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Specialist fishing mainly applies to anglers who spend lots of time on the bank, often using a bivvy as a base, which provides somewhere to rest up and get comfortable. Trakker bivvies are suitable for keeping you dry and warm during long stay sessions, with handy features like mosquito nets and skull caps that remove condensation.

Specialist anglers mainly target carp during long sessions, although some barbel and other big fish hunters use bivvies. Having creature comforts like fishing cookware and a decent bedchair while fishing makes each trip a more pleasurable experience.

Over the last few years, bivvy tables for eating and preparing lunch have become their own. Anglers also prepare their rigs on their bivvy table, taking along heaters to keep themselves warm in the winter. Nash Bivvy Heaters use tea lights, making them inexpensive and eco-friendly.

Many specialist anglers like to get organised on the bank and take storage systems to keep everything tidy and dry in their bivvies. Of course, this adds more luggage, but this angler mainly uses a big barrow to transport their kit. The Avid Carp Bivvy Organiser keeps everything hyper-organised. This product can also be used as a bivvy table while providing enough space to house all your spare gear, including tea-making equipment.