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Specialist anglers often spend a few nights on the bank and have started enjoying planning what they eat over the past few years. Cooking food from scratch while targeting big fish like barbel and carp adds to the experience, keeping anglers busy preparing decent meals and making hot drinks.

Fishing Stoves

Cooking stoves are powered by gas or petrol, both capable of boiling water and heating food quickly. A well-known petrol stove is the Coleman Sportster 2, which is perfect for boiling up a brew or making a good fry-up for breakfast.

Fishing Kettles

Making tea or coffee at the bank is now easier than ever. Kettles are available in all sizes and shapes to prepare instant soups and hot drinks for yourself or your friends. Keen specialist anglers highly rate Fox and Ridge Monkey kettles.

Fishing Pots and Pans

If you are heating basics or making proper meals, there are fishing pots and pans to cover your needs. Most are non-stick and easy to look after. In addition, cookware sets are now where you can buy everything in one go to satisfy all your bank needs.

Fishing Mugs, Cups and Bottles

There’s a big choice of fishing mugs, cups and bottles to drink from and use for storage purposes. If you prefer a flask to keep your drinks hot or chilled, we also have the right product for you in that area.

Fishing Plates and Cutlery Sets

Over recent years cooking sets have become an important part of the fishing kit. This includes cutlery, plates and mugs supplied as standard. These items are all stored safely in a custom-made bag, keeping everything organised and well protected.

Leading brands in fishing cookware are Fox, Trakker, Coleman and Ridge Monkey.