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  1. I won't often cast to one random showing fish , but if there is activity in an area or one fish showing in the same area over a period of time , even just 10 minutes then I'll put a bait out . You sometimes just go with your gut feeling . I done a night last week and had one fish at 2am , by 1st light there where fish showing at the other end of the lake so I moved and in the last 3 hrs had another 3 fish .
  2. That's if the several hundred Cormorants haven't snapped them up .
  3. I found that but couldn't see if its 100% live up to date .
  4. Agree a live page would be very useful , would stop rumors . The current speculation is a small water in Essex , two people I respect have told me one says confirmed ones says unconfirmed . Even a live page saying shut while being tested would help
  5. On a more worrying note there is a (confirmed ??) KHV case in Essex .
  6. No need to bite I put a smiley face , was meant light hearted hence the smiley ! Grayling is a good one as they are often caught while game fishing
  7. You know its simply , Sea , Game or Coarse , Carp fishing IS coarse fishing !! Just seems an odd way of describing a bit of general fishing as coarse fishing on a carp forum when carp fishing is a type of coarse fishing.
  8. Lakes in Essex are fine , not heard of any action i.e aeration or EA getting involved .
  9. Haha yes general coarse fishing , as opposed to game or sea fishing . When you go carp fishing your still coarse fishing
  10. Yeap couldn't agree more do 'general ' fishing my self , not sure why the thread was titled coarse fishing thats all .Carp fishing is a sub category of coarse fishing is it not .
  11. Is carp fishing not coarse fishing
  12. I'm probably going for the backpack version , the Avon skin so soft is ok but like you say you need to keep applying
  13. Having a bad reaction to bites two weeks on the trot , I'm looking into this is there one you would recommend I'm thinking the one that uses a normal gas canister
  14. I love the different approaches @emmcee 90kg just for pre baiting and then the other extreme @commonly using no bait just bits of foam for zigs .Both will catch shame you don't fish the same water now that would be interesting .
  15. oscsha

    Zig fishing

    Its certainly a tactic that can work , but I'm not sure you can replace all the other methods of catching for this (zigs). Although it would pose the question as to what would happen to the fish weights and even health in some waters if no one used any food source baits .
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