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  1. Not for me , but I'm sure they will sell well , RM have a good following and a lot of pot noodles want the latest most expensive gear .
  2. Nearly spat my Tea out when you compared a toastie importer with Apple LOL
  3. Thankfully bait boats are banned on most of my waters .
  4. Seems some companies are just pushing the boundaries it will be interesting to see how they sell and what the competition do . Price seems extreme but when you've got people paying £1000 a year for one water and turning up in vans that they only use for fishing , may be it isn't. I'm more against the size of these things (I don't like big flat man made swims argh)to be honest the two man with extra front is NOT a bivvy its a tent , maybe ok for the sort of foreign adventures the ridgemonkey boys do but not for the average joe . One reason the size may be big is due to Jay Cater be a lump !
  5. anybody else seen these - https://bytealarms.com/?fbclid=IwAR1Da5E0ooSEIh0riNWPuJiNkp16Cd5AsZyCQj-rE4JqRUhnru4tZrFZcjM , sure they'll catch more anglers than fish LOL
  6. As Yonny says - https://www.snugpak.com/outdoor/sale?p=2 or the Keela Beelay jacket , I don't find fleece keeps it thermal properties once it looses its body if you know what i mean.
  7. I don't watch many youtube vids , most are sponsored in one way or another so need to use the latest spomb, glug , bucket etc etc.You also never know how many unsuccessful footage they are binning . I know a few sponsored anglers one of them had two big commons off the top on chum within 45 mins of turning up one session this was on a well known water . Roll on several months when he does an article for a magazine the two fish came out on his sponsored bait using rig bits from another of his sponsors ,like he told me how could he write a lengthy article and please his sponsors if he told the truth . I did watch that Karl & Alex one you mentioned , not a bad watch . When they mentioned do something different they had already hooked two of the big lumps tried bullying them to much IMO which is why they lost them ,still it sounds good when they say these things . Nice to see the enthusiasm from them and to see the younger generation coming through which we defo need more of .
  8. Very interesting Nick , so are you saying the carp left the glugged baits alone but ate the unglugged ones in the same area ? Whats your thinking behind adding glycerine to the natural liquids was it to preserve the baits . Its odd how your experience is that all glugged baits are having a negative effective , I find this surprising with the natural ones .
  9. Depends what the others are doing , again I don't always get the idea you need to do something different to everyone else . You are right though stick to YOUR approach not someone elses , decent bait , rigs your confident in , maybe tweak or change if your the only one not getting results but this all depends on the water your fishing .
  10. I sometimes put some hydro in when pre baiting , not much just to give that extra little attraction .
  11. Same as Yonny i use glugs/hydro in the hope its more attractive to carp and is giving the bait a bit more pulling power . I don't believe there is any 'magic' bait glug etc and my thoughts are the same as Yonnies use a decent bait and get it in the right spot .Location is the no.1 .
  12. @elmoputney - no not tried the retro glugs , I'm on my last bottle of original LT30 that I sometimes glug my hook baits in .
  13. ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell em about marmite lol
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