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  1. Nothing to do with emails every time you vote you enter their website , every time you check to see how the comp is going you go to the website even this thread is free marketing for them , all those potential customers entering the online shop . The only reason this competition exists is to gain sales for them .
  2. On another note , it shocks me a company is allowing under 14's to upload pictures of themselves(?) without parental consent to their website . The competition is purely marketing to get new customers anyway. Good luck to all those that enter
  3. [censored]!!

    sounds like a bit of a knee jerk reaction , the lakes the same the fish are the same ... The new owner may even have some good ideas without knowing why the owner and bailiff have fallen out you could be cutting your nose off to spite your face . I would at least give the new owner a chance .
  4. Let's talk rivers!

    There's carp all along the chelmer , the gas works stretch was always a good place although there are some nicer more scenic spots .They used to like eating the burger king scraps aswell
  5. Let's talk rivers!

    Pick a stretch you like the look of , do a few walks along it if you can and look for 'fishy spots' , they very often show themselves .
  6. Let's talk rivers!

    what area of Essex are , as there's no big rivers around here . The Chelmer & Can hold some carp if fishing the Chelmer concentrate on one stretch between lock gates that way your concentrating your time on a smaller area
  7. The best bait deal you will see

    good deal but that works out at £5.20 a kilo not £4.50
  8. Storing maggots

    No need to try it , was my 1st saturday job bait/tea boy . Scary thing is my hands & lower arms where covered in Chrysodine .
  9. Storing maggots

    Maggots no longer feed once removed from the food source at the bait farm , hence why it's difficult to colour them the Bronze dye we used to use is very carcinogenic . Red maggots are feed the red coloring at the bait farm while they are still feeding .
  10. Storing maggots

    Adding ground bait or crushed boillie may just clog up , we used to use a mixture of sawdust and maize the idea was to clean and keep them dry .
  11. Storing maggots

    Some good advice the main trick is to keep them cold . Once you buy them they will not re-feed so just make sure the saw dust is kept dry/clean ,maggots sweat ammonia .Store in as big as container as possible this will stop them produce heat as they move against each other.
  12. KHV

    The thing is we are part of nature , just like other species we look after ourselves 1st . It's just that we've evolved in sometimes a destructive manner
  13. Delkim interference

    total guess as I don't use Delk's but phone , ipad , baitboat could all be the cause .
  14. Bootsale bargains

    I'm glad you post here , it's worth reading for the comical factor , keep it up .
  15. Bootsale bargains

    So just where have you got your ' most tackle thefts are done by out of work druggies ' from . JUST STOP trying to state your opinions as facts . I'm not saying what you have seen / had happen hasn't BUT what i'm also saying has and does happen , some small crime dna has helped solve much larger crime FACT. I'm not saying every crime is treated in the same way but please remember I may just know more facts than yourself ( I don't work for a department store )