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  1. Well done mate!!
  2. There's a new thing about now pal reading through the total carp magazine today the up to date one and I came across it visit it's an actual light which confines of the lamp has 4 light levels,giving up to 100 hours of light Can charge a smart phone 4 times or a laptop full charge The lamp has a 5v 2a input and output so batteries can be fully charged in 6 hours using a 2a USB charger..... Ordering myself one tomorrow also there is a 20% off code when purchase online TG001
  3. What a beauty to end the year!! Well done pal
  4. Come and fish mineral lakes in bedworth and you will get that big cat if you stick at it!!
  5. Where are you fishing in Northampton mate? If you ever fancy a social or anything can go for a session mate, I'm looking into joining a syndicate this coming season if I'm honest too but nice to visit other places too ey
  6. Still is a good water to fish mate to be honest just gutted it was frozen over, the farm your on about also was all frozen over the opposite side of the bridge if that's what your thinking of? Also I haven't fished Barston for a while last time I was there just payed my day ticket and off I went to pick my peg and wasn't bothered again apart from the passers by, your local to this area then bud? I'm located in Coventry
  7. Chose to go to a lake this morning blue liars pub Stockton... pulled up seen a bloke loading his gear back into the car off his barrow... only walked up the hill to the lake and seen the whole lake frozen over gutted have to wait again to get the rods out
  8. Cheers pal, will give Barston a go then will let you know the results cheers pal
  9. Evening lads, I'm looking to get on the bank in the morning was looking at linear but seems to be filling up quickly so just wondering does anybody know of any local lake around coventry area just to get a day session in with a good chance ? Cheers rich
  10. 1. Daiwa crosscast big pits 2. 15lb daiwa sensor line 3. 55-60 yds 'small water' 4. 3 acres 5. 12ft wychwood signatures 3lb tc
  11. Had some very good results of manilla pop ups mate and also there boilies with paste, I suppose it's what ever you trust and have faith in ey
  12. Korda baiting floss Manilla pop ups- sticky baits Trakker net float Cyprinus chair She definitely won't be happy when another loAd of parcels turn up seems to be every Friday I'm £100 out of pocket haha
  13. Cheers for the advice pal, you expect that though really I suppose.. what midi spomb would you recommend? Rich
  14. To be honest with you pal the missus ordered me it for my birthday which is this coming Sunday and it arrived today... haha so that's the reason for asking... good job you said about spomb as was going to purchase a small one for the winter months.. Rich