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Fox International introduced Fishing Tackle Boxes in carp angling in the 1990s with The System Fox Box. The Korda Tackle Box has taken the market by storm in recent years due to its design.

These boxes were created especially for fishermen as anglers bought one big box and could buy smaller boxes for their hooks and line swivels. These smaller Tackle Boxes could then be fitted into the Bigger Tackle Box. In addition, these Boxes had braid dispensers, so you had everything to tie your carp rigs in one box.

The newest box introduced into the market for tackle storage is the Korda Rig safe, which is smaller and preferred by some anglers. Many other Tackle Boxes are on the market through these different products of choice for many anglers.
Tackle Boxes come in various types and sizes, and in today's angling, anglers have a choice of many different boxes. This includes plastic rig wallets, lure boxes and multiple containers. The critical thing all these tackle boxes do is keep the angler organised on the fishing bank or if tying a rig at home.
All these products can be seen on the shop, and the Korda Tackle Box and the Korda Rig box can be found in the store. In these boxes, you can discover ready-tied rigs, so you can get straight back to fishing in minutes of catching a fish.

The brilliant thing with tackle boxes in fishing is they can be customised in some cases internally to allow compartments to be precisely the sizes that you need for angling. Manufacturers have created Tackle boxes for long session anglers and short session anglers. In addition, many Anglers will have a Tackle Box fishing dedicated to particular fishing styles, meaning they might have more than one fishing tackle box.