Specialist Bait Making Equipment

For many years baits like boilies were almost exclusively made at home. However, buying this bait in ready-made form has become a big business over the past 30 years. But having said that, many specialist anglers still like to make their fishing baits from time to time.

Bait-making equipment is ideal for newcomers - right through to experts. When making bait at home, you know exactly what has gone into it. It can also be fun concocting your special boilies. At Carp.com, we stock a wide range of base mixes, flavourings and all the equipment needed to make your big fish baits.

Both carp and barbel anglers can customise baits to tie in with what is working best on their favourite local waters.

Our products include boilie rolling tables, base mixes, and all the accessories you will need to make your bait making cheaper, along with unique special recipes