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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome to all those who have replied to my introductory post. Having a hard time on my local water at the moment so have resorted to visiting a local commercial fishery with my fishing buddies for a much needed confidence booster, had some nice fish up to 14.5 lb and great company. Interested to know how others are doing on their chosen waters as I expected sport to pick up with drop in water temperature but so far this has not happened on my local waters. regards Gerald
  2. Just like to say hello to all members of the forum and introduce myself. Just getting back into carp fishing after a long break concentrating on salmon /trout fishing. Things have moved on considerably since my dedicated carp sessions and needless to say it has cost me a a lot of money to get up to date with the necessary gear and knowledge to seriously get started again. I look forward to sharing views and experiences with the forum members as I pursue my new love affair with carp fishing. best regards Gerald.