Specialist Bedchair Accessories

Specialist fishing requires different types of seating, depending on how long anglers spend by the water. Most anglers use bedchairs for extended stays. Carp, barbel and catfish normally require long overnight outings, so a decent sleeping arrangement under a shelter is most important. Other specialist anglers who target bream, tench and chub might only need shorter sessions during the day or night when these species are known to feed more actively. A chair and a basic fishing day shelters can be adequate in these situations. 

Most carp anglers invest their money in creating the perfect sleeping systems. This generally involves a sleeping bag or cover to keep warm during the coldest nights. Bedchair covers help stop rising damp and keep you dry and warm if placed over your sleeping bag.

In the quest for comfort, you can buy extra leg supports for your bedchair to make it even more stable and sturdy. Fishing tackle manufacturers have generally thought of everything.

Specialist accessories like sleeping bags change how you feel on the bank, helping to keep your confidence up when the going is tough, and the weather is unpleasant. It doesn’t matter if you are a specialist angler or a beginner; there is gear suited for your needs when fishing short or long stints.

Some anglers want a rain cover to add above their sleeping bag. This helps when only using a day shelter or umbrella, partially open to the elements.