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  1. just use some old line or wool etc to back the spools out .
  2. oscsha


    A good bailiff doesn't just ban IMO , sometimes a little word is all that is needed , diplomacy .
  3. oscsha


    Correct although you need good bailiffs to keep any trouble makers around you under control
  4. oscsha


    Wow calm down mate , is there really any need for that ??? None of what I have said is argumentative please don't derail the thread .
  5. oscsha


    I agree to a point , but I do wonder how 'diplomatic ' an 18 year old can be when they may have to offer advice and wonder how their advice on the rules will be viewed by some members . Maybe the club has been very lucky and just so happen to have found two bailiffs that have just turned 18 that meet their criteria time will tell I suppose.
  6. oscsha


    Just to update this is a multi water club not a day ticket water , so I wouldn't expect daily visits as it voluntary . This along with a few other things are making me question next years choice of club .
  7. oscsha


    What in others opinions makes a good bailiff . I'm asking this as my club has just appointed two new bailiffs , now I don't know these people so maybe jumping the gun and possible I my self should be more open minded. The two new bailiffs one young lady and one young lad have both just turned 18 . Any way what in your opinion make a good bailiff
  8. If your fishing smallish waters and casting 50-60 meters then even if strip 150 meters off each spool , that will still allow you to get two years out of a new 1000 meter spool.
  9. oscsha

    Pre bait costs

    Fish are cold blooded so will slow down as the temperature drops , yes river fish may be more active then lake fish but they will not be as active in the colder weather . This could of course work to your advantage as they may be holding in a smaller area of the river rather than roaming around as much . Good luck in what you decide but have a think about fish behavior in various water temperatures .
  10. oscsha

    Pre bait costs

    I think some of it will depend on the river , the old winter leagues on rivers would be very very hard going with lots of blanks . I know they weren't fishing for carp but I would still be wary of putting to much feed in . Saying that I have caught Tench from a river with snow on the ground .
  11. oscsha

    Pre bait costs

    As Yonny says pellets , plus no prep needed . On a personal point of view I'm not sure I would start a prebaiting campaign on the lead up to colder weather coming when the fish will slow right down in both movement and feeding.
  12. oscsha

    bait boat

    You'll have to change your name , can't be 'old school' and own a bait boat .
  13. If fox have a list of dealers on their website then start at the top and work your way down ringing or emailing them , you may find one of the smaller lesser know dealers may still have one in stock.
  14. As above , white bread crumb to bind and brown to help break down , make sure the mix is nice and fluffy , also take your time mixing to make sure the whole bowl is evenly mixed .Have a look on the internet for some of the old match guys , tom pickering , bob nudd , dickie carr they used to keep things simple but effective.
  15. Love apurple pop up or snowman