Sonik Xtractor GT 3-Rod Pod

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Product Attributes

  • Matt black anodised finish
  • Manufactured from aluminium
  • Cam locks allow height variation
  • Infinite set-up options
  • Central adjustable bar allows a stag stand set-up
  • Two-stage adapters for angle variation andbetter stability
  • Includes padded carrying case
  • Dimensions W41cm x L 33cm-58cm x H 15–37cm
  • Reel Spacing: 17.5 cm
  • Transport Dimensions: 50cm x 27cm x 8cm
  • 2-rod pod weight: 1KG
  • 3-rod pod weight: 1.15KG

Sonik Xtractor Rod Pod is available intwo or three-rod versions. This design provides maximum flexibility for the angler and can be adjusted to suit a wide range of angling styles and fishing terrains.


The pod configuration can be adjusted into T post, goal post, H Post and Y bank stick layouts to suit your preferred setup. Another feature allows the centre bar to be altered and set on wooden platoons.


The stage adaptor allows the height to be adjusted for increased stability, with the pod being very quick to assemble and takedown at the end of sessions. The carry case can hold both backrests and bite alarms.


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