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  1. Agree , far to many anglers choose gear on looks rather than how it performs for the given situation .
  2. With all due respect you don't know how much the maize will expand and how quick once eaten !! Some will be crushed by the carp so the tough outer is broken ,how do you know what effects the digesting acids in the carp effect the maize ? Placing maize in water to see how much it expands is NOT what happens when eaten by carp. Surely your better off playing it safe rather than risking unknowns .
  3. Fish can go on a feeding frenzie over live bloodworm and jokers , but will also get pre occupied on it and ignore other items . Dead bloodworm would be a waste of money.
  4. Korda boys get paid to push them though
  5. Don't see anyone poo-pooing free-lining , its just not the ideal method for all situations , same as traditional gear . We all fish for different reasons and with different gear and as long as what you do makes you happy thats all that matters. Most fishing gear has evolved to allow for different fishing situations , a Mitchell 204 would struggle with your 60-70 maybe a 300 size a modern aero style reel would make the cast easier . Again we all fish to make us happy and I love the pics of your gear @bluelabel tightlines .
  6. Hi , 1st off I know nothing about bait boats so can't really point you in the right direction. All I would say is check that the waters he fishes allow the use of bait boats as a lot don't .
  7. Couldn't agree more with you both .
  8. See I don't get that why use a stone in pva as a weight yes it works but why not just use a lead , this would have the extra advantage of helping hook the fish .Just because it can be done doesn't mean it best practice .
  9. Neither of those clubs have large size waters , so yes you can get away with traditional gear . I often use a centre pin reel for float fishing and free lining on BDAC and Maldon waters but they are what I call fun mid to high stocked waters , not the large expansive waters where you need more modern gear . P.S . No wildies in any of those waters
  10. Free lining has it's place , but as has been said above it's very restrictive that same goes for traditional gear . @bluelabel can I ask what club waters you fish Essex ? BDAC , Chelmsford , Maldon curious that's all .
  11. Would using a low ph groundbait not be counter productive if adding amino acids , won't the amino's increase the ph levels ? Is there a reason you want to lower rather the raise the levels How big a change do the fish detect , the change in PH levels could be why amino's work (just a thought ) Or just throw a pack of Rennie in
  12. I'd love to know what Essex club waters have Wildies in , not even sure there's any true wild carp left .
  13. A standard float/match rod is not designed to take 8lb line generally 2-4lb , some commercial carp or Tench type rods are fine with 4-6lb .You need to match the line with the rod to stronger line and you risk overloading the and breaking it ! If the carp are averaging 20lb then why not use a carp rod but just fish a float and why only a size 10 hook ? A waggler is usually fished with the line running through the small eye on the base of the float either locked in place with a shot either side or float stops either side these are easier to adjust the depth or if fishing deep water as you can allow the float to run up to the top stop allowing you to bring it through the rod rings on retrieval. If the water is snag free then using mainline straight through is fine but if your near snags then it may be worth upping the breaking strain but use a lighter hooklength that way if you get snagged the hook length will break . As for hook size what bait are you going to use and how are you attaching the bait ?
  14. It's got Korda written all over it Quickly patent it Danny F maybe reading this
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