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  1. oscsha

    Which Boilie?

    It surprises me that any retailer supports companies that do this .The whole bait market is so full of marketing that catches more anglers than fish , as others have said do you really need to use boilies ?
  2. oscsha

    how to improve the forum IMO

    Oh dear here we go again
  3. oscsha

    how to improve the forum IMO

    Some people seem to have a problem with others disagreeing with them , I would suggest taking fishing up as a hobby to chill out @cyborx what do you hope to gain from this thread or is it just some sort of witch hunt ?
  4. oscsha

    how to improve the forum IMO

    All that threads such as these do is de-stabilse a forum . Maybe ask yourself this , did the banned member lead to others leaving over the years due to his posting style ? There are many reasons the forum could be quite the main one is that forums are a dated platform and have to a degree run there cause . If you wanted a full explanation as to the whys of the ban then a pm to a mod would seem a better approach rather then trying to stir the forum up , although not sure its anyone elses business . the one thing that does seem a shame is his deleted posts rather than leaving the posts with his user name deleted and set as guest .
  5. oscsha

    how to improve the forum IMO

    Another way of ' improving the forum ' or getting more conversations going is to start more threads yourself . Most forums in most subjects are in decline not just fishing ones . The Mods have all ready said why the member was finally banned so not sure why your dragging this up. again
  6. oscsha


    Just seen this on the BBC - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-44783433
  7. oscsha

    What a cracking Roach

    cracking fish , well done !!
  8. oscsha


    Sorry bees do not have to bee sit on the pad to be killed !! As I said above I would rather be cautious around fish if using one , better safe than sorry . Your happy using one , I'm not just different opinions .
  9. oscsha


    If any one is using one of these Thermacell's with Allethrin pads then it may be worth taking precautions i.e covering all bait and switching off when the fish are out of the water , may seem over the top but Allethrin is not good for fish , kills bee's as well (a big no no in my book ). May work well , but I'll stick to other methods of controlling the little blood suckers .
  10. oscsha


    I thought Allethrin was the main ingredient used in Thermacell , I must be wrong maybe they have changed the formula ??
  11. oscsha


    Allethrin is not the nicest of stuff IMO.
  12. oscsha


    Is that the one that contains allethrin ?
  13. You won't be able to use 80lb mono straight through , the spool won't hold enough , the mono will hold to much memory and will coil , the diameter will reduce the length of cast . Use the 80lb as a shock leader although 50lb is probably all you need .
  14. oscsha

    Fishing after a match?

    Just a quick Fag paper calculation but it about 28,000 gallons to raise an acre by one inch , 200 gallons is only 32 cubic feet. Sorry to hear about your health hope all is getting better
  15. oscsha

    Secret Sneaky Guesting Venues and Clubs Criticism

    Hello Lee , Joe , Old Joe whatever your name is today