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  1. Nice bit of editing once you had shown your true colours !!! Blackwater or Chelmer ?
  2. oh er missus , remember no swearing on here ! Didn't ask for your location , why would I do that . I'm just interested in the stretch of water you saw the EE's thats all hardly asking you to hand over state secrets LOL.
  3. Because we're a friendly forum who exchange ideas etc or is there some sort of reason you don't wish to share .
  4. what stretch of river was this if you don't mind me asking ?
  5. You don't fish any of the essex club waters that half decent fish in then !! Some of the Essex clubs have (maybe still do) had major problems with idiots getting drunk and off their heads on god knows what .
  6. Exactly right Nick , being by the water needs respect at the best of times ! Factor in being under the influence of drink/drugs then the dangers are multiplied ten fold.
  7. oscsha

    Winter tactics

    Can they or do they ? I'm not sure there would be a reason for them to go to those sort of depths , I think its a bit of a myth that carp go to the deepest water in cold weather .
  8. In answer to your question I think the meaning 'a social ' has changed over the years . I used to see it as a group of anglers that fished the same water/waters but at different times all getting together once or twice a year and fishing together but also with a large element of chatting exchanging stories fish captures etc. Today i see it as meaning lets take half the lake over and all get [censored]ed / stoned and fudge the others that are trying for a peacefull fishing trip ! Its a term that gets used far to much IMO and is just an excuse to get slaughtered ..
  9. Playing devils advocate a bit , just because booze is as bad or worse doesn't mean weed should be legalised two wrongs don't make a right . Another way to look at it , if alcohol was invented today would it be legal ? the answer is probably a big fat no . As with all addictive things some are able to control them some aren't ,
  10. https://marinescience.blog.gov.uk/2016/07/01/khv-fishery-angler-net-equipment/?fbclid=IwAR3L3l-pTrpkjlQ2lRBQUFNBLX0460wN-k9sNv0uk5WOxSyOrJRiLe8E-oQ
  11. All a bit fishy if you ask me . Must be legit if it made the sun
  12. Strange one as the poster did try and portray that. Picture of the carp on the police car is photo shopped . No name of the fishery involved or area , Essex police have no record of it , all very very strange .
  13. The story and pics are Fake !
  14. All that sea and you want to fish for Carp Take some spinners and plugs , you can try for Bass , get some Ragworm fish off any rocks (be safe) for Wrasse . Lots of great sea fishing around there you can still use your carp rods and reels .
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