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There are several top ways of getting your free offerings out to where you want to fish. Although spodding is very popular now, catapults are useful as an important way of feeding, particularly if you don’t want to disturb swims too much and risk spooking wary fish.

Catapulting out many offerings regularly works just about anywhere and for all kinds of anglers, attracting fish and stirring them into competing for free bait. In addition, a catapult is an excellent feeding device at short to medium distances, allowing you to spray bait around your rig, whether using ledger tackle or float gear.

Companies such as Korda, Fox and Drennan produce the best catapults, plus you can buy spares if the elastics or pouch eventually break. We stock all the spare parts you will ever need.

Specialist anglers need an easy way to put bait over their hook bait, and catapults are brilliant at achieving this objective. All species will respond to regular free offerings, which makes them compete and stay in the swim.

The Korda catapult anti-twist feature is brilliant for improving your accuracy. Most designs can also be fired from either side, which helps to speed everything up. Flat frame models can be laid across bait boxes for one-handed filling, so if a take is imminent, you are less likely to miss it. Specialist catapults are ideal for feeding a wide selection of baits, ranging from maggots to boilies.

A catapult is a must-have tool. Elastic strengths vary from light to heavy, while pouches are also designed for different types of baits. Our product descriptions tell you what they can do.