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  1. Setting up and packing away in the dark for a few hours , not for me .
  2. P.S , They only work if they have the added carp tax on , other have tried the cheap brands and failed .
  3. As long as your wearing your carpy camo underwear then I wouldn't worry about little things like lead coatings .
  4. Unless its changed it was a proper syndicate i.e not a false overcrowded money maker . Best bet is to speak to the local tackle shops .
  5. To stop something going off you generally need to stop air getting to it , so a glycerin , sugar or oil coating should all work .
  6. just look on their website for prices
  7. Premier baits , top bait as well
  8. Couldn't agree more , I believe the demise in anglers has been happening for years now and I can't see it hitting the numbers of yesteryear , just a slow decline.
  9. Love seeing my son's reaction to nature and sunsets while fishing , he's only six but loves it already .
  10. just use some old line or wool etc to back the spools out .
  11. oscsha


    A good bailiff doesn't just ban IMO , sometimes a little word is all that is needed , diplomacy .
  12. oscsha


    Correct although you need good bailiffs to keep any trouble makers around you under control
  13. oscsha


    Wow calm down mate , is there really any need for that ??? None of what I have said is argumentative please don't derail the thread .
  14. oscsha


    I agree to a point , but I do wonder how 'diplomatic ' an 18 year old can be when they may have to offer advice and wonder how their advice on the rules will be viewed by some members . Maybe the club has been very lucky and just so happen to have found two bailiffs that have just turned 18 that meet their criteria time will tell I suppose.
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