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  1. RFCARP92


    I'm just looking for a bend in the rod while I'm there mate any suggestions?
  2. RFCARP92


    Cheers mate I'll have a little search on that now!
  3. RFCARP92


    Evening fellas, I'm working in reading for the next month or so and want to get abit of fishing done in the evening any idea on rivers or lakes etc? Appreciate any help Rich
  4. RFCARP92

    What is your newest purchase

    Daiwa sensor fella
  5. RFCARP92


    Evening all, I'm off working away in reading from tomorrow for the week and I want to get a few hours fishing in the evenings obviously don't want to be spending too much... Any suggestions on river or lake etc much appreciated thanks in advance Rich
  6. Evening all fellow carpers, I'm in Coventry and looking to get out tomorrow for a 24 hour session with a good chance of a fish or two, I'm willing to travel a little but not too far as the missus could drop anytime now so need to get on the bank before baby comes along haha, any help much appreciated... Cheers Rich
  7. RFCARP92

    May catch report's

    Yes mate awesome little place!! You had anything out recently there?
  8. RFCARP92

    May catch report's

    Yes mate sure is
  9. RFCARP92


    Stockton res by the blue liars pub? Yes you should get down hopsford mate if you have never gave it ago there, ran by lovely people and some nice fish in there too! Try in the week though as weekends seem to get very busy as not a big water really.... if you ever fancy going there for a session let me know and I'll pop down and have a crack with you..
  10. RFCARP92


    Hopsford hall has closed for spawning started spawning Tuesday last week, I think all fisheries should close for spawning best for the fish to have time to recover and one else think this?
  11. RFCARP92

    May catch report's

    Evening gents, has been a while I have been on here due to work commitments etc.. I managed to get out on a lake last weekend and managed a nice common first time back on the bank I'm 8 months! Loved it... had this common in a 12mm tutti fruity bottom bait with a scattering of matching boilies and pellets
  12. RFCARP92

    Blank ended

    Well done mate!!
  13. RFCARP92

    Power pack ?

    There's a new thing about now pal reading through the total carp magazine today the up to date one and I came across it visit www.powersolvemobile.com it's an actual light which confines of the lamp has 4 light levels,giving up to 100 hours of light Can charge a smart phone 4 times or a laptop full charge The lamp has a 5v 2a input and output so batteries can be fully charged in 6 hours using a 2a USB charger..... Ordering myself one tomorrow also there is a 20% off code when purchase online TG001
  14. RFCARP92

    One last night of 2016

    What a beauty to end the year!! Well done pal