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  1. oscsha

    Leonard- Rigs

    Ask to be a mod , you'd soon regret letting him back then LOL . Again alot of knowledge just couldn't understand different opinions or that the typed word can being taken differently to actual conversation .
  2. oscsha

    Leonard- Rigs

    He'll be back , the same guy pops his head up now and then filling the forum up with his way or no way . He no doubt has some knowledge but his posting style doesn't help him . Members like Leonard make the forum very active short term but long term they kill it . Forums are very dated now the lack of activity is just a sign of the times . Going back to Leonard , he was happy having a dig and stating his way as fact but couldn't take a dig back , he got called out on summer pike fishing and short rigs and as he had stated these as strong facts not just an opinion or as a way of starting a discussion .He had no way of coming back as he isn't the sort of character to put his hand up and say he didn't know . Forums are all about sharing knowledge not dictating your way , hence why forums are dying the knowledge is out there if you look.
  3. HaHa , where have I said what bank sticks I use
  4. Nice fish @bluelabel , hard to believe you caught them on short hook lengths and no stainless banksticks
  5. So what does your water class as a carp rod ?
  6. Best of both worlds would be an avon type rod 1 1/4 - 1 3/4 test curve 8lb main line lighter hook length maybe 6lb ,size 8 super specialist with a nice bit of bread flake .Thats for the roach anyway .I know nothing about targeting eels .
  7. Why would you stress pike out in the heat and possibly cause them to die , some lakes don't even allow pike fishing during the summer due to this .
  8. Agree they shouldn't have broken , but there really isn't any need to pin if they are made properly (yours couldn't have been). Overpriced rubbish is one mans opinion , I wouldn't buy overpriced rubbish either not sure why you think I would.
  9. Fair play I'd rather have them glued , when done properly you'll get a better fix .
  10. How else would the manufacturer attach the metal heads to carbon other than gluing ?
  11. To YOU maybe , but the forum is for ALL .
  12. When you have to explain humor or magic it looses the affect . NOW lets stop feeding the troll
  13. No Chilli commented on the thread , YOU quoted me and said WE . Maybe try YOUR reading glasses
  14. 'WE' is there more than one of YOU ?
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