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  1. Yeah I have done a bit of thinking to be honest before I bought the sonik XTRACTOR set up. I’m pretty happy with it I will soon find out more when I use it ey 😂. there is always something to upgrade anyway so not too fussed on that but I want to do some winter fishing this year and this little set up is easy to pack down and keep mobile very quickly I guess.
  2. What you think of them? Yeah well that’s what I used to fish but I doubt I’ll be fishing that lake as it’s abit out of my way tbh and I also don’t want to fish pressured waters really. So probably won’t need to fish no where near that. Im looking for a decent syndicate around the West Midlands area
  3. Anyone used xtractor rods before? I’ve watched a few videos which tempted me so just gone off that really..
  4. Evening lads, I don’t need anything to cast too far tbh on the lakes I’ll be fishing usually around 15-17 wraps out... I’ve brought myself just a little set to get me started again, I picked up a sonik xtractor set 9ft 3LB tc 2 rods, 2 VADERX 5000fs reels and the 2piece 42” landing net, also got a set of AD alarms and receiver, and a caperlan bivvy with wrap which will do me for now just need a good sleep system now and I’ll be able to get out pretty much fingers crossed 👌
  5. Yeah I’m going to have a look today and see what they are like dude, thanks for that!!
  6. I had a real good set up last time dude daiwa infinity rods etc the list goes on about £2500 worth of kit was stolen out of my locked up garage!. But I haven’t got that kind of money to spend again but I can’t keep away from the bank any longer haha. This time round I’ve got about 650 to get myself a set up to start with then build and change it all about when I can if you get me. I have been looking at some sonik rods do they do any 10ft rods?
  7. Good evening all, I had my gear all stolen around 8 months ago now, I’m looking to build a kit up again if somebody could recommend me some good reels, rods, pods etc and bivvies at reasonable prices. Cheers tight lines
  8. I'm just looking for a bend in the rod while I'm there mate any suggestions?
  9. Cheers mate I'll have a little search on that now!
  10. Evening fellas, I'm working in reading for the next month or so and want to get abit of fishing done in the evening any idea on rivers or lakes etc? Appreciate any help Rich
  11. Evening all, I'm off working away in reading from tomorrow for the week and I want to get a few hours fishing in the evenings obviously don't want to be spending too much... Any suggestions on river or lake etc much appreciated thanks in advance Rich
  12. Evening all fellow carpers, I'm in Coventry and looking to get out tomorrow for a 24 hour session with a good chance of a fish or two, I'm willing to travel a little but not too far as the missus could drop anytime now so need to get on the bank before baby comes along haha, any help much appreciated... Cheers Rich
  13. RFCARP92

    May catch report's

    Yes mate awesome little place!! You had anything out recently there?
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