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Specialist Bait Boxes

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Bait boxes have evolved to allow you to store and plan how your bait is organised, whether you will spend a few hours or several days on the bank. Ventilated containers are ideal for live baits like maggots and worms, while non-perforated boxes, tubs and buckets are better suited for storing groundbait, pellets, liquid flavours and particles.

All our fishing bait box ranges feature containers that will cover every requirement. The team at highly rates all the products we market on our website. Tackle brands such as Gardner, Drennan and Fox all provide useful bait containers. These are perfect for storing a wide variety of fishing baits, whether kept in a fridge at home, in a cool bag while in transit or open on the bank while fishing.

Options include useful small storage pots, pop-up containers and airtight or perforated bait boxes that are freezer safe.

Some brands provide labelling systems to date when you purchased or last used the contents in question. It can tell you when you treated any baits, such as when soaking boilies. As a result, labelling has made it much easier for specialist anglers regarding bait preparation and storage.