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  1. Fishing after a match?

    Just a quick Fag paper calculation but it about 28,000 gallons to raise an acre by one inch , 200 gallons is only 32 cubic feet. Sorry to hear about your health hope all is getting better
  2. Secret Sneaky Guesting Venues and Clubs Criticism

    Hello Lee , Joe , Old Joe whatever your name is today
  3. Ethics

    I think thats the thing , even some of these new strain may end up living for another 60 years . Carp fishing has and will evolve .
  4. Fishing after a match?

    Quite clear it's a statement and not a figure of speech or should we just take everything you say as a figure of speech . Bit pointless posting drivel if its not what you mean
  5. Fishing after a match?

    back tracking , once you've been caught out !
  6. Fishing after a match?

    Come on then CM tell us how much bait would have to go in a water to raise the level by a ' good few inches ' , I'd love to know as I've never seen any tipper lorries turning up emptying bait in around my way .
  7. Fishing after a match?

    Sorry that's not the way i read it , i think he's talking about a carp match not match anglers fishing for carp . A lot of clubs run these type of match's for carp anglers . Really do you know how much bait would have to be put in to raise the water level a good few inches !!!
  8. FOX RX +

    I've now got an image of flashing bivvies on a runs water
  9. Ethics

    Agree you can't beat the Leneys , but do you think they would still have a 70 year life span if subjected to the amount of bait and angling pressure on some lakes today .
  10. How you choose a Boilie!

    Due to the closing down of tackle shops and the increase in internet sales purchasing a whole range of bait online is probably more accessibly to more anglers than ever , a lot of youngsters even have their own debit bank cards they can use . p.s there maybe more than one member on here that has worked in the trade
  11. How you choose a Boilie!

    I normally like and respect your posts even if I don't agree , but really !! you just seem intent on picking holes and trying to argue on this one . Are we really going to pick a scenario out for every single little element of every ones posts . IT'S ONLY FISHING
  12. Must have tackle

    Not for me , but Nash doesn't make many mistakes so I reckon there is a market .
  13. How you choose a Boilie!

    LJC , did follow his comment about not having to pay £12.99 a kg by going on to say anyone can get a decent bait for £6-8 , now depends what you class class as decent bait but an old fashioned 50/50 off the shelf can be had for that sort of money . Little unfair to only quote small parts of post .
  14. How you choose a Boilie!

    Could just be down to them eating what they know i.e pellets , maggots , corn etc where as boilies are a bit alien to them
  15. FOX RX +

    Optonic owned the patent hence why no one else produced alarms until the patent had run out from memory around 1992 , the flood gates then opened hence the amount of alarms on the market . As soon as the patent run out the big boys of the time i.e Shakespeare , Daiwa , Fox all started to produce roller alarms .