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  1. I checked mine's buoyancy and after 36 hours they were still floating in a glass of water, hadn't moved, and I've drilled them at the center, because even when I bought them they were pretty hard... Getting a needle through them was a mission in itself so I decided I'd rather just drill them with a machine than risk a boilie needle going through my hand.
  2. Hey, guys. 4 years ago I bought some dynamite baits 20 mm pop-ups with Marine Halibut and Spicy Shrimp and Prawn. After that, because of some real life issues I had to wind down on the fishing and have fished only maybe a dozen times. I will be picking up again and was wondering of these pop-ups would still work, or I should throw them away and not waste my time on the bank with them? Cheers
  3. Hey, guys. Has anyone tried out this line? At 0.20mm dia it has a breaking strain of 12.6 kilograms! That's insane if you compare it to other lines, like for example the Daiwa Sensor which has a breaking strain of 1.8 kg with the same diameter. It seems too good to be true. Any input? Is it worth the money? Does it last long, or does it lose its strength quickly?
  4. I don't have polarized sunglasses, will be picking up soon Above the dam is a great place, I'll definitely be fishing it, as its full of weed and snags. Great place for carp, imo. The place I was talking about is slow at the middle, the 2 currents separate it from the dam and the lower part of the river, so I thought it would be a good place to fish for carp, as its essentially a box. We'll see what happens ^^ Regardless, like I said, I wasn't interested in my trip per say, as I've already discussed it with you guys. I was interested if you like baiting with X and using Y as a hook bait or bait with and use the same thing on your hook ^^
  5. Its more of a biochemistry kit. Bait making is like a science of its own - enzymes, specific sugars, proteins, lipids, nucleotides. Its all pretty complex
  6. The problem with locating them is that, as already mentioned, this isn't England. Seeing a carp leisurely floating on the surface is basically unheard of Bulgaria. Unless I can dump a few tons of maize somewhere I won't be seeing floating carp. I've explored kilometers of the river and NEVER seen carp aside from the 2 instances. The rivers are subject to kilometers of nets and the people who should be doing something are sitting on their asses. Because of the aforementioned reasons, I wanted to fish a smaller stretch of river which I think will yield the highest chance - about 50 meters of river stretch. Its below the dam from the previous pictures. It gets very, very shallow after it, around 1 few inches at best, then the stretch begins. The currents obviously carved out the river bed there and that's the deepest part right after the shallow, I'm thinking around 3 meters in depth, then at the middle of the stretch it gets slightly shallower and continues to decrease in depth until the next stream starts. After all, carp aren't salmon so I presume they won't be travelling through 5 inch-deep streams, at least the grown-up ones - the ones which are 4-5 pounds. I'm not sure that made sense. I'll try to get pictures when I go, the description would be much better that way, it will give you guys a better picture. I'm thankful for your tips, i'll definitely try to go for a longer period and pre-bait, as well as study the lake bed a tad better and travel to places I haven't before, perhaps there are carp right under my nose, but I just haven't traveled upstream/downstream far enough
  7. Well, keep in mind I do have a house there, I just can't spend 4-5-6 weeks alone pre-baiting, you know what I mean? I'd go insane lol But I can spend a week fishing there, go back home, come back a week or two later, but definitely not spend months at a time trying to catch 1 carp. I'll try my luck next time I visit the place, maybe explore new spots. This is the aforementioned bridge. Tons of wheat had been dumped there prior to the carp showing. That's also where fallen trees end up after storms and so on, so its full of snags, whole trees, branches. I'll have to bet my luck there, strong mono, tight lines and a lot of luck might bring me a carp. It doesn't matter to me if its even a 2 pounder, it will still be, at least for me, my biggest fishing achievement. Even bigger than the ~20lb mirror I caught this summer whilst waggler fishing. ^^ Thanks for all the help, guys. If anyone ever wants to commit fishing suicide and fish this river - drop me a PM
  8. Sadly, the river is 130 km away from me and pre baiting for weeks will be impossible, unless I spend the whole summer there. I wasn't talking specifically about the river and my instance, but rather what your opinions are - bait and use the same thing, or bait with X and use Y to provoke their appetite/curiosity. ^^
  9. I've seen them in 2 spots - near a fallen tree a few years ago, which is now gone, sadly and from the only serious bridge we have where a few tons of wheat had been dumped in around 2010. After summer ended, they disappeared from that spot as well. Ever since then, the river hasn't given me anything at all - no bubbles, no splashes, no silhouettes, nothing. Its like I'm a blind man trying to find cookies in a supermarket lol I was just wondering if, for example, I bait up with maize and red strawberry boilies (no brand in mind, just an example) and use a bright white pop-up - would that provoke their interest or dissuade them from picking it up. That was my chain of thought and what I'm trying to figure out. I guess there is no real answer - some days it will work, some days you won't get a bleep... To tell you the truth, I'd LOVE to come to England and fish one of your venues, they're well-stocked, clean, the people have a higher standard and a different way of thinking... Here the venues have almost no fish, catch and release is basically frowned upon, trash everywhere, illegal fishing with nets and electricity... But I digress. Anyways, thanks for the reply, Nick. I hope other people share their opinions as well, everything will be of help for me.
  10. Hello guys. First of all I'd like to apologize if this isn't in the right section, but it seemed most appropriate! My question is regarding baiting strategies - what do you guys do when you go on a swim? Do you bait with a mix of baits, say maize, hemp and strawberry boilies and then fish on a little fluoro pineapple pop-up, or do you bait with corn and use boilies as hook baits etc etc I've been watching a lot of Korda videos along with Nash videos to try to learn as much as I can about tactics, rigs, mechanics etc and what really got my attention was that for example, Steve Briggs follows the "bait with the key, fish on the key" strategy, while the guys at Korda for example bait with freezer/shelf life boilies and use mainly the cell hook baits or pop-ups. I'd LOVE to fish mainline baits and bait with mainline etc, but over here its simply impossible for me to do that, as boilies are pretty expensive - 10 eu for 200 grams of mainline is insane, I can never afford that, considering I'm 19 and studying. What do you guys think of baiting with lower grade boilies while using higher grade hook baits? You may know me from my topic about river fishing in Bulgaria and these questions are mainly for me to build strategies and learn from others - I've literally tried every baiting strategy and hook bait I've read of/came to my mind in hopes of catching a carp on that river and I haven't had even a single bite and I'm sure there are at least some carp left in there, its a big river and I've seen them with my eyes.
  11. Hey, guys. I absolutely love Drennan and came across this little reel while I was searching for a feeder reel. Have any of you tried them out? Are they appropriate to use when using the feeder? Any input would be appreciated!
  12. Hello, guys. I'm researching rods and reels now, to get for the upcoming year and I was wondering if any of you have experience with the Nash H-Gun rods. I was thinking about Daiwa Emcast Carp rods, but when I was the H-Guns in a tackle shop I was thrilled, I'm a big fan of Nash, love their movies and Kevin seems like a genuine guy, though I mostly watch them because of Alan... Great guy! I know you can't choose the rods for me, so I'm just looking for opinions regarding quality. If you guys have good opinions about them, that's good enough for me
  13. It's not hard parting with my money when I know I'll have a blast on the river, waiting for carp I don't have any particular taste, I just want to buy something and know I can rely on it and use it for a few seasons. I'll make a separate topic for the Nash H-Guns in a sec ^^
  14. Hey, guys. A tackle shop from which I regularly buy equipment has Rod Hutchinson boilies to offer. I've noticed these are a tad more expensive than, for instance, Dynamite baits. Does it have to do with the "Rod Hutchinson" on the label, if you know what I mean, or because they're actually better quality than most others? Hope that made sense. Cheers ^^
  15. My profile picture is from about 2nd or 3rd grade lol! I'm 19 years old, I'm not bulky, but I can get big distances. The point is, I don't like distance fishing. Listening about people who fish 400 metres away makes me nauseous... I'm looking for around 70-80 metres at best ^^ I was also looking at the Nash H-Gun rods. Any opinions on them? Also, what length would you recommend - 3.60 or 3.96?