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Specialist fishing scales move from basic to advanced digital or Dial scales allowing you to check the weight of your catch. Fish Scales can be bought from low to high prices depends on the level of accuracy you need while angling.

The leading brands doing scales are Fox,  Reuben Heaton Korum, Wychwood and suitable, so you know, weigh your dream fish when angling. Specialist anglers, like no other, want to know the exact importance of their capture. They want a picture and weight if it is that massive carp with its name. It is the same with specialist barbell anglers wanting to know the importance of their dream fish. So buying your scales, whatever your needs, could not be any easier than on carp.com.

Fish Scales allow anglers to calculate pounds for the UK or Kilos used by European anglers.

Digital and Dial Scales we sell are checked for quality in a wide range of conditions, and we do not market a product we do not feel is fit for purpose.