded already .
  10. oscsha


    I would still contact 1st just giving them a rough idea of the issues to see what they say .
  11. oscsha


    Just a random thought , but instead of asking the question on here may be drop Delkim an email asking them the question at least you'll know the answer is a correct one . I have these crazy ideas every now and then
  12. oscsha

    Night fishing in between work

    Lightning and 12ft of carbon not a good combo , be care full fella !
  13. oscsha


    What Yonny say's !!
  14. oscsha

    Close season

    Thank you google didn't throw that info up fr me , shame the link wasn't in the OP would have made life easier.